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How to Start PS4 or PS5 in Safe Mode


Key Takeaways
  • Safe Mode on PlayStation consoles is a feature that helps resolve issues and bugs that players may face on their consoles.
  • Starting PS4 or PS5 in Safe Mode provides options such as Restart System, Update System Software, Change Resolutions, and more to troubleshoot and fix problems.
  • To start the console in Safe Mode, users need to follow specific steps, including turning off the console, holding the power button, and selecting options with the controller.

We all love playing games on our PC and Gaming Consoles. Sometimes even the PC does not work properly, so the players cannot play the game properly. Gaming Consoles were developed to resolve these problems and make gaming more interesting for players. The Gaming Consoles are delicately made for the players to give another level of gaming experience. There are many different gaming consoles available for players in the market. Some of them which are very famous among the players are PlayStation and Xbox.

Even after the development of gaming consoles, some errors generally occur on the players’ consoles. They are very frustrated with such issues and are always trying different solutions to fix the errors occurring on their system. However, some ways are developed by the developers of the consoles through which you will be able to analyze the cause of the issues and will be able to resolve the problem on the console that you are using. We will be going to discuss the way in this guide.

What is Safe Mode on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5?

There are thousands of games that are available on the game store, the PlayStation. The players love to try most of them. As the games are being launched regularly, so it’s general that there will be bugs and problems which the players will be facing on their PlayStation. Various issues can put your PlayStation in critical conditions where you cannot resolve them by doing any technical fixes. At that time, the feature of Safe Mode, which the company has provided, will resolve the problem. Thousands of players have faced this situation and have used Safe Mode to get out of this.

How to Start PS4 or PS5 in Safe Mode

The Safe Mode is a feature in which the console is started with the most basic functions. With Safe Mode’s help, the players can start their console with basic functions if they cannot start it during any problem. Safe Mode provides a variety of options through which you will be able to resolve problems in different ways. We have listed why you might not be able to start the console. So, let’s check them out.

Why do I need to Start PS4 in Safe Mode?

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We know that you might be thinking about why you should start the PS4 and PS5 in Safe Mode when facing any issues. The Safe Mode is developed to help users resolve issues they might be facing at the game’s start or after installation. The Safe Mode in the PlayStation is designed to tackle various problems. We have listed the reasons below, do check them.

For PS4

  • Restart System: This will end the safe mode and restart the PS4 with normal settings.
  • Change Resolutions: It will change the display resolution to 480P. This option is very useful for facing a black screen on your console due to games or settings.
  • Update System Software: This will update the software of the PlayStation with the help of direct download and external devices.
  • Restore Default Settings: If you have changed any settings on your PlayStation and started facing any issues after it on the system, this option will greatly help you. This will restore the default settings without deleting any content on your console.
  • Rebuild Database: This will scan the drive on the console, and after it, a new database will be created. It will be very helpful if there is some software issue.
  • Initialize PS4: It will delete the user data of the console and will restore the settings to the original state.
  • Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software): This option is similar to the Initialize PS4, but in this, the data will be deleted along with the PS4 Firmware.
  • Set HDCP Mode: This will be good if you connect the PS4 to a 4K TV, but that does not support HDCP 2.2.

For PS5

  • Restart PS5: It will restart the console after ending the Safe Mode.
  • Change Video Output: It is the best option if you are facing a black screen issue on the console. From here, you can change the HDCP Mode and resolution settings.
  • Repair Console Storage: This will fix the issues if the console is not starting due to any issues or storage problems.
  • Update System Software: It will update the system software with the help of a direct download or an external storage device.
  • Restore Default Settings: This will not delete the content but restore the factory settings.
  • Clear Cache and Rebuild Database: It will clear the cache files from the console and rebuild the database.
  • Reset PS5: This will delete all the user’s data and restores the PS5 console to a newer state.
  • Reset PS5 (Reinstall System Software): It will delete the data and remove the PS5 software.

How to Start PS4 in Safe Mode Easily

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To start the PS4 and PS5 in Safe Mode without any hassle, you must follow the steps listed below.

  • First, turn off your console by holding the power button for three seconds.
  • You can check the power indicator to know the status of the console.
  • Once the console is turned off, press and hold the power button again.
  • When you hear the second beep sound, release the button. The second beep will come after seven seconds later.
  • Now, you need to choose the option for which you have to use the controller. So connect it after the second beep. That’s it. Several options will be there; choose the option according to your need.

Wrapping Up

Millions of players are there who use the PlayStation for their gaming. The Sony PlayStations are one of the best gaming consoles professional players consider. Another reason why the PlayStation is very much famous is because of the game library. The developers are always working on making it better for the users.

Safe Mode is one of the features that you can use to troubleshoot problems. We have listed essential information that you should know about the PlayStation and its safe mode. That’s it for this post. If you have any doubts, do let us know in the comment section below.


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