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How To Run Multiple Instagram Accounts On Android & iPhone


After Facebook, Instagram is one of the 2nd most used social media services on the internet. Instagram is one-way connecting social media networking site where you can easily share your Photos, Videos, and your Instant Story. On Instagram peoples can follow you, upload photos get likes, comments, and DM as well. Anyone can use Instagram on their Android and iPhone Device for free.

How To Run Multiple Instagram Accounts On Android & iPhone
How To Run Multiple Instagram Accounts On Android | iPhone

All you need to do just register on Instagram, set Username, Verify your Email/Phone and Start Posting your Photos on Android. But By default, we can use only one Instagram Account from one Android at a time. But if you’re crazy like you want to create one more Instagram account on your Android, then you can’t do it. So to Run Multiple Instagram Accounts on one Android and iPhone you need to follow our tutorial that How To Manage Multiple Instagram Account on Android & iPhone as well.

How To Run Multiple Instagram Accounts On One Android & iPhone

The method is quite straightforward, and you just need to follow some simple steps that we are going to discuss right below here. Make sure do this process correctly as we mentioned here to avoid any loss and issue.

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Steps to Run Multiple Instagram Accounts on Your Android & iPhone:

Step 1: First of all you have to Log in to your Instagram Account from your Android or iOS device, with one of your account’s credentials. After you are logged in to your account just go to your “Profile Settings” Accounts from the settings options that are given in the upper right corner.

Step 2: At the settings menu there will now be revealed, you will see the option of “Add Account” at the bottom of the Menu list. Tap on the “Add Account” option, and there will be another menu that will open, and it will ask for the details for the login to the other account. Just fill up the account credentials and then select login option.You will now see that you are now logged into Instagram with the another account that you has used.

How To Run Multiple Instagram Accounts On Android & iPhone
Add Account

Step 3: Now You has with your two accounts opened in your Instagram. If you want to switch to any of the other accounts that are not opening, then you could easily do that by just tapping your username at the top of the screen. After tapping the username, you would able to see the menu that will show you the “Multiple Instagram Accounts” that you has added before. Just click at any of the accounts that you want to open, and it will be done.

How To Run Multiple Instagram Accounts On Android & iPhone
Multiple Instagram Account

Step 4: Till now we have worked with only two accounts.You can also add more accounts up to 5 accounts by using this same technique mentioned above.

Step 5: To add Three more Instagram accounts repeat the first two steps. And if now you want to log out any of the accounts you can do that by simple picking the account from the “Username Menu” and then use the settings menu from that account. In the settings menu just find the option of log out and tap it.You will now be logged out of the selected account.

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Wrap Up: Above we have discussed a simple method of making multiple Instagram accounts. But by chance, if above method is not working on iOS/iPhone Devices that you might try this method. In this way we could use Multiple Instagram Account on iPhone using Apps. If you like this article Do Like And Don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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