It’s 2018 and there are tons of reasons for a guy to record their screens. It may be to teach something, record some gameplay and for many reasons. But there are only a few of the premium screen recorders available in the market. So, we decided to make a detailed article from which the users will select the best screen recorder as per their needs. In this article, we will list the best screen recorder for windows. Without wasting any more time let us begin this article.

Top 5 Best Screen Recording Software or Apps for Windows
Best Screen Recording Software for Windows

#1. MOVAVI SCREEN RECORDER: [Best Screen Recorder for Windows]

It is one of the most underrated screen recording out there in the market. You may expect some other screen recorders for this place. But once you try this Movavi Screen Recorder you will surely know why we make this software at this place. It is better than most of the premium screen recorders like Camtasia in terms of usability and features. Also, this screen recorder for Windows 7 is the very lightweight which is a very good thing if you are planning to use this software in some old school computer. With this Movavi screen recorder, you can also get a good powerful video editor which is very good for some webinars, tutorials and video blogs. It cost you only around $20 which is insane when you look at its specification. If you don’t believe us they will also offer you some great offers from which you can try this recorder for free. You can try this best screen recorder for windows Movavi Screen Recorder from the below link.



It is more than a Screen Recorder that it can be used as a simple video editor as well. If you are a guy who wants want to record screen and do some great editing as well then you can use this Camtasia studio. Definitely, this is not recommended for people who need a simple and easy software for screen recording and create some stunning videos in a short span of time. For all those people you can try Movavi screen recorder which is the best screen recorder. Camtasia is only for tech-savvy who can handle all those complex things. Also, Camtasia studio will cost you $299 per license which is almost ten times than the Movavi screen Recorder. You can download the Camtasia studio from this below link.

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If you are a college professor or student you probably know this software very well. It is one of the simplest software you can get to create cool stunning videos. It has many features that other screen recorders won’t provide you. For Example, if you are using dual monitor setup or multiple screens you can record all the screens. You can set custom watermark on all your videos with some cool panning and zooming option. It will cost you $49 for personal license and $99 for a business license. You can use Flash Back using the link below:

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We have listed the top three best screen recorder for windows. You can choose any of the above screen recorders. But if you ask us which to select we will stand with Movavi Screen Recorder which is the best screen recorder software available for windows right now. We can surely say this because of its great features and low price. That’s it for this article. Hope we will help you to select the best screen recorders for your pc. Share this article with your friends and help them to know the best screen recording software. Thanks for reading. Cheers!