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How To Send GIF’s Images on WhatsApp


WhatsApp is amongst the top grossing social networking sites in the world. People use WhatsApp for chatting with their friends, sharing important information on groups, etc.

People were capable of sending text messages, images and videos only. But, sending images and videos is old-fashioned now as WhatsApp has rolled out the latest feature which is sending GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) on WhatsApp.

How To Send GIF's Images on WhatsApp | WhatsApp Tricks
How To Send GIF’s Images on WhatsApp | WhatsApp Tricks

GIF’s are nothing but short videos of length 2 to 3 seconds compressed to occupy less space. They can be searched in their dedicated search boxes using keywords. These GIF’s are usually used to express emotions such as surprise, fear, fun, etc. Sending and receiving GIF’s is fun as it gives a virtual demonstration of the other person reaction. GIF’s can be termed as the improvised versions of emoji’s as these are even more expressive than emoji’s.

How To Send GIF’s Images on WhatsApp 2017

Method #1

  1. First Download animated pictures from Google or giphy.com best source for GIF or animated pictures.
  2. Now you need to open WhatsApp and send that downloaded picture to your friend.
  3. Finally, the image has been posted now there is a little trick to see that animated picture.
  4. You need to go to your phone’s gallery and open Whatsapp pictures folder and open that image.
  5. You can see that picture is animated and animations are working in your gallery.

Method #2

  1.  giphy.com  is one the best GIF hub where you can find everything animated.
  2. You can create your GIF or animated images.
  3. There is a tool where you can upload pictures or video to create gif, and then you can share the link with your WhatsApp friends.

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Method #3

This method is but tricky, and you need to install some third party apps to send.GIF in WhatsApp.

  1. For this, you need to install and app. Below is the app.[appbox googleplay com.whatstools_filesender_app_free_pdf_video_gif_document&hl=en]
  2. Click on above link and install it.
  3. You can send almost everything in WhatsApp with the help of this app.
  4. Preview GIF’s before Sending, and many more features you will get in this app.

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Wrap Up: So above is all about How to Send GIFs on WhatsApp. This WhatsApp tricks is widely used but no one knows it in deep. so I hope you like this article. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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