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How to Trace and Find Out TextNow Number in 2024


Key Takeaways
  • TextNow service does not allow direct tracing of numbers, making it challenging to find out the owner's information
  • TextNow offers free call and SMS services across various countries, while protecting user data between two parties
  • Methods like using the SpyForMe tool or Truecaller can help track TextNow numbers, albeit with certain limitations and steps to follow.

If you want to trace a number and find out who owns it, Textnow does not allow you to trace them directly. TextNow is a service that allows you to make free calls and sends SMS across multiple countries such as the US, India, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and many more. If you belong to the US and do not have any Internet connection, you can make calls by getting their SIM cards.

The best thing about Textnow is that it protects the data between two users and ensures that only the receiver can access it. If you want to trace TextNow number then this article will help you with it.

TextNow Number Lookup | Track TextNow Number Easily

This article discusses various 2024 methods for determining the owner of a TextNow number.

How to Trace and Find Out TextNow Number in 2022

How To Track A TextNow Number 2024?

Given below are various ways to track TextNow numbers-

Using SpyForMe Tool

SpyForMe is one of the best online spying tools available for many services. If you are getting some scam calls, or if you are cyberbullied or cyberstalked, and also if you want to check about any distrustful spouse or anything else, then, SpyForMe is the best tool that will help you in this problem. Using this tool, you can find all the secret social media profiles, use the TextNow number lookup tool, search about Facebook Profiles, and even lookup Google voice numbers, all for free. Follow the given steps if you want to track a number with the SpyForMe tool-

  • Firstly, visit the Spyfor site by clicking on this link.
  • Now click on the Start TextNow Number Lookup button.

How to Trace and Find Out Who Owns a TextNow Number in 2022

  • Now, enter the TextNow number which you want to track.
  • It will take some time to show you the results.

Using Truecaller

Truecaller is a well-known application that can be used in both Androids and iOS phones. This is popular around the globe due to its features, some of which may include managing the calls, SMS services, and spam blockers, and it even identifies the caller who is calling you. Due to the new updates in Truecaller, it has also included the deep tracking feature. You can now track the name of the owner of the number and find certain details related to the number’s activity. 

An interesting update about Truecaller is that you can now enter the purpose of the call, due to which the other person would be able to get the call notification 2-3 minutes before the call. Truecaller also has its premium version for a cheaper rate. You can see who viewed your profile, an-add a free version, powerful spam blocking, and an easy boost for searching for newer contacts. 

Follow the given steps if you want to track a TextNow number using Truecaller –

  • First, download and install the Truecaller app and grant all the permissions it asks you for.
  • Complete the registration process by entering all the required details, such as your name, address, email id, and other details the application asks for.
  • On the application’s search bar, enter the contact number of the person you want to track. If the person’s data is synced with Truecaller, all the details will be visible to you. 
  • You can see the user’s name, address, and location. Now, you will be easily able to track the person’s location. 

By Creating A New TextNow Account And Contact

So, another way to track a TextNow number is by creating an account on this platform. This is not as easy as the other two methods as it is a long process because it requires a real relationship with the account owner. As you establish a good relationship with that account owner, and if you gain their trust, you can easily ask the other to reveal its identity.


If you want to find out the TextNow number of someone, you can do it by following the steps in this article. Following the above steps, you will know who owns the TextNow number you have been looking for. 


Can you track a TextNow number?

If the police have any warrant against you, they can easily access your TextNow number and track you.

Is TextNow Safe To Use?

If you are an adult, it is safe to use. But if children are using it, you must be cautious or warn them. 

Do I Need A SIM Card To Use TextNow?

No, you do not need any SIM card to use TextNow. You can call or text anyone using a WiFi network. 


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