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How to Find Someone’s Birthday Online in 2024 [Without Asking]


Key Takeaways
  • It is possible to find someone's birthday in 2024 through various methods without directly asking them, utilizing online resources and platforms.
  • Using Google search, asking mutual contacts discreetly, and exploring online birthday directories are effective ways to uncover someone's birthdate.
  • Additionally, platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and even reverse phone lookup websites can provide helpful information to determine someone's birthday.

It’s a loved tradition to celebrate the birthdays of friends and family, but what if you need to know or have forgotten their birthdate? It has never been easier to discover such details, thanks to the digital age. Nowadays, with the availability of so much information online, finding someone’s birthday isn’t tricky, but it does require discretion and respect for privacy. So, here you will learn about the most genuine ways to find someone’s birthday in 2024.

How to Find Someone’s Birthday Online in 2024

Here are some basic ways to get the birthday of someone online with and without contacting them:

How to Find Someone’s Birthday Online in 2024

1. Use Google Search

It is easy to find someone’s birthday when you use Google, the most powerful search engine available. You should enter their name in quotation marks, followed by additional information like their city, workplace, or anything else that may identify them. The search results can be narrowed down this way, making it easier to find birthday details relevant to the search.

2. Ask Mutual Contacts

You may wish to reach out discreetly to the person you are researching if you share mutual friends or contacts with them. It is not unusual for people within the same social circles to know each other’s birthdays. It’s important to be cautious with this approach, ensuring you remain confidential and respecting all parties’ privacy.

3. Online Birthday Directories

There is a website dedicated to compiling and sharing birthday information. There are websites that specialize in providing details about people’s birthdays, such as FamousBirthdays or BirthdayScan. It may not be possible to find these platforms on everyone’s profile, but their usefulness can be appreciated, especially if the person has achieved some kind of recognition.

4. Reverse Image Search

You can search for the person’s photo in reverse image search tools like Google Images or TinEye. Nevertheless, when you upload an image, the search engine will attempt to find other images that contain the same image. If you enter a person’s birthdate, you may find profiles or websites containing their details.

5. Public Records and People Search Engines

It is possible for the public to access public records, including birth records. People search engines and online databases collect such information from a variety of sources. There are a number of websites that can provide the birthdate you are looking for, such as Whitepages, Spokeo, and FamilySearch. You must respect legal and ethical boundaries when accessing some of this information, and some of this information may require payment.

How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Linkedin 2024

It may be necessary to explain your actions when LinkedIn notifies you that someone has viewed your profile. Nevertheless, you can potentially access a person’s birthday if they are a member of your LinkedIn network:

  • Click on the “My Network” tab in the LinkedIn app.How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Linkedin
  • Next, tap “Manage my network“.How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Linkedin
  • Then select “Connections.”How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Linkedin
  • To find out someone’s birthday, locate their profile.How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Linkedin
  • It may be possible to find their birthday information by scrolling down the page until you reach the “Contact” section.

How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Facebook

It’s often Facebook that offers the most insight into the personal lives of people among social media platforms. You can find a lot of information about them on Facebook, whether it’s their education, relationship status, or birthday. To find out a person’s birthday on Facebook, follow these steps:

  • If you are interested in checking out the birthday of a specific person, open their profile.
  • To access the user’s profile information, look for the “See [user’s name] About Info” section.How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Facebook
  • You can find the person’s birthdate under “Basic Info“.How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Facebook

Facebook users typically include the basics of their personal information, but there may be exceptions, such as excluding certain details like their schooling, hometown, or birthday from their profile.

How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Instagram

If you want to know someone’s birthday, Instagram doesn’t have a dedicated feature. There are, however, some clever tricks you can employ to uncover this information via popular social media platforms such as Facebook. So, here’s how to find someone’s birthday using Instagram:

  1. In your Instagram account, search for the user’s username, then follow them.
  2. If you scroll through their profile, you may find photos and posts regarding their birthdays from previous years.How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Instagram

How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Whatsapp

It is not possible to find someone’s date of birth (DOB) on WhatsApp. Nevertheless, it’s unlikely to find people’s birthdays on WhatsApp if they frequently contact you and you’ve wished them a happy birthday in the past. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Browse your chat history on WhatsApp to find the conversation where you had previously wished someone a happy birthday.
  2. Every WhatsApp conversation includes a date stamp, which lets you know when their birthday is.

How to Know Someone’s Birthday Using Twitter (X)

In the info section of Twitter, users can add their birthdays, just as they do on other social media platforms. It will appear in the upper left-hand corner of the person’s page if they have entered their birthday. Their posts will have a neon balloon overlay on the day of their actual birthday. If the person didn’t enter their date of birth on their profile page, and you don’t know how to find it, you’ll have no choice but to figure it out some other way.

How to Find Someone’s Birthday Using Snapchat 

Whenever users specify a birthday in their profile info, Snapchat displays a birthday cake emoji by their names. See if a cake appears next to their name in your friends list if you’re friends with them on Snapchat. If you only have a vague idea of when their birthday is, you may need to do this daily for a little while.

  • On a Snapchat profile, you can find out someone’s birthday by checking their zodiac sign under the info panel. In their sign, they will see a purple box with one of 12 symbols inside.How to Find Someone's Birthday Using Snapchat

How Do You Find Someone’s Birthday by Phone Number?

It is certainly possible for a reverse phone lookup website to provide you with someone’s birthday. It is possible to search their database for information about a phone number, including the birthday of the individual if such information is available. In reverse phone number lookups, personal information about individuals can be uncovered by their phone numbers.


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