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Top 5 Best Litanswers Alternatives: Why is it down?

List of new & similar websites to Litanswers.


Key Takeaways
  • Litanswers, a popular website for students to search answers, was shut down due to DMCA legal notice for copying content from Chegg and CourseHero.
  • Top 5 Litanswers alternatives include Slader, CourseHero, SparkNotes, Crazy For Study, and Chegg, providing free or paid study materials for various subjects.
  • These alternatives offer features such as step-by-step solutions, expert tutors, fast answers, and access to millions of textbooks, helping students with their homework and studies.

Litanswers website was up after the popular website Textsheet was shut down. However, the original Textsheet website is undercover as it was hit by DMCA for copying the content which was found on the website like Chegg. Today here we have shared a list of top 5 litanswers alternatives for 2024.

Best Litanswers Alternative

As soon as the Textsheet website was shut down, the new website Litanswers became a popular site for searching answers to questions. But, the same thing happened with Litanswers also. The DMCA legal notice was given to Litanswers website, and even this site is not working now.

Why Litanswer is Down?

Both the websites were used to share Chegg answers and also files found on CourseHero. As most of the questions were found by the students on Chegg, Textsheet and Litanswers, it was a great deal for them.

As both the websites Textsheet and Litanswers are shut down, people want similar sites for free. If you are the one who is searching for a similar website like Litanswers, then you have come to the right place. Here in this article, we will provide you with a list of best alternative websites like Litanswers.

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Best Litanswers Alternatives for free Study

Here we have provided a few websites which you can choose to help with your study. Few of them are free, and few are paid. You can check out any of the websites of your choice. So, check out the Litanswers alternative.

1. Slader

Best Alternatives To Litanswers

Most of the students use Slader website to solve their problems. On this website, you can find step-by-step solutions across thousands of textbooks. On Slader website, you can scan the textbook barcode, or you can search for your textbook and then search for your answers.

You will get a textbook answer for multiple subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, World History, US History, European History, and Spanish.

Features of Slader:

  • Free of cost
  • It has an app for both Android and iOS
  • In the database, there are millions of solved textbooks


2. CourseHero

Best Alternatives To Litanswers

CourseHero is the best alternative to Litanswers. On CourseHero, you can access more than 30 million course study material. It will help you in doing your Homework assignment and also get solutions to the Textbook question.

If you are getting confused while doing your homework, then use this website as it will help you to do your homework. Just ask the question and choose the subject and click on the submit button. You will get an answer in just 15 minutes.

Features of Coursehero:

  • It is a step-by-step explanation.
  • Expert tutors
  • Fast answers
  • It has an app for both Android and iOS.

You can subscribe to the base plan for $9.95 per month. To get free access to the website, you need to upload your study documents in the CourseHero library. Once you get a free access pass, you can search from the full CourseHero library for free. On the website, you can find practice tests, video guides, class notes and all the detailed explanations for each subject.


3. SparkNotes

Best Alternatives To Litanswers

Another best alternative to Litanswers is SparkNotes. SparkNotes website is the most helpful website for all the subjects. You will get sample tests, essay help and the translations of Shakespeare.

SparkNotes is by Harvard students Sam Yagan. It was established in 1999 and got in by 2001 by Barnes and Noble. SparkNotes app is available for both Android and iOS app.

Features of SparkNotes:

  • No advertisements
  • You will get full access on the Go.
  • Customize your text size and try out the Dark Mode.
  • Quiz yourself


4. Crazy For Study

Textsheet Alternatives

Another best alternative to Litanswers is Crazy for study. It is the best website for the students. It fulfills all the needs of students from all the subjects and makes it easy for students. The user interface is very interactive, and services provided by the site is the best one.

This site is completely dedicated to the students who want help in their daily homework to complete the assignment. The best feature of the site is it helps students with step-wise textbook solutions.

It covers different subjects for students like Finance, Marketing, Biology, Accounts, Social Science, Chemistry, Economics, Physics, etc.

Key Features of Crazy for study

  • It has step-wise solutions to more than 50 million textbooks
  • Subscription for $3 per month
  • You can ask 50 questions every month without any charge


5. Chegg

Best Alternatives To Litanswers

Chegg has so many solutions, and you can also get an answer through experts when you have tricky homework. You will get real help, and you get help very fast as it has an app available on the Google Play Store.

Chegg website gives you an answer to all subjects like Maths, business, physics, engineering, chemistry and much more. You will get help with more than 80 subjects and many other courses.

Features of Chegg:

  • Get experts to help 24/7
  • Get the answers you need now
  • Has guided video explanations

You can use the website or the app service and Sign-up and pay for the subscription. Once the monthly subscription ends, it renews automatically.


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So, these are some of the alternatives to Litanswers. We have tried our best and provided you with a list of similar sites like Litanswers. We hope this article was helpful to you. As technology is getting more and more advanced these days. We are experiencing its presence in the education system too. Online learning is beneficial for each and every kid living in this era. Thanks for reading! Do share our articles with your friends and family.

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