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What is Player Location Check on Windows PC 2024? Ultimate Guide


Key Takeaways
  • Player Location Checks are crucial for ensuring fair play and compliance with regulations on gaming platforms like Windows PCs.
  • Windows computers utilize sophisticated systems, such as GeoComply software, to verify player locations in online games and betting sites.
  • Different methods, including IP address geolocation and GPS/Wi-Fi positioning, are used for player location checks to enhance gaming experience and prevent cheating.

It has become a necessary part of ensuring fair play and compliance with regional regulations for player location checks to be performed by the gaming industry. To perform these checks, Windows computers use sophisticated systems, which make them one of the most popular platforms for gaming. This article has mentioned some details that will help you understand the player location check. So, let’s check out the guide. 

What is Player Location Check Windows 11?

What is Player Location Check on Windows PC? Ultimate Guide

Players Location Check verifies the locations of players in online games and betting websites using software developed by GeoComply. The software monitors your access to the games and gambling websites to ensure that it’s legal. 

By utilizing real-world points of interest, the software helps games like Ingress and Pokemon Go create virtual maps, and gambling websites like DraftKings reduce the possibility of fraud. Moreover, it reduces network latency by matching gamers according to their regions and preventing cheating.

Player Location Check is used to verify player locations for games, provide relevant ads, improve location-based features, and more.

What is PlayerLocationsCheckTask.cmd?

A Windows regulatory file known as PlayerLocationCheckTask.cmd facilitates the successful running of the Player Location Check software. Whenever you use your computer, this scheduled task runs in the background, constantly checking your location. In most cases, a .cmd file is located in the GeoComply/PlayerLocationCheck folder and occupies only 480 bytes.

What Are The Methods of Player Location Checks?

In Windows computers, several methods are used to locate players. There are a number of methods available, which range from the most basic to the most advanced.

1. IP Address Geolocation

So, to estimate the player’s location, one of the most common methods is to use their IP address. The IP address geolocation database can approximate the location of the player based on the IP address. Nevertheless, this method is limited because VPNs and proxy servers may mask a user’s true IP address, leading to inaccurate results.

2. GPS and Wi-Fi Positioning

Most Windows devices, particularly laptops and tablets, come with GPS or Wi-Fi positioning capabilities. Game developers can use these technologies to obtain more accurate location data. Although this method is fairly effective, users may disable location services or use a device that does not support such features.

3. Data from User Accounts

Users often have to register with online gaming platforms, providing information like their address and country. Users can provide information about their location to verify the player’s location. In spite of the fact that this method is more reliable than IP address geolocation, it is still susceptible to errors if the user inputs incorrect data.

How to disable PlayerLocationCheckTask.cmd?

It is a legitimate file, PlayerLocationCheckTask.cmd. There is no threat attached to it. However, it is also necessary to make sure that these files are legitimate by checking their properties since viruses and malware can sometimes infiltrate devices in this way.

If you are in any doubt at all about this, here is how to disable PlayerLocationCheckTask.cmd:

  • To open the Task Scheduler, click the search icon, search, and click the Open button.
  • Next, right-click PlayerLocationCheckTask.
  • You can either choose Disable or Delete.

It’s done! This scheduled task no longer threatens privacy and will no longer be in use.

Is Player Location Check safe?

It is safe to use Player Location Check on Windows computers to determine if a person is legally competent to use the platform. In any case, running an antivirus scan once in a while is always recommended when something is new. Since malware and viruses can enter the device in a variety of ways, it is important to keep this in mind.

How Can I Uninstall Player Location Check?

Putting your Mac into Safe Mode and then removing Player Location Check will remove the app from your system the fastest.

To ensure you are completely rid of them, you may want to remove some additional folders. In order to delete Player Location Check in Safe Mode, let me show you how:

  • In order to access Safe Mode on your Mac, restart it (Apple > Restart in the menu bar). Once the Apple logo appears, hold Shift and press the power button.

Note: When successful, Safe Mode will appear in the Menu Bar.

  • Click on Finder > Applications.

Note: To find your Applications folder, open a Finder window.

  • Locate and empty the PlayerLocationCheck folder, noted without spaces in the name. 
  • It may be a good idea to remove some additional folders. If you come across anything labelled com.GeoComply, look for it in the following areas. It is your responsibility to remove these files. To delete anything with com.GeoComply in these areas, use the Finder search bar:

    Finder > Macintosh HD > Library > LaunchAgents
    Finder > Macintosh HD > Library > LaunchDaemons
    Finder > Macintosh HD > System > Library

What Are The Impacts on Online Gaming Experience?

Players playing online games on Windows computers will experience a direct impact due to the implementation of player location checks. In order to succeed as a game developer and as a gamer, you must understand this impact.

1. Access Restrictions

Players are often restricted from accessing certain features and games based on their location. In certain countries where gambling is prohibited or strictly regulated, online casinos may restrict the access of players. Due to geographic restrictions, gamers may not be able to access their favourite titles as a result. Although this ensures compliance with local laws, it can be frustrating for gamers.

2. Fair Play and Competitive Integrity

Players’ location checks are aimed at ensuring fair play. These checks block virtual private networks (VPNs) and other methods of hiding players’ locations, which help keep online gaming environments honest. Having a level playing field for a satisfying gaming experience in competitive games is particularly important.

3. Lag and Latency Issues

There may be additional latency introduced by some advanced player location checks. In competitive gaming, latency is crucial for optimal performance, which can be a concern for those who rely on low-latency connections. Moreover, developers are constantly striving to overcome the technical challenge of balancing thorough location verification with minimal impact on gameplay.


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