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8 Best Free Spotify Music Downloaders


Key Takeaways
  • Various platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Gaana offer free music streaming, but downloading requires a subscription
  • A list of reliable Spotify downloaders like Audials Music and Sidify Music Downloader are available for easy access
  • These downloaders allow users to save their favorite Spotify songs on their devices in different formats for sharing with friends

Listening to your favorite songs is definitely one of the best feelings of all. People from every age group have their own set of favorite songs and playlists. These songs are available on various online platforms such as YouTube, Wynk, Gaana, Spotify, etc. You can stream any song of your choice on any of these platforms for free!

But, if you wish to download those songs and share them with your friends, you will have to purchase their subscription, and you can play them offline in that application only.

Spotify is an audio streaming platform where you can stream all your favorite songs for free. But, if you wish to download them on your device, you will have to purchase their subscription. Also, you will only be able to play the downloaded songs on Spotify itself and cannot share it on any other platform.

You will find several Spotify downloaders on the internet. But not all of them are efficient or useful enough. Thus, here we are with a list of some of the best Spotify downloaders, which you can use to download your favorite songs on your device and share with all your friends.

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Best Spotify Music Downloaders 2023

8 Best Spotify Downloaders Online for Music 2020

#1 Audials Music

Audials One 2021 Review: Record Videos, Music with Easy Steps

If you are looking for the best Spotify downloader, this is what you should go with! Using this software, you can record any song from Spotify, without losing its quality. Also, you can convert the songs in different formats such as MP3, AAC, WAV, and FLAC. It is recommended for Windows operating system.

You can record the songs while listening to them or by drag and drop method. It also provides a feature that allows its users to search for their favorite songs. Apart from these, it has several other features which you can use for downloading songs from Spotify.

#2 Sidify Music Downloader

This is another useful software that you can use to download songs from Spotify on your Mac and Windows PC. You can easily install it on your PC and start using its features without creating an account.

Also, the user interface of this software is very simple to understand. Using this software, downloading songs from Spotify to your PC takes only a few clicks.

#3 NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter.

The developers of this converter have specially designed this software to download music from Spotify. It has a simple user interface but, saves all ID3 tags. You can record songs using this software and convert them into different formats such as MP3, AAC, FLAC or WAV.

While recording and converting songs from Spotify, NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter ensures that the music’s quality is not compromised.

#4 DRmare Spotify Music Converter

You can use this software to download and convert your favorite songs from Spotify. You can convert the music from Spotify into formats such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, M4A, WAV, etc.

While downloading songs from Spotify using this software, the quality and the ID3 tags are preserved. You can use this software on Windows as well as Mac PC. You do not need any specific requirement to download songs from Spotify using this software.

#5 AllToMp3 Spotify Downloader

Using this downloader, you can download songs from Spotify, YouTube, etc. You can use it on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

As the name suggests, this software can download songs only in Mp3 format. Also, the quality of the songs gets compromised after downloading.

#6 Audacity

Top Free Open Source Music Making Software

This software is basically designed for editing audio files professionally. Thus, the user interface of this software can get a bit tricky for beginners.

It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It can be used to download music from Spotify as well as other music streaming platforms.

#7 Tunepat Spotify Converter

Even this software performs the task of saving songs from Spotify to your device. However, the download speed of this software is higher than that of other software.

Also, you do not have to install Spotify on your device to make use of its features. It also saves the ID3 tags of the songs which you download from Spotify to your PC, using this software.

#8 Spotify Downloader APK

Downloading Spotify Premium ApkIs it necessary to pay the price for upgrading to the premium account? The answer is NO. You can download the APK of Spotify’s premium 8.8 accounts of 2023 and get the premium account of Spotify for free. And using this premium account, you can use all the additional features provided to the premium account holders.

Spotify Downloader Apk

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These are some of the best Spotify downloaders which you can use to download music on your device for free! You can check them out and decide which one suits you the best. If you know of any such useful Spotify downloader not mentioned in the above list, please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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