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Fix: Taco Bell App Not Working and Accepting Payment Methods


Key Takeaways
  • Taco Bell offers benefits like new offers and avoiding queues when ordering and paying ahead, making it popular among restaurant-goers.
  • The app may stop working due to an unstable internet connection, corrupted cache, outdated versions, or compatibility issues.
  • Solutions include restarting the phone, checking internet connectivity, disabling VPN, clearing app cache, updating the app, and uninstalling/reinstalling the app to fix the Taco Bell app not working issue.

There are many benefits to ordering and paying ahead at Taco Bell, including access to new offers, avoiding the queue, and more. Those features have made Taco Bell popular among those who enjoy eating out at restaurants.

It is possible for you to track your order and to know how long it will take for your order to be delivered. In some cases, the application will misbehave and stop working on your device. There are some reasons why Taco Bell may stop working or not working, and what can be done to resolve these problems. Let’s find out inside this guide. 

Fix: Taco Bell App Not Working and Accepting Payment Methods

Why is the Taco Bell App Not Working?

Your Taco Bell app might not work due to an unstable internet connection, corrupted cache and cookie data, a faulty server, an outdated version, wrong time or date settings, or compatibility problems. It’s also possible that the latest version of the app contains bugs if it hasn’t worked since you updated it.

Is It Possible to Resolve the Taco Bell App Not Working?

In case you are facing the Taco Bell app not working issue, then you are in the right place. Therefore, let’s get started with the fixes to know how to resolve this issue:

Fix 1: Restart Your Phone

Restart Phone

Firstly, if you are having trouble with the Taco Bell app as it is not working, restarting your phone may resolve the issue. Simply restart your phone after you close the Taco Bell app. If there is an issue with the app, check if it has been working properly.

Fix 2: Check your Internet Connectivity

If your Taco Bell’s apps freeze or don’t respond, it’s usually because the connection between your phone and your carrier is unsteady. Make a temporary switch to another mobile provider if you believe that might be the issue; most of us have access to more than one service provider, and it would not hurt to try another one if yours is acting up. Here are some steps you can take to fix internet problems:

  1. Turn on and off airplane mode.Airplane Mode iPhone
  2. Switch on and off WiFi.Changing from WiFi to Data
  3. Make sure the modem or router isn’t running into any problems, and turn it off and on again. Your device should be closer to the router if it is in the wrong position.
  4. It may also be a problem with your office network if it works at home but not at work. Despite its obvious importance, many people overlook this step.

Fix 3: Disable VPN

Disable VPN 

You should make sure any VPN you use on your device is disabled before using the Taco Bell app. Using a VPN or accidentally turning on your VPN may prevent Taco Bell from working because the app is geotargeted. So, you should disable the VPN to resolve the Taco Bell not working issue. 

Fix 4: Check Date & Time Settings

It may sometimes not work properly if the date & time settings of your device don’t match the actual date and time when using the Taco Bell application, as we’ve already told you. Hence, make sure the time and date on your device are the same as the actual time and date. 

Fix 5: Check Compatibility

You should first check the compatibility of your phone with the Taco Bell app if you have just installed the Taco Bell app and it is not working. 

Use another compatible phone if you have a compatibility issue or your phone is incompatible with the Taco Bell app. You will be able to use the Taco Bell app, and the issue will be resolved.

Fix 6: Check Server Status

There may be times when Taco Bell’s servers are too busy to handle your order. Depending on the server load, this can happen. In some cases, a lot of users may access the platform at the same time, resulting in server problems. So, check if there is a server outage at Taco Bell. Wait a few moments if it seems right to you.Check Server Status

Fix 7: Clear Taco Bell App Cache

In most cases, when there is a problem with an app, clearing its cache and cookies can resolve the Taco Bell not working problem. You may need to clear the Taco Bell app cache on your device if your Taco Bell app is not working. Here are the steps to clear the Taco Bell App cache (Android & iPhone):

Android user: 

Navigate to settings > Apps > Find Taco Bell App and click on it > Choose clear cache. clear cache

iPhone user: 

Initially, click on the Settings option on your iPhone > General > Tap on Taco Bell App > Tap on iPhone Storage > Tap on Offload App > Reinstall Taco Bell again

You will be able to clear the Taco Bell App cache on your iPhone by doing this. Once the cache has been cleared, check to see whether the Taco Bell app is working again or not.

Fix 8: Update Taco Bell App to Its Latest Version

If you are experiencing an issue with the Taco Bell app, update the app to its latest version, as older versions might no longer function correctly. You may have difficulty using the Taco Bell app if you are running an outdated or older version. 

Taco Bell’s support team will be able to fix all previous bugs when you update the app to the latest version. It would be best to update the application and see if the issue has been resolved or if it still doesn’t work.

Fix 9: Close Background Running Apps

For those problems that won’t go away, force-quit all programs that are running in the background. On iOS and Android, you can close apps by following these steps.

Using the home button on your device, double-tap the app you’re using and swipe up on each open application.

To get to an open application, swipe left or right. To close an app preview, swipe up. In a similar manner, close all other running programs. You can then verify that everything works as expected. How To Close Background Running Apps on iPhone 12

Fix 10: Uninstall and Reinstall the Taco Bell App

It is recommended that you first uninstall and then reinstall the Taco Bell app from a trusted source in order to fix the issue with Taco Bell. It is possible that this process will resolve the issue in some cases.

To ensure a successful reinstallation, it is essential to clear your device’s app cache and data first. If the Taco Bell app is not working, clear your cache and data on your device and then uninstall and reinstall it. 


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