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Top 100% Free Background Check Websites of 2024


If you want to know whether there is a free background check, then the answer to this question would be yes. There are several ways using which you can conduct your free background check. Some websites claim to offer 100% free background information on individuals at no cost. So, these services work as most of the information they access comes from public records. This article discusses free background checks and how you can conduct them. 

Is There a Totally Free Background Check?

A background check investigates and tells the information of the background of anyone you want to. If you want to know about someone’s identity, work history, education, criminal report, and anything else, you can do that using a background check. When companies hire new employees for security, they need to check their backgrounds to keep their workplace and employees safe and increase recruitment quality. Not only the companies but anyone can perform background checks.

So, to save energy and time, you should turn your website into a website offering free background check services. 

Top 100% Free Background Check Websites of 2022

How Can One Perform a Background Check?

You can check out public records about someone for free. These are not confidential, and anyone can access them. But this provides you with only a limited amount of information. Other public records can also be accessed using online databases, using some online places where you can gain access to their data if you provide someone’s name and address. Also, some paid background check services offer basic people searches without payment. You can do that at the PACER.gov site if you want to access federal information. 

But what if you want to access someone’s criminal record for free? The individual criminal records contain everything except the records held by the FBI. For this reason, getting hands-on with someone’s criminal record is quite difficult. You can easily get the arrest record of any person in the public records only, except for the active or ongoing investigation. 

Totally Free Background Check No Credit Card Required 2023

Many sites that provide background checks may or may not always be correct. If you want more in-depth reports, you must use websites offering better services. So, these will not be free, and you will have to buy them at their cost. The cost can vary depending on what information you want to view.

List of Popular Background Check Websites of 2024

There are various websites that you can use to perform background checks, and each of them comes with its features. Given below are some of the best and most popular background check websites that you can go for


Is There a Free Background Check?

The first site we have on this list is TruthFinder. It has a feature called a dark web monitor which will tell you if any information is leaked on the dark web. It has no free memberships or trials, which means you have to pay if you want to use this website. It offers free basic people searches. You will be able to find information like name, location, age, as well as possible associates. However, to get more information, one must pay the subscription fees. 


Is There a Free Background Check?

Another great background check website on this list is Intelius. The site provides in-depth reports of the people. Also, here you can not get a free background check. The website is not free, so you will have to pay for a subscription if you want information from this website.

US Search

This is another website that is used to verify some of the background information or locate someone. This website includes reverse phone number lookup and also social network search. This is also a paid website.

Instant Checkmate

Is There a Free Background Check?

This website offers you some other features not provided by the other websites. There is an option to look up the inmates across the U. S. This is also a paid website but is cheaper than the others as it offers a 5-day trial deal for $1.


Is There a Free Background Check?

Spyfly is a free website to check the criminal records of a person. You can get information about a report without paying for it. Access to the entire document remains for the account holder. This website contains data from the state, federal, and municipal public databases. You can search the whole report of any person on this website if you have the person’s name, phone number, or email address. 


Yes, there is a free background check, but many times you may not get deep information when you want to find out more about someone. The paid ones provide more details and make your report more relevant. A free background check is only enough for quick information. 


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