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How to Create Professional Resume Online


Key Takeaways
  • A good and professional resume is essential to stand out in a competitive job market, showcasing skills and qualifications
  • There are numerous websites available to create a resume online, with different features and templates for customization
  • Top websites like Visual CV, Canva, and Novoresume offer free and premium options for creating professional resumes tailored to individual needs and preferences.

If you have a good and professional resume, no matter how many skills and experience you have, you will not face much difficulty getting job opportunities. In the world of job competition, you should have a professional resume to make you different and showcase your skills and qualifications. However, thousands of websites are available that help create a resume online. But which one is the best resume maker for you?

Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to update your resume or a job seeker starting from scratch, this blog post will walk you through creating a standout resume that highlights your skills, experiences, and achievements. With the right tools and techniques, you can craft a professional resume that sets you apart from the competition and opens doors to exciting career opportunities.

If you are looking for answers to the same question, don’t worry because this guide will help you. We are here with a guide to discuss the best ten websites to create a resume online.

Create Resume Online For Free: 10 Best Resume Builders 

How to Create Professional Resume Online

Here we have discussed the best websites that you can select to create a resume online. However, there are some which are free, and some need premium. So you can select accordingly from them.

1. Visual CV

The first and the best website that comes to our list is Visual CV. With this website, you can quickly create a resume online, and it has a wide range of features and templates that can be customized. The best feature of Visual CV is that it has a lot of professional and modern templates. So, you can choose any template design that complements your industry and personal brand. However, some templates need premium. But, there are a variety of options available for free also, so you can select from that.

2. Canva

The second best website that comes on our list is Canva. Canva is an online platform that offers a variety of creative tools with the help of which you can prepare logos, presentations, brochures, flyers, resumes, and many more. You might have listened its name for creating graphic designs, but it is also a great choice if you want to make a resume. This tool is free, but if you want to access more resume templates, you will have to take a premium.

3. Novoresume

The next website that you can select to create a resume online is Novoresume. The Novoresume is easy to use and you can create a professional resume in just a few clicks. Along with being professional, it has a wide range of modern and stylish resumes. It offers a large variety of aesthetically appealing templates that are appropriate for many different professional types and sectors. You can make a unique resume that is polished and stunning by using these templates since they are well-created and contain modern designs.

4. Resume Genius

The Resume Genius is one of the best websites to create a resume online as it helps users easily produce professional resumes and cover letters. You can design a professional resume using its user-friendly interface, templates that you can customize, and many other useful features.

One of the features that makes it the best is the platform’s step-by-step resume builder. The Resume Genius assists you while you construct your resume by offering useful prompts and recommendations for each part. You just have to simply enter your information such as your experience in the field, education, skills, and accomplishments. And, as you have entered the details, the Resume Genius will arrange it itself into a resume that looks professional and modern.

5. Zety

Zety is another best website to create a resume online. It makes the process of making effective resumes more straightforward. It also assists people of all skill levels in creating outstanding resumes that are related to their own professional goals with the help of its user-friendly design, customizable templates, and other useful functions. Zety makes making resumes easier as they provide a variety of expertly written bullet points and descriptions, ensuring that your resume effectively highlights your skills and experience.

7. Resume.io

The next best website to create a resume online in our list is Resume.io. It makes the process of creating a resume simple and also it assists in creating a resume that is both attractive and professional because of its user-friendly layout, adaptable templates, and its other useful features. One of the features that make this website the best is that it offers a cover letter generator through which you can select a template and get guidance for writing strong cover letters that go with your resume. With the help of this tool, you may submit a detailed application and highlight your excitement and suitability for a certain position.

8. Resume Build

Resume Build is an online resume builder that makes the process of building effective resumes quick and easy. It provides a simple and user-friendly interface that leads you step-by-step through the resume generation process.

One of the features that makes this website the best is its capacity to provide flexible material. Based on your sector, job title, and previous work experience, the Resume Build will help you develop bullet points and content ideas. This tool helps you save time and offers advice on how you can convey your duties, accomplishments, and skills clearly and effectively.

9. EnhanCV

EnhanCV is one of the best websites to create a resume online on our list. The best feature of this resume builder is that it provides recommendations for your resume. It will provide you with different points by which you can make your resume stand out. Also, you can share your resume with your friends and family so that they can provide you the feedback. However, all the templates are not free. If you want to access all the templates and use some more features, then you will have to take the premium.

10. Resume Lab

The next best website to create a resume online on our list is Resume Lab. On this website, you can make an amazing combo of cover letter and resume. You will have the option of more than 20 professional templates from which you can select.

You will receive a special AI-driven document strength meter that compares your resume with the others who have created their resume before. Also, you get pre-written information (such as experience bullet points or a career objective). Moreover, if you want to change the color, font, or any other thing in the template that you have selected, then you can do it also.


Many websites that provide user-friendly tools and templates have made it easier and easier to create a professional resume online. But, some are confused about which website they should choose. This guide has mentioned the best websites to create a resume online. These websites provide useful materials and tools to assist people in producing a resume that is professional, eye-catching, and sticks out to potential employers. Using their features, job seekers can successfully highlight their abilities and experiences, improving their chances of landing the positions they seek.



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