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Top 5 Super Amazing Future Gadgets of 2017


Key Takeaways
  • List of top 5 amazing future gadgets for 2018 including a bike that pedals for you and a camera that records your entire life
  • A high-tech baby shirt that monitors infant vital signs and sleep patterns
  • 3D printed food technology and wireless charging systems for smartphones and TV among the exciting future tech advancements to look out for

In Short Hacks: Let’s have a look on the top 5 Future Super Tech Gadgets that you need to know about in the new year 2018 that is full of latest technology and features. So follow the below guide to proceed. Make sure you read this article till the end. 

Top 5 Super Amazing Future Gadgets
Top 5 Super Amazing Future Gadgets

We are in the 21st century now and have seen a huge number of inventions till date. These inventions have helped a lot in the development of the living standards of humans. Inventions are being made since the very existence of man.

The most useful inventions in the ancient times were fire, wheels, agricultural activities, etc. In the recent time, the most useful inventions were machines, automobiles, etc. Now, we are looking forward to the kind of inventions in the gadgets we will be looking at in the near future. Hence, here is a list of all the possible future tech gadgets with a proper explanation about its functionality and use. So let’s get started with the list since you must be very excited to know about the future tech gadgets.

Amazing Future Gadgets You Need To Know About?

Usually, we only publish How-Tos, Tips, and Tricks but this time we are coming up with something amazing for you. Look at these 5 best future gadgets that are surprisingly amazing.

#1 A bike that pedals for you

Due to the rise in traffic in cities and due to the awareness about protecting the environment, many people have taken by their bikes as their mode of transportation. Although there are bikes with a motor fitted in them, there is no such bike which pedals for you. The idea behind this bike is that while you pedal, the wheel captures excess energy. This stored energy then helps propel you up at steeper slopes or harder regions.

#2 The camera that records your entire life

camera that records your entire life
camera that records your entire life

We have millions of moments in our life which we wish to relive. However, this wish cannot be made true as it is but, we can make this wish partly come true. Since the photographic memory is the best kind of memory, we can record every moment of our life and then play those moments and relive them whenever we want. There is a camera which you can have which will do the work for you. This camera is called the Narrative Clip which can be attached to a jacket or shirt since it is of the size of a pedometer. It records high-resolution geotagged images every 30 seconds without prompting. Using this camera, you can click and record every moment of your day.

#3 The Mimo Baby Shirt that monitors your baby

Babies are the ones who need the highest attention from their parents. And some parents can go to any limit to taken care of their babies. Thus, to help such parents, there is a high-tech baby shirt which measures infant respiration, skin temperature, body position, sleep patterns and activity levels. This shirt is made up of organic cotton and is fitted with a machine which does not wear out on washing the shirt. The data sensed by this machine can be monitored by connecting it to a common WiFi network.

#4 3D Printed Food

We have heard about the 3D printers already. These 3D printers are being used to print a gun, guitar, etc. But, have you thought of printing food using 3D printers? Even if you have thought about it, then we are sure that you will not believe that there is a company working to make a 3D printer which can 3D print food. The technical idea behind such 3D printer is harnessing the power of 3D printing to create a range of 3D-printable powder mixtures that solidifies when printed but also very quickly melts when eaten. You can also read about Nintendo 3DS Emulators

#5 Wireless Charging for your smartphones and TV

Till date, we have been charging our phones using cables by connecting them to a charging point. The farthest we have reached is to charge our smartphones by keeping them on a charging pad. But, recently a team came forward with the Dipole Coil Resonant System (DCRS) which can wirelessly power devices which are at a distance up to 15 feet away. The magnetic field is the key in this system. Nearly 40 devices can be charged simultaneously in that area by this system.

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Wrap Up: These were some of the best future tech gadgets which we will be nearly looking at. If we have missed out on any such interesting future tech gadget then please let us know in the comments section below.

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