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How to Improve Corporate Data Security?


Data theft and data security are one of the top concerns of almost every person in the world! Almost every company has a set of data stored in a particular place. Due to some instances of the data leak, this topic has come into the limelight. Most of the companies have upgraded their security systems to prevent hackers from leaking their confidential data. One of the most famous incidents which have been brought up recently is the data leak by Facebook.

Most of the huge Corporations have managed to add an extra layer of protection to their data. However, there are some small corporations which still lack the defense mechanism against hackers. Thus, here we are with some tips which such corporations can use to improve their data security. So let’s understand each one of them in detail click here

How to Improve Corporate Data Security?

#1 Consult with an Expert:

No person other than a data security expert can suggest you with the best ways to protect your data. If your stakes are high, you can also hire a security firm which is dedicated to preventing any data security flaw.

#2 Use an Encryption Software:

The least you can do on your part is use an Encryption password to protect your data. This method is not completely foolproof but can keep some hackers away from your corporation’s data. This software acts as a lock to your data and can be accessed only by a person who has a key to unlock it.

#3 Maintain a Real-Time Backup as well as a regular Backup:

A backup saves your day when your data gets corrupted or when you face any similar situation. You can immediately upload a fresh set of data and reboot your systems. If you do not have a backup, you will have to sit and create the whole data as new.

#4 Keep searching for vulnerabilities:

Hackers usually look for any kind of vulnerability and use it to enter any system. Thus, you must always test your systems regularly to check for any unprotected data. If you come across any such data, quickly get it fixed to avoid any further complications.

#5 Change Passwords Frequently:

Changing passwords after 90 days of setting it can help you in protecting the data from hackers since they can use your computer to extract the password. Also, the password which you set should be strong as well as non-trivial. If you keep the password as your company’s name or phone number, anybody can crack open your account and steal sensitive user data.

#6 Use two-step Verification:

If you use a two-step verification process, it adds as an extra layer of protection to your system. It can prevent bots from entering your system. Since it enhances your data security, it is recommended to use it in your system.

#7 Add a web application firewall:

Web Application Firewall (WAF) is used to protect a system against DDoS attacks, XSS vulnerabilities. etc. Some services such as CloudFlare and Sucuri provide with Web Application Firewall (WAF) for your system. As the name suggests, it acts as a wall and protects your data from being stolen. A highly knowledgeable hacker is required to bypass such firewalls.

#8 Be Ready:

Even after covering all the angles, there is a minor chance of a security hazard to happen. Thus, you must be ready to act as quickly as possible and seal any possible data leak from your system.


These were some of the most important tips which you can use to improve Corporate Data Security. Apart from these, there are several other tips which function on an advanced level. You can use the tips listed above to considerably improve your data security.

If we have missed out on any such useful tip or if you have any queries regarding any tip mentioned above, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

Aditya Kashyap
Aditya Kashyap
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