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What is TAP Windows Adapter V9 and How to Remove it


Key Takeaways
  • TAP Windows Adapter V9 is a virtual network adapter used with OpenVPN for secure internet access, available in the network center or device manager.
  • It is essential for VPN connections but can cause network errors, which can be fixed by following specific steps for removal.
  • To remove TAP Windows Adapter V9, disconnect the VPN connection, uninstall the VPN client, and reinstall the adapter if needed.

You can use your current Internet connection to access the internet securely by using this virtual network adapter as part of OpenVPN, a free software program. There is a TAP-Windows Adapter V9 available in the network and sharing centre or in the device manager.

But, sometimes, the Tap Windows Adapter V9 may come up as the main culprit behind various types of network errors. However, in order to fix these errors, we have some fixes. So, if you don’t know about that, read this guide until the end.

What is TAP Windows Adapter V9 and How to Remove it

What is a TAP Network Adapter V9?

Connecting to the internet is made possible with the help of a TAP network adapter, which is a software-powered device. PCs often use this component to manage encrypted connections, which is part of their networking hardware. 

Many VPNs use it to secure their connections, and it’s an essential component of the system. It is imperative to keep in mind, however, that TAPs don’t interfere with the transmission of system data. By redirecting traffic from the system to TAP adapters, they enable TAP to utilize the system.

Depending on the operating system, TAPs can be either Tunnel Adapters or Wintun Adapters. Both are usually connected to Windows operating systems, while the latter is typically an independent application. 

Alternatively, you can find it in your system tray’s network and sharing centre. In a nutshell, this adapter has a driver named TAP-Windows Adapter V9. This driver supports Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4).

Windows users can connect to VPN servers with the TAP-Windows Adapter network driver. It is not necessary to have this driver for VPN browser extensions, but it is a must-have for VPN software. It can be found at C:/Program Files/Tap-Windows. Depending on your operating system, you will need to know the exact version number. If a driver is corrupted, you may need to update it.

Why is Tap Windows Adapter V9 Used?

VPN services connect to servers using the Windows tap adapter. Therefore, this is a component you will need to install on your system for most VPN clients (Express VPN, Nord VPN, CyberGhost turbo VPN).

If you use a VPN browser extension, you won’t have to do that. However, if you install a VPN client directly on your system, you will not be able to find it, and you will also not be able to benefit from its full functionality.

There is no risk associated with removing the Windows tap adaptor. Make sure your VPN client isn’t used to create private connections if it is configured accordingly. There are a few problems that can occur in this case with the Windows tap adaptor, including:

  1. Network interference.
  2. Restricting network access.

There are times when users panic when an application they found won’t install. You may worry about malware and spyware appearing on your device as apps out of nowhere. There is no virus or malware inside the tap-windows adaptor.

How to Remove the Tap Windows Adapter V9? 

  1. Ensure that the VPN connection is disconnected and that the VPN client is closed.
  2. You will need to click on Add or remove a program (bottom left corner of the screen).
  3. Choose your VPN client from the list, and then uninstall it.How to Remove the Tap Windows Adapter V9? 

Next time we start/open our VPN software, the tap windows drivers will reappear. Unless the necessary programs are removed, the drivers will be installed on your computer automatically:

  1. Use the Windows key + R to bring up the Run window.
  2. Using the search box, type appwiz.cpl and click on the OK button.
  3. Remove your VPN client from the list.

Some Frequently Asked Questions — FAQs

How Do You Use TAP-Windows?

You should uninstall and reinstall the TAP-Windows Adapter V9 driver if you are experiencing trouble connecting to the internet. It must first be enabled using these steps:

  1. Initially, search for Network and Internet settings before you can use it. 
  2. Click on the Change adapter settings button in the search bar after selecting Network status in the search bar. 
  3. To fix this problem, you should reinstall the TAP driver.
  4. Click on Network and Internet in the Control Panel to make TAP-Windows Adapter V9 work on Windows 10
  5. To expand the Network adapters section, click the Network Connection tab. 
  6. Right-click the TAP-Windows Adapter V9 and select Enable or Disable. If neither option works, restart your computer.How Do You Use TAP-Windows?

There is a possibility that you may feel panicked at the idea of downloading and installing this application. Despite this, there are plenty of malware applications that appear as apps when they are installed. 

The tap-windows adapter will keep your computer and personal data completely safe, however, if you’re concerned about your privacy. Alternatively, you can download a VPN program. It is possible to access websites blocked in your country with a VPN or virtual private network.

 You will also be protected from hackers and ISPs with VPNs, and your server connections will be faster with VPNs. Despite the risks associated with cyber-attacks, virtual private networks are recommended by almost all IT professionals.

Is It a Good Idea to Reinstall or Delete Tap Windows Adapter V9?

Generally, we remove the VPN adaptor when connecting to the internet using a VPN network connection. If you have a connection problem while the VPN connection is active, the best solution is to reinstall the tap windows adaptor v9 and see if that fixes the issue.

There is a possibility that the windows adaptor may be causing problems with your Internet connection if you previously used a VPN connection but have not used it in the meantime. There are, however, times when it might be necessary to remove the adaptor. 

How to Reinstall the TAP-Windows Adapter V9

Whenever you are unable to connect to a VPN (regardless of the program), begin by ensuring the Tap adapter is properly installed and reinstalling it if it appears corrupted. Here is a guide for reinstalling the Tap Windows adapter:

  1. Ensure the VPN connection is disconnected and the VPN client is closed.
  2. Use the Windows key + R to open the run window.
  3. Enter devmgmt.msc and click OK.
  4. It will open the Device Manager. By clicking the forward arrow, you can expand the drop-down list for Network Adapters in the Device Manager.How to Reinstall the TAP-Windows Adapter V9
  5. Look for the Tap-Windows V9 Adapter. It is often possible to resolve the problem by reinstalling the drivers if this is the case. To uninstall a driver, right-click on it and select Uninstall.How to Reinstall the TAP-Windows Adapter V9
  6. Go ahead and start your VPN client once you’ve removed the Windows Tap adapter from Device Manager. Your VPN software may prompt you to install the missing Tap Windows adapter V9, or it may install automatically on its own.

What is TAP Provider V9 For Private Tunnel?

You should know about TAP Provider V9 for Private Tunnel if you are looking to protect your computer from spyware. By collecting data about your online activity, this adware tries to track you.

You should remove it as soon as possible, as it exposes sensitive information like financial and personal information. The good news is that this adware can be removed from your computer. You can easily remove this using your antivirus.

Wrap Up

So, that’s all we have for you on what is TAP-Windows Adapter V9 and how to remove it. We hope that this guide has helped you. Meanwhile, for more info, comment below and let us know.


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