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TONOR TC-777 USB Microphone Review (2024)


Millions have conducted business meetings in the conference room to the virtual room. The global pandemic has opened a new demand in the market, and many corporate employees are looking to buy a microphone. Most of the laptops have inbuilt microphones, but they are not up to mark. Assembled Windows desktops don’t come with an internal microphone, and you have to purchase a dedicated mic from a brand.

Consumers have to pay a premium for the condenser or cardioid mic for the clarity and noise-free sound output. The budget-segment competition has doubled up in the past two years, and the comparison chart is a mess. We will reduce the burden by introducing a TONOR TC-777 USB microphone and reviewing the product for multiple home production purposes.

What is a TONOR TC-777 USB Microphone?

TONOR TC-777 is a USB microphone, and it is based on condenser technology. TONOR TC-777 Mic is the best budget Mic, I prefer the condenser over another microphone out there because it picks up less background noise. The TC-777 works on USB 2.0 and later versions, so you don’t have to worry about old compatibility.

There are three types of microphone technology out there, and you should understand the difference for the best selection.

  1. Condenser
  2. Dynamic
  3. Ribbon

The condenser is my choice, and it’s a needed technology for creators. We will clear your doubts on why the TC-777 is labeled as Cardioid Condenser in the review. We didn’t categorize the mic and separated the review in PROS & CONS. Make sure to read the entire review, so you can make a final decision on to buy or pass the TONOR TC-777.

Uses of TC-777

The majority of the consumers have no idea which mic set they should choose for the meetings and others. We have given you a few points, so you can determine the uses of the mic set.

#1: Home users

Millions are engaging with tutors, friends, peers, and others via virtual platforms. The TC-777 is a companion that you should have to deliver your words in a crystal clear voice.

#2: Online Meetings

Almost everyone is complaining about the virtual meetings’ unrealistic conversations. Most of the laptops and desktops don’t have a high-end inbuilt camera & mic setup. You don’t need a high-end camera to share the webcam screen, but you need a good microphone to discuss complicated topics.

#3: Steamers

A streamer should get a condenser microphone for excellent sound output, and TC-777 is an ideal option.

A home user will find the TONOR TC-777 a useful product to explain complex subjects and discuss important matters in a virtual environment. Communication gap is a serious problem when you are discussing important matters in an online meeting or a class. A condenser mic from a TONOR product should eliminate the issue.

Sound Output Quality

Sound quality is the #1 priority for the users, and it’s a $34.99 unit. We have microphones from major brands, and they start from $100 and go up to $5000 per unit.

We have to ask the question, “what can we expect from a $34.99 Cardioid Condenser microphone?

TC-777 is a 90-degree angle mic, and the audio fades outside of the angle.

The Cardioid Condenser has a unique sound output signature. Just take a look at the snapshot shared above, and it is extracted from the Amazon product listing.

The USB 2.0 microphone doesn’t require any additional power, and it’s a plug & play product.

The built-in TONOR chip enhances the audio quality, and it produces decent output for video calls, zoom meetings, and streaming videos games. You will be mesmerized by the sound quality and restricted noises in the room.

What is A TONOR TC-777 USB Microphone

I want to inform the podcast content creators to avoid TC-777 since it’s not an omnidirectional microphone. Nonetheless, you will get decent sound output if you are having a conversation on Discord, Zoom, Skype, and other platforms.

Build Quality

TC-777 is a three-piece microphone kit, and you get a mic, stand, and wind pop-filter.

Microphone: The manufacturer chose metal to build the house, and it will last longer.

Stand: The manufacturer did not cut the corners and went with a metal stand with non-slip rubber balls for sturdy placement.

Wind Pop-filter: Surprisingly, the manufacturer bundled a pop-filter in the package, and it’s a good solution to remove wind noise.

Overall, they didn’t compromise on the build quality and maintained decent build quality. TONOR is trying to capture the customer’s attention, and it is indeed worth it.

What we didn’t like about TONOR TC-777?

Thousands have purchased microphones for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. The microphone is plug & play, and it is USB powered unit, which eliminates extra investment on the power supply. The microphone produces decent quality sound output at low-level volume. You can use additional programs to boost the volume but it won’t be as good as the mic inbuilt output.

Readers shouldn’t expect excellent volume in a budget-segment microphone since it is powered from a USB port. Nonetheless, the average volume should be enough for the home users and hold virtual meetings without issues.

Bottom Line

TONOR TC-777 is not a random product on the Amazon store, and they will answer warranty claim requests. Readers should consider TC-777 since it is a value-for-money package under the $34.99 price bracket. There are big-time players in the market, who are charging a premium on the old mic models. Let us know what do you think about TONOR TC-777 in the comment section below.

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