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How to Use Tinder Without Facebook in Simple Way 2024


Tinder is one of the all-time favorite and best hot dating apps around us. Well, I am not here to waste your precious time. So without having anymore deep conversations let’s simply dive into Tinder! Oh! I mean the working solution by which we can use Tinder without Facebook in 2024 on your Android/iOS and PC.

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook 2018
How To Use Tinder Without Facebook | itechhacks

We all know tinder, this application needs no introduction Right? In this modern busy world, we can literally buy anything from our home using the Internet. These things make us too lazy. Even modern youngsters dating their mate online. If you don’t know what is Tinder, it is a dating application that helps you to select your dating partner.

There are many dating services available on the Internet but believe me, tinder is the most successful dating application out there in the market.

So what’s special with this Tinder application? Let us know in the comment section. 😀

Let us break the favorite features of Tinder that make the users much more addicted than any other application.

Use Tinder Without Facebook: First of the main addictive thing in this application is its User Interface. seriously believe me it is so damn addictive! Even many other niche applications are trying to imitate those styles in their applications.

Let me explain,  If you successfully signed up with the Tinder application, you are greeted with your suggestions based on your location. You can either swipe right to select your match or you swipe left to mark the candidate as not interested until you see a perfect match for yourself. It is the key thing for Tinder’s success.

This swiping thing becomes crazy and most of the girls keep on swiping left and most of the boys swipe on the opposite side. Anyway, this thing makes the users spend more thing on this application. Use Tinder App Without Facebook App or Account

Another main thing with Tinder is that they recommend the users based on their location. In other words, it helps to date with the people you may probably see before which gives some sort of excitement to the user. Also, people state that they feel a bit insecure when they start dating some random stranger. Thus by recommending people based on location and interest helps to attract many peoples on Tinder.

There are many positives on Tinder but the one thing user is gets annoyed off is they want you to link your Facebook account mandatory with your tinder account. According to tinder, linking their Facebook account with the tinder application will increase the user’s reliability and also helps to get rid of all the fake accounts from tinder applications.

Even the Linking Facebook account has a lot of benefits it may be a problem for many of the users especially for all people who don’t want to share their tinder details with the entire Facebook world. If you are one of those people who is looking for a solution for this? Here are the steps you need to follow in order to use Tinder without Facebook Access.

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How To Use Tinder Without Facebook 


Methods to Use Tinder Without Facebook
Use Tinder Without Facebook Account | itechhacks

If you hesitate to link your Facebook account with your tinder account because any of your friends can locate you on Tinder, then this simple trick is really a lifesaver.  For this condition, you can simply set the app visibility to Only me which lets you hide from all your friends.

To do this simply log in with your Facebook account,  click on the help icon  on the top right corner) button and select settings. Now brief the settings by clicking the More settings and go to Apps which is located on the sidebar of your Facebook Screen. Now select the Tinder application and click the visibility to Only Me.  Hope this simple setting tweak in Facebook helps most of the user’s problems. If you don’t want to use this method just try the next method.

Bla Bla Bla… 😛

Let’s do the above steps in more deeply with some screenshots.

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account that is linked with your TINDER Account.

Step 2: After logging in, Click on the Drop-Down Icon Next to the Question mark icon on the top right corner

Methods to Use Tinder Without Facebook
Facebook Drop-Down

Step 3: Click on “Settings

Methods to Use Tinder Without Facebook

Step 4: In Setting Menu, Head over to the “Apps and Websites” and click on it.

Methods to Use Tinder Without Facebook
Apps and Websites

Step 5: Find the Tinder website from the list of all apps shown and click on the Tinder app.

Step 6: Click or tap on the drop-down box on the top right side of the Tinder app and select Only Me for app visibility and post.

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It may sound silly but it is one of the underrated tricks you can use to use the Tinder application without your real Facebook profile. Just create another private Facebook account using your email / Mobile number for your Tinder profile. Always fill in as many details as you can in your Facebook profile. It will have a direct effect on your Tinder profile. (Getting Swipe Right from a girl is not that much easy Right)

Those are all the two working tricks from which you can use your tinder without your personal Facebook profile. If you feel Facebook authentication is useless and make your tinder experience bad let them know by clicking the settings icon on your Tinder application and selecting Contact us. The next thing you can do is select the Tinder login without the Facebook option and tell them your suggestions as well. Hope they get rid off this Facebook Authentication if they receive tons of requests from the users of their application.

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FINAL WORDS: Use Tinder Without Facebook 

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