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Fix This Account is Not Allowed to Use WhatsApp due to Spam


Key Takeaways
  • WhatsApp is a popular messaging platform used globally, but spam can lead to the message "This Account is Not Allowed to Use WhatsApp due to Spam."
  • Several factors can lead to a WhatsApp account being banned, including spamming activities, sharing inappropriate content, and usage of unauthorized third-party apps.
  • To fix the issue, users can try using the official WhatsApp version, changing their IP address, checking their internet connection, clearing WhatsApp cache, updating the app, and contacting WhatsApp support for assistance.

Our daily communication has become increasingly dependent on instant messaging platforms. Globally, WhatsApp connects billions of users since it’s one of the most popular messaging apps. There are, however, some challenges associated with its wide use, one of which is spam.

In many cases, users encounter the dreaded “This Account is Not Allowed to Use WhatsApp due to Spam” message, which leaves them puzzled. So, you can regain access to your WhatsApp account if you encounter this problem. Fear not, as there are various steps you can take to fix it.

Fix This Account is Not Allowed to Use WhatsApp due to Spam

What Causes a WhatsApp Account to be Banned and Blocked?

In order to maintain a secure and enjoyable user experience, WhatsApp employs robust algorithms and mechanisms to detect and prohibit spam. It is possible, however, that these measures can negatively affect legitimate users inadvertently. This system detects spam based on a variety of factors, including:

  • You might be charged with spamming activities if you spam someone or in a group.
  • Shared obscene materials with others.
  • Engaged in scamming or bottling.
  • Sending too many messages in a short amount of time.
  • Modifying WhatsApp unauthorized with a third-party app.
  • Receiving numerous reports and blockings on WhatsApp.

How to Fix ‘This Account is Not Allowed to Use WhatsApp due to Spam’

Here are some fixes to resolve the This Account is Not Allowed to Use WhatsApp due to Spam error:

Fix 1: Use Official WhatsApp

You may experience issues if you use a modified or unlicensed version of WhatsApp that WhatsApp does not offer.

To prevent piracy, use only official WhatsApp instead of illegal third-party applications. It is possible to download WhatsApp apps that are supposedly authorized on the internet, but they aren’t safe.

Fix 2: Change your IP address

You may face problems based on your physical location, such as the country where you reside.

Changing your IP address will make WhatsApp think you’re logging in from a foreign country, which you can test by doing so.

This can be accomplished by using a VPN service that can mask your IP address and anonymize your location. 

Disable VPN 

Fix 3: Check your Internet Connection

To function correctly, WhatsApp needs a stable internet connection. You should ensure that your device has a reliable internet connection if you encounter an error.

You might be able to resolve this account not being allowed to use WhatsApp due to a spam problem by switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data and restarting your router or mobile data connection.

Internet Speed

Fix 4: Clear WhatsApp Cache

You can use WhatsApp cache to speed up the loading time and the performance of the app when you open it.

It is possible that WhatsApp will contain more cache as you continue to use it. Sometimes, removing the cache will help fix specific bugs in an application.

Clear Cache on Android:

  • Open the Android Settings app
  • Go to Apps & Notifications.
  • Click on WhatsApp.
  • Choose Storage & Cache.Clear WhatsApp Cache
  • Select Clear Cache.Clear WhatsApp Cache

Clear Cache on iOS:

On an iPhone, you can only clear WhatsApp cache by uninstalling and reinstalling it. In order to do so,

  • Simply long-press the WhatsApp app.
  • Select Remove app.
  • Confirm by tapping on the Delete app.
  • In the AppStore, reinstall WhatsApp.

Fix 5: Update WhatsApp

Your WhatsApp app will always be updated with new features and security enhancements if you make sure to do so on a regular basis. Make sure that your app store has the latest updates available, and install them as soon as possible.

It is possible that new updates will fix underlying bugs and optimizations, which could resolve the “This Account is Not Allowed to Use WhatsApp due to Spam” issue. If you wish to update your WhatsApp version;

  • Initially, Android users go to the Google Play Store, and iPhone users go to the Apple App Store.
  • Search for WhatsApp.
  • When an update is available, an update button will appear.Update WhatsApp

Fix 6: Check WhatsApp’s Server Status

It is possible for WhatsApp’s servers to experience temporary issues resulting in the “This Account is Not Allowed to Use WhatsApp due to Spam” error message.

Visit WhatsApp’s official Twitter or support page to see if it is experiencing server problems. There is nothing you can do if there is a server outage unless they resolve the issue on their end.Check WhatsApp’s Server Status

Fix 7: Review Your Messaging Behavior

Take some time to review your messaging habits and determine if they align with WhatsApp’s guidelines. Would you like to know how often you send bulk emails or chain messages to multiple people? According to WhatsApp’s algorithms, such behavior may be perceived as spam.

Keep WhatsApp’s usage policies in mind to avoid future issues. Don’t send unsolicited messages or join too many groups at once. Your risk of being flagged for spam decreases when you adopt responsible messaging practices.

Fix 8: Wait Patiently

You may receive an incorrect spam notification if the spam detection system flags your account. In most cases, it’s wise to wait patiently if you feel your account is legitimate and you have not engaged in any spammy behavior.

When WhatsApp determines that your account has not been used for spamming activity, it automatically reinstates it.

If you are attempting to create a new account using the same number, please refrain from doing so, as this may result in further complications.

Fix 9: Reinstall WhatsApp

You may need to reinstall WhatsApp if clearing the cache and data did not resolve the issue. Take a backup of your chat history before moving forward. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. You should uninstall WhatsApp from your device.
  2. Afterward, from the app store, you can download the latest version of WhatsApp.
  3. On your device, reinstall WhatsApp.Reinstall WhatsApp
  4. To resolve the error, restore your chat history from a backup after installation.

Fix 10: Verify Phone Number and SIM Card

You need to ensure that your SIM card is active and working properly and that you are using the correct phone number. In some cases, resolving the “This Account is Not Allowed to Use WhatsApp due to Spam” error can be as simple as verifying your account.

Fix 11: Contact WhatsApp Support

You should seek assistance from WhatsApp support when faced with the “This Account is Not Allowed to Use WhatsApp due to Spam” message. It is not possible to contact the platform directly via phone, but you can email them instead.

If applicable, include your phone number and any details that would be helpful to you in explaining your situation. You will receive further instructions from WhatsApp’s support team after they review your case. To receive personalized assistance, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official WhatsApp website or download the app.
  2. Click on the support link.
  3. Please provide a detailed description of your issue and hit the Send button. Contact WhatsApp Support

WhatsApp’s support team will review your query, and the necessary help will be provided.

Fix 12: Consider Alternative Communication Channels

If you are still unable to access your WhatsApp account after following these steps, you might consider alternative communication channels for the time being. To stay in touch with your contacts, try other messaging apps, SMS, or phone calls.

Despite WhatsApp’s convenience and feature-richness, contingency plans should be in place to minimize disruptions from unavoidable circumstances.

Can a WhatsApp ban last for a long time?

It is possible to ban someone on WhatsApp temporarily and permanently. A temporary ban is lifted after a few months, but a permanent ban remains in place forever. In some cases, you may be able to get unbanned by appealing to the support team.


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