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How to Use Assurance Wireless SIM Card on Another Phone


Key Takeaways
  • Assurance Wireless is a government-supported program offering free or subsidized wireless services, similar to QLink Wireless.
  • To use an Assurance Wireless SIM card on another phone, submit an unlock request to the carrier, receive an unlock code, insert it into a compatible device, and activate the SIM.
  • Eligibility criteria for obtaining an unlock code include having no stolen device, using the service for 12 months, matching ID proof, and having no pending dues.

Assurance Wireless is a government-supported program that offers free or sometimes subsidized wireless services to eligible individuals. You can think of it as an alternative of QLink wireless.  While the program provides a phone with its services, you might find yourself wanting to use your Assurance Wireless SIM card on another compatible device. However, this process might not sound easier as a lot of people are already looking for ways to use Assurance Wireless SIM cards on another phone. If you are one of them, look no further. Here’s our guide.

Is it Possible to Use an Assurance Wireless SIM Card on Another Phone?

In short, Yes! However, in long, the process can be quite lengthy if you get into the bits and pieces of this whole puzzle. In general, being a Government supported and subsidized company, Assurance locks the devices with its SIM card so that you cannot switch. However, if you are comfortable waiting and getting in touch with several customer support executives, you can successfully use your Assurance Wireless SIM card on another phone.

How to Use Assurance Wireless SIM Card on Another Phone?

Here are some steps that you need to carefully follow in order to get your Assurance Wireless SIM card out and use it on another device.

Step 1: Submit an Unlock Request

The first step towards using the Assurange wireless SIM card with another phone is to submit ann official unlock request. This request is submitted to the carrier, which in this case is Assurance Wireless.

Here are the steps to submit an official Assurance Wireless SIM unlock request:

  1. Call 1-888-321-5880 from your phone or another phone.
  2. Confirm your identity with your ID proof and SSN.
  3. Explain to them the reason why you are wishing to unlock your device.
  4. Tell them that you meet all the unlock eligibility conditions (Discussed Later in this article).
  5. Reques them to initiate the process.

Depending on the working days and holidays, you can expect the request to get fulfilled in 1 week to 12 days.

Step 2: Get Approval or Submit Again

After 1 week or 12 days have passed, you will receive either of three response:

  • Approved
  • Pending
  • Declined.

Out of these, Declined is the worst response which means you will have the submit the request again. This is a long process and you will have to wait for 1 month before submitting the request again. However, if you are approved, move to the next step to complete the migration process.

Step 3: Get the Unlock Code

When you are approved, you will receive an unlock code. This unlock code is also known as the Porting Code. This code can be used to activate any other phone you wish to use with your Assurance Wireless SIM card.

However, getting the unlock code is the only big thing in the entire process. This is because Assurance locks its device and doesn’t easily let go of their customers even if you tell that you are going to keep their network.

Step 4: Use the Unlock Code to Activate Your SIM

When you already have the unlock code in hand, go ahead and purchase your new phone in which you wish to continue using the Assurance SIM card. When you have purchased the new phone, take the SIM card from your old phone and insert it in the new one.

Make sure that it is a GSM SIM and not a CDMA. If it is a CDMA SIM, quickly visit your nearby Assurance Wireless store and get your GSM SIM card. They might charge you a nominal fee. However, since you already have the unlocking code, you should get this done for free.

Step 5: Insert the SIM Card and Activate

When you have your new GSM Assurance SIM card along with your new phone, you should quickly insert it and get it ready. Turn on your phone and check whether you have signal reception.

If you don’t have signal reception, wait for at least 4 hours and then you should get signal. Now, call customer support at 1-888-321-5880. Give them all the necessary details like your name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, and why you changed your device.

Now, again, wait for 4 hours for the activation to complete. When your SIM is activated, you are ready to enjoy the services of Assurance Wireless on your brand-new smartphone.

How to Get Around a Denied Request?

If you got your request for an unlocking code denied, you need to wait for 1 month before you can apply for that again. You need to specify causes that are genuine in the eyes of Assurance Wireless. If you simply tell them that you are bored of their phone, you won’t get an unlock code.

Also, don’t ever mention that you wish to switch to the iPhone 15 Max Pro or any other luxury flagship. This is because Assurance Wireless is a government provided scheme for not so well to do people. If you can buy such a high quality phone, why would you need Assurance Wireless. So, keeping all these points in mind, apply for the unlock code after a month and you should get the approval.

Eligibility Criteria for Assurance Wireless SIM and Phone Unlock Code

If you are thinking to upgrade your device, you will need the unlock code to port out the SIM card. However, before you are able to do so, you need to fulfill some requirements that are considered the eligibility criteria. They are as follows:

  • Your Device Must not Be Stolen: This is the first requirement that you must fulfill. If you are going to get your SIM unlock code, you should make sure that it is not stolen. If it is stolen, you will need to pay the remaining money for that phone and also the blocking charges.
  • You Should have used the service for 12 months: This is probably the most important criteria. You must be a customer of Assurance Wireless for at least 12 months before you decide to get the unlocking code and upgrade your device.
  • ID Proof Matching: You should have purchased the service and only you are eligible to upgrade. Your family members cannot request an unlock code if your ID proofs are used in the process.
  • No Dues: You should not have any pending dues to your account. In addition, there should not be any overdue or remaining payments.

What If Nothing Works?

If nothing is working, is your favor to change your phone with the same assurance wireless SIM card, you can simply opt for an upgrade. You just need to visit your nearest Assurance Wireless store and tell them that you want to upgrade your device.

They will provide you with the list of available options, and you are good to go. If you wish to follow this route, you won’t have to go through calling customer support or wait for a long time.

We hope that this guide helped you. Even after reading this, if you have any doubts, make sure to comment below.