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How to Activate My Wisely Card at activatewisely.com in 2024


With Wisely, you’ll get paid in a whole new way! You will receive a reloadable Wisely Pay card no matter where you work when you join Wisely Pay. Your money will be secure with myWisely’s mobile app, and you can plan for the future with the app as well. 

If you currently receive your paychecks by paper check, you can set up direct deposit with Wisely Pay Card. You can set up a direct deposit and daily payments using the Wisely Pay Card. 

But activating the Wisely card isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Well, that’s the reason why we are here. In this article, we have described how to activatewisely with ease. So, let’s get started with it. 

How to Activate My Wisely Card at activatewisely.com in 2023

What is Wisely Card App?

It delivers the technological innovation and ease of implementation that ADP® is known for. You’ll also be able to keep building your employer brand while attracting top talent with Wisely as Pay continues to evolve.

With Wisely, all 50 states are able to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations. Using EMV chip cards, Visa or Mastercard zero-liability policies, and geo-fencing technologies, Wisely protects against fraud against lost or stolen cards.

There have been over a million downloads of the myWisely app on the Google PlayStore, showing plenty of people making use of the application to check their balance on the Wisely Pay Card and set up additional cards.

Who Receives a Wisely card?

If you choose not to use direct deposit, you will receive a Wisely card from ADP. More information is available under Payment Options. Similar to a debit card, it works by debiting your bank account.

The Payroll department funds your Payroll card every payday, and you can use it to make purchases, pay your bills, or withdraw cash from an ATM during your pay period. Your paycheck will be easier to access with this feature!

To save time, the money is added directly to your credit card instead of waiting in line at the cashier’s office to pick up a paper check.

What Are The Benefits of a Wisely Card?

  1. With this card, you can receive direct deposits for free.
  2. The integrated EMV chip prevents fraud and theft.
  3. Overdraft fees are not charged, and minimum balances are not required.
  4. There are more than 100,000 locations where you can withdraw cash.
  5. With a check or a credit card, you can pay your bills, shop online, and purchase anything you want.
  6. You can use it with MasterCard debit.
  7. A user can take advantage of government services by depositing their earnings.
  8. You can earn cashback rewards and referral bonuses and save on products.
  9. Using your smartphone, you can now check the balance of your Wisely card.

How To Use Your Wisely Card on myWisely App

In-Store Purchases

You can use your card wherever Visa is accepted, such as grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and retailers, once you activate the card on wisely.com.

Use as Signature or Debit

  • Signature Transactions: Using your card without a PIN is the most efficient way to use it. There is no fee associated with these transactions.
  • Debit/PIN Transactions: These are PIN transactions that are good for merchants who wish to give you cash back. There is no fee associated with these transactions.

ATM Transactions

You can withdraw money from ATMs around the world. Visit myWisely.com to find nearby surcharge-free ATMs or download the free myWisely mobile app.

How to Activate Wisely Pay Card at activatewisely.com

  1. Log into your Wise account via the app or website.
  2. On the site, click Debit card. You can access your account by going to the Account tab in the app.
  3. Select Activate your card.
  4. Enter the 6-digit code below your name on the card.

For US cardholders

While you are staying in the US, you must activate your American-issued credit card on Wisely.com. To activate it, follow these steps.

  1. Visit your Wise account.
  2. On the site, click Debit card; when you’re in the app, tap Account.
  3. Select Activate your card.
  4. On your card, you’ll find a 6-digit code below your name.
  5. Set your PIN.

How Do I Activate And Login My Wisely Direct Card 

Visit the official Wisely website, https://www.activatewisely.com, or give 1-866-313-9029 a call to activate your direct card on wisely.com. You must now decide on your PIN (Personal Identification Number) so your Wiselycard can be activated.

Would you like to know how Wisely Pay works on mobile phones and how you can log in to it? Then follow these steps. To make a payment, you must sign into your account on your mobile device. 

  1. To get started, simply activate your card at activatewisely.com or download the myWisely app. 
  2. After downloading the app, you can manage your account by checking your balance. 
  3. You can then upgrade your card to use your premium account features.
  4. Ensure that you have enough funds in your account in order to pay your bills online.

Some Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Why Should You Choose MyWisely? 

It is important to note that a variety of companies offer credit cards, payment cards, and debit cards on the Internet. What makes you different from other people around you?

It might be your physical appearance, your skills, or some other aspect of your personality, right? Similarly, for a company to succeed, it must add value to its potential target customers. MyWisely is a good choice for managing finances, but there must be a good reason for doing so.

There may be one major doubt that is running through your head. It is not a credit card but a debit card. What’s the reason? It adds no credit to your account.

How Much Can You Withdraw At Once? 

As far as we know, the amount that can be withdrawn from an ATM with myWisely card is unknown. Nevertheless, we can predict it based on the data found. The Forbes magazine advises readers that an ATM withdrawal limit should be between $300 and $1000.

Whatever the case, we know how much cash you can get from an over-the-counter teller. By adding your myWisely card to your purse or pocket every day, you have access to up to $25,000 per year.

How to Get A myWisely Mastercard 2024 | activatewisely.com activate card

In order to get your payment card, there are three ways. Here are a few introductions to each of them. 

  1. Instant handover to you – Your employer may hand you an instant-issue card – no fancy equipment, just a physical card at the workplace. 
  2. The card comes to you on a ride – You may order a myWisely card to be shipped to your address so that you can receive it on a good ride. 
  3. You can do it for yourself – A person can’t be involved in the process for the third option. It’s possible for you to enrol for the card on your own and have it delivered to your house on a ride. 

You will receive your payment card within a week after enrol; remember to count only business days. 

Why would my Wisely card decline whenever I try to make payments?

If you reach the spending limit on your Wisely card, you can no longer use it to spend money. Using the myWisely app, you can check or adjust this spending limit anytime.

From Author’s Desk

Those who use Wisely Pay and Wisely Direct Cards cannot ignore the advantages they provide. Payroll can be received up to two days earlier with the wisely card activation, and I hope that now you know how to activate Wisely.com in 2024. So, that’s all we have for you on this topic. We will soon come up with some new exciting topics. But, if you have any doubts regarding this one, you can ask us in the comment section.


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