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How to Fix Xbox Series X Controller Not Syncing or Connecting


Xbox Series X is one of Microsoft’s most popular home video game consoles. It delivers 120FPS smooth frame rates and great visuals with HDR.

But sometimes, many users face an Xbox Series X controller not syncing issue, which is a serious concern as it won’t allow them to play games.

If you’re also among those unlucky users, I got your back. Here, I’ll share some of the ways that you can try to get rid of this problem easily.

Fix Xbox Series X Controller Not Syncing or Connecting Issues

How to Fix Xbox Series X Controller Not Syncing or Connecting

Plenty of reasons can cause the syncing issue in your Xbox Series X controller, and it’ll be tough to identify the one for you. So, the solutions will also depend on them.

I have shared a few ways to fix this problem below that you can follow one by one, and I assure you that you’ll surely be helpful.

1. Restart Xbox Series X Console

A simple restart can resolve small problems in the console, including the syncing issues, as it removes all the glitches that might affect the connectivity. So, it’ll be better for you to try restarting the console.

You just need to hold the Xbox button on your console’s front bottom for 10 seconds to shut it down. Then again, press the Xbox button to turn it on.

2. Check The Controller’s Batteries 

Xbox controllers work on double AA batteries; if no charge is left, it won’t connect to the console.

You can see the battery percentage on the top right side of the home screen. If you can’t see the battery level, then try changing the batteries with each other. Still, if it doesn’t work, change the batteries to a newer one. You can use any reusable batteries with it.

3. Re-pair Xbox Controller

You should re-pair your Xbox controller with the console to fix the Xbox Series X Controller not connecting issue.

You can check out the steps below to do so:

  • First, turn off the controller by holding the Xbox logo for 10 seconds.
  • Again turn it on by pressing the button. If the button flashes slowly, then it’s not synced.
  • You’ll see a button beside the USB port on your controller; press and hold that for some time.
  • Then, you’ll see that the button starts flashing rapidly, which means that your controller is ready to pair.
  • Now, press and hold the binding button on your console next to the USB port.
  • Then,  hold your controller close to the console till they get synchronized. You should know that the light will turn solid after that.

If this wireless method to resync your Xbox controller with the console doesn’t work, then you can do that using a USB.

If you don’t know how to do that, follow these steps below:

  • First, it’ll be better to power cycle your Xbox. So, press and hold the power button to turn it off and disconnect it from the power supply.
  • Now, connect your controller to the console with a USB.
  • Then, power up the console and turn it on by pressing the Xbox.
  • After it gets fully on, the controller will be connected, and you can remove the USB cable, as it’ll remain synced.

4. Disconnect Other Wireless Devices

If you have other wireless devices connected or remain on, the signal can interfere with the Xbox and prevent your controller from getting connected.

So, locate all the connected wireless devices and disconnect them or turn that device off completely.

Then, check if your Xbox series X controller is syncing or not. If it’s fixed, you’re good to go; if not, follow other fixes.

5. Contact Microsoft

You should contact Microsoft for repair if you still face the Xbox series X controller not syncing issue. But before you do that, try using a different controller to check if there’s any issue with the Xbox, and also use your controller with other consoles to diagnose problems with it.

If you can’t connect your controller, its wireless connection must have some serious problems. So, it’ll be better for you to get your controller repaired.

These are the steps to raise a complaint:

  • First, log in to your Microsoft account: https://account.microsoft.com/
  • Then, click the Register your device button on the top right.
  • It’ll ask you to select the device’s region and serial number. You can find the serial number at the back of your consoles and the back of your controller inside the battery case.
  • Finally, agree to the terms and click Confirm.

If your device is in the warranty period, you’ll get an option to order a repair.


These were some ways to fix the Xbox Series X controller not syncing or connecting issue. Hopefully, you have fixed it easily. Still, if you encounter any problems, feel free to drop in the comments below.


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