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How To Secure Social Media Accounts (Facebook/Gmail) From Hackers


How To Secure Your All Social Media Accounts From Hackers for Being Hacked- Social Media is a tool in every single person’s hand to share his/her feeling and idea to the world. But if your social media account will hacked? Then where to go? How to recover that account? And mostly asked Question How To secure social media accounts from hackers Like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and Instagram.So in this post i’ll tell you how to secure social media accounts from hackers.So in this article i’ll show you which methods hackers use to hack your accounts.

secure social media accounts from hackers
How To Secure Social Media Accounts (Facebook/Gmail) From Hackers

Inside This Tech Hacks – iTechHacks Shows you how to Secure your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. here you read first which methods hacker use to hack your account and  secondly you see how to secure your account for being hacked.

How Hackers Hack Your Facebook/Gmail/Twitter Accounts.

secure social media accounts from hackers

#1. Phishing.

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Phishing is a Most Techy and commoly method used for hacking like facebook hacking. mostly readers don’t have a single knowledge about that What Is Phishing? phishing is trick to make a fake login page of any social media site like facebook or gmail or any other. as the hacker send you the fake login page of social sites in your gmail or in anyother site. as you enter your “Email Address” & “Password” and as you click on Login button your login mail and password goes to the hackers mail and your account is Hacked.

#2. Keylogging.

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Keylogger is the easiest way to hack a Facebook Profile password. basically Keylogger is a small program Built by hackers to hack someone facebook accounts.Mostly Hackers Make Keylogger and install that keylogger on victims computer.now a question arrises how a keylogger works? As victim use his/her facebook account or else any thing on that keylogged computer ,keylogger get all the saved Passwords,Emails And important information of your computer. And that passwords is send directly to hackers email address.

#3. Session Hijacking.

Session Hijacking can be often very dangerous if you are accessing Facebook on a https:// connection, In a Session Hijacking attack a hacker steals the victims browser cookie which is used to authenticate a user on a website and uses to it to access victims account, Session hijacking is widely used on Lan’s. I have already written a three part series on How session hijacking works? and also a separate post on Facebook session hijacking.Be safe from these attacks.

#4. Botnets.

Botnets are not commonly used for hacking facebook accounts, because of it’s high setup costs, They are used to carry more advanced attacks, A botnet is basically a collection of compromised computer, The infection process is same as the keylogging, however a botnet gives you, additional options in for carrying out attacks with the compromised computer. Some of the most popular botnets include Spyeye and Zeus.

#5. Faceniff.

Facebook Hacking By Faceniff App In Android Or On PC In bluestack.Faceniff is a app which Disables the victims facebook access page from Secure Socket To Unsecure Socket. But The Problem Is that this Facebook Hacking Technique is works on Same Wi-Fi Network. but if you know this technique in Better Way Then I Promised You That you are going in good direction in become of Facebook Pro. Hacker.

So Above i tell u that The methods that hackers can use to hack your social media accounts. now come to the point that How 100% secure your social media accounts from hackers.

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A Few words by iTech Hacks –

Don’t Blame the Hacker who hacked your facebook account. Instead, Blame Yours innocence for getting hacked.

Let me explain what i’m write in above quotes.
Yeah, it’s true, a hacker can only hack your Facebook account if you are an innocent guy. if you have a basic idea or a little knowledge about Hacking and how it works, and if you follow all the security tips for your account, then you will always be secured well, coming the topic now.

Secure Social Media Accounts from Hackers

secure social media accounts from hackers

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#1. Update Passwords Regularly.

Updation of social media passwords helps you to secure your social media accounts from being hacked.change your social networking sites accounts regularly i preferred you to change your social media’s accounts passwords in 1 month. and choose your password smartly, make sure you use all alphabets,numbers and special characters in your passwords, by using all these your password is much stronger and not easy to break by hackers e.g iTech12@34Hacks.

#2. Link your account with Verified Mobile No.

linking your social media accounts with mobile no. helps you alot, if you really wana to protect your account then dont forget to link your account with mobile no. It helps you when someone tried to login in your social media accounts without permission, as someone tried to do jailbreaking your social media service sent you message about your login access.

#3. Add Trusted Contacts.

Add trusted contacts helps you to recover your hacked account, as some hack your facebook or gmail accounts then by help of your trusted contacts you are able to recover back, i recommended you to apply trusted contacts on facebook, because as you know everyone finds working facebook hacking tricks like a hunger dog. so be safe.

#4. Use HTTPs Connection.

HTTPs Connection helps you to build a secure connection over internet, make sure check your URL before you use HTTPs, by using this feature a rare chance, that a hacker hack your social media account.

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#5. Never Save Passwords.

Yes, this is quite interesting in social media hacking. generally, many of you going to use your social media accounts in cyber cafes or your friends laptop. but you forgot when you enter your email & password while login on your accounts then mostly every browser give a warning or ask you to Do You Want To Save Password or Not. by default browser have a option of Not Saved,but unluckily if you ignore that warning and you save your password in cyber cafe or friends laptop then defiantly, if i was in the position of your friend then i am able to hack that social media account, the question arises why i am doing this? because you people are fool.so i again told you Never ever saved your social media or other accounts password in any annoying PC/laptop.

So Above is most important topic that i should feel to share with you all.Do Subscribe iTechhacks for latest hacking tricks and tips. If you want to share any hacking tricks or any knowledge full tricks with us then Click here and post your article.Feel free to comment below and Don’t Forget to share this. 🙂 

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