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Most Weird Websites of 2023 to Visit for Time Pass


Internet is full of things that you can ever think of. You will find websites that can be useful, and websites that are weird as well. Know that there are not only useful websites on the internet but weird websites as well. Recently we have covered some pranks sites and Now Let’s discuss about some of the weird websites that you can find on the internet.

Most Weird Websites of 2023

Most Weird Websites of 2021

1. Quick, Draw!

The very first website we have on the list of weird websites is Quick, Draw! It is a  game which uses the neural net for fun purpose. You can play this game whenever you are bored, and you will always find it kind of fun to play.

Weird Websites

When you play this game, you will be given some silly words, and you will have to draw them within 20 seconds. Use your mouse to draw the shape of the object given. It will identify the object you draw.

The more you play the game, the smarter will it become. Well, you can have fun with the website whenever you are bored.

2. ZoomQuilt

This website is a loop of never-ending paintings that will never stop. When you visit the website, you will see a painting that is a never-ending illustration and will never end. However, users have control over the speed of the illustration of the paintings of the websites using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Weird Websites

Well, that’s not it. There is a second version of the website known as ZoomQuilt2. However, the paintings are different on both websites, and that’s the only difference between them.

Well, yes, it is one of the weirdest websites on the internet; just the loop of the never-ending picture, which is of course a weird thing to watch in your free time.

3. nooooooooooooooo

The very next weird website that we have on the list is Nooooooooooooooo which is nothing but just a voice of Nooooooooooooooo. Well, many people use this website when they are having a really bad day.

Weird Websites

If you are feeling down or frustrated, then this is probably something that you should try. All you have to do is put on your headphones, and press the button, and what you will hear is a voice exclaiming Nooooooooooooooo, and that’s it. 

If you are looking for a weird website to surf through in your free time, then this is what you should try going for. 

4. YoufallasleepwatchingDVD

Youfallasleepwatching DVD is another website that is kind of weird to visit. So what makes this website on the list of weird websites on the internet.

Weird Websites

This website has a design that somewhat looks similar to a living room, with a television, sofa, speakers, lamp, beer bottles, and DVD lying on the table. You can select any DVD, including Harry Potter 3, Terminator 2, and various others, and it will play a short clip of the movie on the TV.

The website does nothing else, except for playing the clip of the movie on the TV, resembling that the owner has fallen asleep.

5. PointlessSites

This is a weird website that lets you search weird websites online. If you are searching for weird websites on the internet, you can head to this website and find the weird websites to have fun in your free time.

Many websites lead to pointless things and are weirder than you might have thought. Moreover, you can also search through the Trending Top 40 section which has monthly top 40 weird websites that you can go for.

6. Bristlr

Ever thought of connecting with and meeting people who have a beard or who want to stroke beards? Well, Bristlr is one such website that lets you connect with people with beards. On the website, you will only find people with a beard.

Most Weird Websites

The site is what you can say a social media site, which is solely meant for bearded men. Users can search for bearded men near you. You can also search for bearded men that are only interested in men.

7. Telescopictext

The next weird website we have on the list is Telscopictext. The website has nothing but a sentence in the name of UI. When you visit the website, you will see the sentence ‘I made tea.’ However, the words of the sentences will be highlighted. Clicking on the highlighted words will add more words to the sentences.


Keep on clicking, the sentence will turn into two, then three, and slowly to the paragraph or to a complete page or more than that.

8. GifCities

GIFs can be used to represent your emotions over the internet. GifCities is a GIF search engine that shows you GIFs that are original and vintage.


You can find various GIFs on this website. So if you are looking for some GIFs to send to someone, you can visit this website to find one.

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Final Words

These were some of the weird websites that you visit on the internet. The internet is full of crazy things so you will always find something weird and crazy enough to spend your free time with.

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