Since online shopping has taken over the world, we have seen a number of e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. These websites provide with a large variety of products at affordable prices. Also, they deliver your products to your doorstep.

Lamicall - Best Phone, Laptop, Tablets Stands Review
Lamicall – Best Phone, Laptop, Tablets Stands Review

Amongst these huge websites, there are some smaller, less-known websites which possess similar features as well as some better features. Thus, here we are with one such less known, which is named ‘Lamicall.’

What is Lamicall?

Lamicall stands for “Let Me Call,” and there is a story behind this name. The founder’s grandpa’s idea and his original version of the phone holder inspired him to extend his invention, and that is how this company and website came into existence.

This e-commerce website focuses on selling its own products. Its products include durable phone stands, adjustable table stands, flexible phone holders, laptop stands, and other accessories.

Some of the best products of Lamicall include:

#1 Lamicall Car Phone Mount C2:Lamicall - Best Phone, Laptop, Tablets Stands Review

This headrest mount will let you enjoy movies, video calls, and other stuff without having to hold your device. The mount is made of plastic, and you might find it to be a little cheaper than the stand T.

But the choice of plastic makes it lighter and, thus, easier for it to hold sturdy. Also, the pivot adjustment will let you rotate and tilt your device any way you want. This mount is available in two colours, red and black that you can choose from!

#2 Nintendo Switch Tablet Stand:Lamicall - Best Phone, Laptop, Tablets Stands Review

The “Stand T” is a multi-purpose stand. And it can hold any device, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, and even a Nintendo switch.

From the first look itself, you will find it very similar to the other stands. This stand weighs around 195 grams and, theoretically, can be bent in any way you want as long as it can hold your device comfortably.

There are 4 different colours you can choose from. Namely Black, Grey, Silver, and Red. The colour will not fade or scratch off easily, even with long term use.

To protect the metal from rubbing off with your device while it’s still in the holder, it is fitted with a big rubber grip that covers all the metal that will be in contact with your device. Also, to grip the stand to the surface, there are 4 grip pads preinstalled at the bottom surface, and you will get 2 extra grip pads in the box itself.

Also, you will get a Lifetime Guarantee, and you can contact them anytime for quality-related problems, and they will offer you a replacement or a full refund.

#3 Headphone Stands:

This is a nice-looking metal stand with a rounded base and a standard looking inverted L-shaped rod to hang your headphones. The quality of the stand is excellent and very sturdy.

There are 4 grip pads at the bottom and one big one on the top to prevent your headphones from getting scratched. The only issue with this headphone stand is that it is available only in Aluminium colour.

#4 Adjustable Laptop Stand LB 

They have premium looking Laptop stands that give your work desk a classic look while working.

Buy Lamicall Products


These were some of the best products of Lamicall. It also provides other products such as phone ring holders, USB cables, adapters, etc.

You can visit its official website and purchase the available products. All the products are available at affordable prices, are good in quality, and the company also provides a lifetime guarantee on some of its products.

If you have any queries regarding this website, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.