If you receive a message containing a link that claims to change WhatsApp’s default green style to pink, DO NOT CLICK IT. There’s another virus that everyone must be aware of, in addition to Coronavirus. While COVID-19 continues to cause devastation in the real world, another virus known as WhatsApp Pink is on the loose, and it has the potential to give hackers complete control over your mobile devices.

What is WhatsApp Pink? How to Quickly Uninstall it

WhatsApp Pink APK Download is a Virus.

This file is the actual virus because it asks to download APK on your system to allow hackers to enter it. This APK file is the real virus. Users don’t know that a virus is downloaded and they can give the permissions that the package requires on your smartphone readily.

It’s a virus, and clicking on it could give attackers access to the device. It’s also possible that you’ll lose access to your WhatsApp account. WhatsApp users have been subjected to yet another malicious attack by cyber frauds.

What is WhatsApp Pink?

Hackers are sending spyware fake WhatsApp Pink URL links to users, claiming that they can change the standard green color scheme and background of the messenger app to pink. The victim will be directed to a tainted website where they will be asked to install the new app called WhatsApp Pink App.

Rajshekhar Rajaharia, an independent cybersecurity expert, was the one who discovered many large data breaches in the past, including Mobikwik data breach and now this one, and he wrote on Twitter.

How to Uninstall WhatsApp Pink from your Device

Follow these 5 steps Immediately to safeguard your data and device.

Step 1: Quickly Uninstall WhatsAppPink APK and Installed App.

Step 2: Logout from all Whatsapp Web Devices (If used).

Step 3: Clear the App data from the settings menu (Settings > Applications > WhatsApp > Storage > Clear Cache).

Step 5: Check the permissions granted to all apps (Settings > Apps and Notifications >> Apps and Notifications > Select the app you’d like to review > Review the permissions by tapping Permission)

NOTE: Never download any APK file from an untrusted source; if it’s a must, scan it first to ensure you are not downloading any malicious applications.

WhatsApp Pink Hidden after Installation? Here’s how to Uninstall

If the WhatsappPink app is getting hide automatically after installation. You can follow this in order o UnInstall it.

Step 1: Open your settings

Step 2: Go to Storage or Apps on your android devices and find the Installed Apps.

Step 3: There you can see the list of applications that are installed on your phone. There you can find this WhatsApp Pink Hidden app. and Uninstall from there.

Finally, if you receive such a message on WhatsApp, please avoid opening and downloading this “WhatsApp Pink.” Share this with others to keep people safe from cyber attacks.

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