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Top 5 Alternatives For Free Internship & Study


Quick Overview
  • alternatives with free trial offers are available for students needing help with homework, textbook answers, or study tools
  • Coursera, edX, BookFinder, eBay, and Skooli are top alternatives to Chegg that offer free study trails and online learning resources
  • Scribd also provides a free 30-day unlimited access to its library of ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines, catering to students' learning needs

Are you searching for alternatives to that come with free trial offers? We’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to some options that work like Chegg and let you try them out for free. Whether you need help with homework, textbook answers, or study tools, these alternatives have what you need. Let’s explore these easy and budget-friendly learning options.

Top Chegg Alternatives: Free Study Trails in 2020
Top Chegg Alternatives: Free Study Trails

Chegg can provide you with almost everything related to your studies like study material, Book renting and buying, PDF Books, and even tutors. All these things can be easily accessed with Chegg. Chegg created an evolution in the market by its digital technology and studying stuff.

But every good thing comes with some price point. So, Chegg also requires a subscription for assessing and downloading study-related stuff. But you can go with free Chegg accounts to access free answers. That is not a bad thing itself, but most of the students use Chegg mostly for completing their homework. So, spending money on homework may not be the best deal to go for.

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Best Chegg Alternatives FREE 

So, today we will find out some of the best alternatives to Chegg for Free study trails that you can use and study whatever and whenever you want.

1. Coursera- Built and Learn Skills

Coursera may not be the most popular educational company, but from our outlook, it is no less than Chegg. Yes! It provides you almost everything Chegg does and adds up some features you won’t find anywhere in the market.How To Access Coursera Plus for Free with Certifications

It not only helps you to learn your textbook stuff but also helps you to get some new knowledge and learn new skills. Learning any skill in Coursera is easy and fun.

Apart from all these things, Coursera also provides degrees and certificates from some well-known and well-established institutes and universities from all around the world. All you need to do is enroll up in online courses, attend lectures, and give online exams.

2. edX- Free online coursesTop Chegg Alternatives: Free Study Trails in 2020

Now, talking about another great alternative to Chegg is edX. edX is considered as one of the most valuable and exciting educational course providers in the online market.

edX comes with tons of Courses, Trainee programs, Certificates based skills, etc. So, enrolling in something new and valuable is always a good idea. Taking online courses is easy enough here. You just have to select your favorite program or skill and register in it.

So, if you are a student and have some free time, you can always check edX and attend any pending lectures and learn more about your course or stream. Harvard, Stanford, and Cambridge are some of the top international universities that offer their courses on the edX platform for free and paid.

3. BookFinderTop Chegg Alternatives: Free Study Trails in 2020

BookFinder, as the name suggests, is a website that provides you with tons of books and study content. It can help you to find books from almost any part of the world in just seconds. It can also compare and sort out books according to price, condition, Edition, etc.

Finding any book on BookFinder is very easy. All you need to do is go to the Search tab and type the author name, PBN, Subject, Book name, and hit the search button. It will search out for your Book on all the online platforms like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc. And I will suggest the best deals for you.

4. eBay

Sites Like Craigslist | itechhacks

eBay may not be a direct alternative to Chegg, but it can work effectively if you know how to use it. It can help you in getting almost every type of study material. You have to sort out a bit, and you can get whatever you want.

Most of us know that eBay is an online buying and selling service. So, you can get almost everything here. You can find out some old and used books and buy them at low prices, or you can sell your old books and make some money.

eBay can help a lot in finding books that are uncommon or old, and you can get them at cheap rates.

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5. Skooli-Online Tutor SpaceTop Chegg Alternatives: Free Study Trails in 2020

Skooli is one of the most useful online platforms for students. Understanding stuff is made easy with Skooli; you can learn almost each and everything about any subject or syllabus with the help of a personal tutor.

All the tutors available on skooli are highly qualified and specialized in one subject. That allows the student to get in-depth knowledge of any subject or topic. You can hire a teacher according to the Subject, Course, Problem type, etc.

Skooli not only provides tutors but also provides a great opportunity for a bunch of people who are unfit to go outside for work or they need some part-time job. Skooli also has its partnership program where you can sign up as an online tutor and earn about $15- $20 in an hour. Which can be a great part-time job.

6. Scribd

Keeping this in mind, Scribd has come up with a free 30-day unlimited access to Scribd’s library, which includes millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, etc. Credit card information or any other commitment will not be required.

Free Scribd Premium Account Access for 1-Month - Grab Now!
Special Link for Scribd Access

This step has been taken to ensure everyone has access to their favorite books, authors, and quality content for the next few weeks until everything gets back to normal.

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As technology is getting more and more advanced these days. We are experiencing its presence in the education system too. Online learning is beneficial for each and every kid living in this era.

Chegg and more websites like Chegg are constantly working on creating more interactive and interesting ways to understand things. Online tuition can really help your kid in their studies and extra curriculum activities. If you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends and keep checking us for more quality content.

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