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The Importance of Game Testing: 6 Things to Know


Every desktop, mobile, and web-based game needs to be user-oriented and free from bugs to gain popularity and easily get a bigger chunk of what the market offers.

The Importance of Game Testing: 6 Things to Know

If you are in the process of developing a game product for any platform and you want to ensure that your app will run smoothly and perfectly when you launch it and beyond, you ought to consider having it checked first by game testing services like QAwerk and other app-testing companies who are professional testers in the field.

There are three main things that they can help you out with and these are:

  •   Verifying that everything that has been planned to be implemented in your app has been implemented. They will go with you in checking through your checklist of features, inventory items, art assets, game levels, etc.
  •   Reporting about things that were not implemented properly. Here is where bug reports come in. They will describe the problem, the frequency it occurs, the locations of occurrence of the problem, and the necessary steps to take to reproduce it.
  •   Helping you find the perfect testing technique to employ so you will not waste time and money for the testing. They will check and analyze the features of your app to identify the best tool to use before the actual test.

Importance of Game Testing

Here is why you need to set aside a portion of your budget to pay for a game app testing service:

Game Testing Allows for an Overall Check.

When you go get the service of a company for testing, expect that they will be thorough and complete, so that you are assured of an error-free product when you launch it.

They will check on everything including coherence, inconsistencies, bugs, bottlenecks, code errors, etc. Since everything has been fixed as expected, you will be ready to roll out your game with peace of mind.

The Strategy Is Great for Saving Huge Amounts of Money.

You may be wondering whether you should shell out more money for a game testing service, but mind you, you are in for a great opportunity to save money, not to mention you will be able to complete your project earlier than if you will do the testing on your own.

Using professional testers rather than forming an in-house team that is not well-versed in this particular field in the gaming industry can make you spend more time and money, and worse, can put the entire project in limbo. Expertise is still key in any given field, so go for it.

Better Approach for Future Upgrade

You will have to look into future upgrades because the competition is stiff in the industry. Your competitors find ways to beat you in the competition by coming up with better versions, and expectedly, you do the same.

In the process of game testing, the experts can tell you the areas in the current version where future modifications can be employed. You must know the possibilities of how your game can be improved so that your game remains relevant for longer, and you know which new technology can be used for future modifications.

Superior Performance

The experts will check the performance of your app, which is a test on speed, response time, scalability, reliability, and stability of your software application.

Particularly very important aspects of performance for your game are speed of the game and loading time. Long loading times usually result in a loss of users.

You also lose users if your app crashes when a lot of users are using it. The game testing service will also ensure that this does not happen to you.

Ease of Use on Multiple Platforms

Will your game work across different devices, platforms, and operating systems? It may load fast on one platform but slowly on another platform. How fast will it drain the battery on a Smartphone or a tablet?

You want to make sure your future users will not experience any issues so blatant that they can make up their minds not to ever deal with your brand again.

Ensure High-Grade Functionality

Game applications are tested to know how they would perform in real-world situations. To accomplish this particular task, the testers test from the users’ point of view. This ensures that users’ requirements, such as links and working buttons, are met before the game is released.

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