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Download Instagram Stories- Methods to Download Instagram Stories


Key Takeaways
  • Instagram Stories are a popular feature of the social media platform, with many users wanting to download them.
  • Methods for downloading Instagram stories include using apps like "Story Saver" on Android, "REPOST" on iOS, and the "Chrome IG Story" extension on PC.
  • These methods allow users to easily download Instagram stories of friends and influencers, providing a convenient way to access the content.

Instagram Ahhh! When we hear the word, an instant thought of Stories, Amazing Pictures, Interesting thoughts came to our minds. Isn’t it? Well, Many of you wanted to Download Instagram stories of others. So here we are with our top 3 methods by which you can easily download anyone’s Insta stories and pictures for free.

Download Instagram Stories- Methods to Download Instagram Stories
Download Instagram Stories | itechhacks

Download Instagram Stories: Instagram is growing dramatically because of its attractive and new features. After Facebook acquires Instagram, there are tons of things are changed and introduced.  Instagram has almost  900+ Million users which are expected to reach a billion at the end of this year.  Before the Facebook acquisition, it has only 100 million users.  The key feature of Instagram is the concept of stories which basically disappear after 24 hours.

After Instagram Stories, Facebook also introduced this feature to all other applications like Whatsapp and Facebook. Many users requesting Instagram developers to make a legal way to download/ save Instagram stories of their friends. Instagram releases new features constantly but they don’t give what users need. Most of the people ask their friends to actually share the picture/ video they posted if they needed. But it is a kind of a hassle for many people to ask people for a picture.

That is one of the reasons we are facing lots of people asking us “How to download Instagram Stories“. It is the reason for this article. Also if you have any article request feel free to contact us. In this article let us discuss many methods to download Instagram stories of your friends and influencers. Without wasting any more time let us actually begin the actual article.

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#1. Download Insta Stories on Android:

Most of us using Android mobile or tablet to use Instagram. The native Instagram application has no feature to download other Instagram stories. But you can download your friend’s stories by following the steps which are mentioned below.

STEP 1: As I mentioned earlier there is no way to download Instagram stories on a native application. You need to download another application named “Story Saver”.  You can easily download this application by clicking the link down below or you can just search for “Story Saver” on your Google Play Store Application.

STEP 2: Now click the download button and wait for a few moments until the application gets downloaded and installed on your mobile phone based on your Internet Speed.

STEP 3: Open the Story Saver which you downloaded recently.

STEP 4: After clicking the get started button you are prompted with a screen asking to log in to your Instagram account. Without any fear, enter your Instagram credentials and click login to enter your account.

STEP 5: Now, you have successfully logged in to your account. On the next screen, you have a list of your friends and click any name from the list to download that guy’s story.

STEP 6: On the further screen you will have that guy’s story you can click the save button and choose the desired path of your own. In case, if you need to download a video just click the play button and you are prompted with the download button.

From this simple application, you can download Instagram stories without asking your friend. In the Play store, there is much more application which provides this feature but we feel this application is more convenient and fewer ads than most other application.  Let us look at how to download Instagram Stories on iPhone/iOS.

#2. Download Insta Stories on iOS

Like Android, you need an additional application in iOS to download stories. Just follow the below steps and then you’ll be able to download your stories of your friends.

STEP 1: Just go to your App Store and search for “REPOST” or Just the below link which will directly get you to the download page of this Application.

STEP 2: Click the ” GET” button and wait for a few moments while the application gets downloaded and installed on your device.

STEP 3: Now open this application and click Login with the Instagram button.

STEP 4: Its time to enter your Instagram username and password.

STEP 5: Now you have a feed with a search bar at the top. You can select the user from the feed or you can directly search their username. After that just select the picture or video to be downloaded and click option and select the “save” option.

That’s it After this, your selected picture or video is downloaded on your iOS device. So Android and iOS is covered What’s next? Definitely PC!

#3. Download Insta Stories on PC:

There is still a large number of people using Instagram at their Windows/Mac machine. For all those people you can also download your Friend’s story by following these steps.

STEP 1:  For download Instagram stories you need to use Instagram in the Chrome browser. First of all open Instagram homepage and get logged in to your account.

STEP 2: Now click the below link to download ” Chrome IG Story ” extension which will help you to download stories of your Instagram friends.

STEP 3: After installing this extension, restart your chrome browser and log in to your Instagram account. Now open any of our friend’s story you will see a download button on the top left, just click that button to download any story you want.

Video Tutorial:


Share this article with your friends and help to know about this Instagram story download trick. If you have any questions in this article let us know in the comment section down below. Like our page on all social media and help us to reach more people. Thanks a lot for reading. Cheers 🙂

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