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Fix: Rainbow Six Siege Banned or Suspended for No Reason


Key Takeaways
  • Rainbow Six Siege is a popular multiplayer action shooter game with millions of downloads, but players are facing bans or suspensions due to third-party software or bugs in the anti-cheat system
  • Users can get unbanned by appealing to BattlEye and Ubisoft, explaining their innocence and following specific steps to appeal the ban
  • To avoid bans, players should not disconnect during matches, avoid friendly fire, and appeal suspensions through the developers to resolve the issue and continue playing the game without any interruptions.

Rainbow Six Siege is a multiplayer action shooter game that is pulling the interests of the players. The game is available on the store for the players to download and enjoy. The stats of the game shows that millions of user have already downloaded it, and they are playing the game with great interest. However, the developers of the game have made sure that the players who have downloaded the game can play it without any issues.

These days, there is a lot of news going on with the game that the player is using third-party software, scripts, plugins, or other things to cheat and get ahead in the game with a good score. As these things are going on in the gaming industry, the developers are also injecting the anti-cheat system through which they can make the game safe and equal for all the players.

As the implementation is going on, so there are chances that some bugs will be there. Many users who were not even using any cheats or violated any rules are banned or suspended from Rainbox Six Siege. The users are now looking for ways through which they can resolve this problem. We are here with this guide to help you in resolving the problem. Keep reading this guide until the end to understand more about it.

Why was Rainbow Six Siege Banned or Suspended? 


The users are facing issues when they are trying to play the game. As their account has been banned, they cannot join the game and play with their friends or other online players. The main reason behind it is the ban or suspended account. Now, the users do not understand why they are facing such issues even if they have not committed any cheating or violated the rule. We are going to help the users understand the reasons why they might be facing the problem. You can check the reasons below to understand the potential reasons for the cause of the issue. So, let’s get started with it.

  • You might have used any application that is not allowed while playing the game.
  • There might be some third-party applications that you are using to boost the game’s performance.
  • You are using some plugins with your game, which is causing issues.
  • You have violated rules like friendly fire, leaving the gameplay, etc.
  • When you were playing the game, you might have gotten disconnected in the rank match.

How To Get Unbanned From Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six Siege ensures that the players downloading the game can play it without any issues. As cheating and hacking are trending among users, developers are developing various anti-cheat systems. These anti-cheat systems have helped the developers ensure that the players don’t get cheated by other players who are using different methods or hacked the game.

However, the anti-cheat system is not working properly sometimes, and it is banning or suspending the players without any reason. We have listed the methods you can follow to make yourself unbanned or dismiss the suspension from the game.

Appeal To BattlEye Regarding The Ban

The users who are banned or suspended from the game then have to appeal the decision. By appealing to the company, the team will again review the scenario to determine whether there were any faults of you or not. If you have not cheated, hacked, or violated any of the game rules, then your account will be unbanned. We have listed the steps for you. Make sure to check them properly.

  • First of all, visit the BattEye Contact Page.
  • Now, select the option of Ban Appeals.
  • Select a Contact.
  • You have to fill in your name and email address.
  • Enter the Subject line: Rainbow Six Siege Account Banned Or Suspended.
  • Now, fill in the necessary details.
  • After it, agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Complete the Security process.
  • Now, select the option of Submit.
  • You have to wait till you get a response from the company.

Appeal To Ubisoft Regarding The Ban

If you are banned or suspended from the game, then you can also appeal to Ubisoft to review the decision again. There are a lot of users who do this. You can try doing this, as it will help you in getting your account back.

  • First of all, visit the Ubisoft Support Page.
  • Make sure to log in with the account which is banned.
  • Select the platform on which you used to play the game.
  • Choose the game from the list.
  • Fill in the details of reports or bans.
  • Now, go with the option Account / Login.
  • You have to select the option My account was banned or sanctioned.
  • Select the option of Appeal a Ban.
  • Select the Account Temporarily Banned option.
  • Now, you have to write the whole scenario explaining that you have done nothing wrong.
  • Submit all the details that are required for the appeal.
  • Click on Submit My Case button.

Don’t Leave The Game in a Rank Match

Many users are there who keep leaving the game in the Rank Match. We will suggest you not do this; otherwise, you will end up in the situation of ban or suspension. There are a lot of users who have reported it.

Don’t Disconnect

When you are in the match, make sure not to disconnect during the match. A lot of users have done this, and their account was banned or suspended.

Avoid Firing On Your Friends

When you are playing the game, make sure that your bullet does not hit the friends of your team. If you are doing this repeatedly, then there are chances that you will get in some trouble. Also, if you don’t know, this is a rule and code of conduct of the game to not hit your friends. If you keep doing this multiple times, the anti-cheat system will start tracking your details and might apply sanctions or bans on your account.

Wrapping Up

Rainbow Six Siege is a great game that the players love. The developers have tried to make things safer for the players in this game. As cheating and hacking are being done by a lot of users, the developers have injected the anti-cheat system. However, many players were having issues because of it, as their account was banned or suspended without any reason.

In this guide, we have explained the reasons for the ban or suspension. We have also listed the methods through which you will be able to resolve the issue. If you have not done anything, then your account will be unbanned; however, your account is going to be suspended or banned.


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