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How to Activate Venmo Debit Card in 2024 (Full Guide)


Key Takeaways
  • Venmo offers a debit card allowing users to spend their balance in stores, ATMs, and online retailers.
  • To activate your Venmo debit card, install the app, select Venmo as the payment method, and enter card information.
  • Users can request only one Venmo debit card linked to their account, which must be in the same name as the Venmo account.

With Venmo, people can transfer money and split bills with friends and family members. You might not know that Venmo also offers a debit card that lets you pay for everyday purchases using your Venmo balance. In this article, you will know what you need to do to activate your Venmo debit card. So, let’s get started with the guide. 

What Is the Venmo Debit Card?

What Is the Venmo Debit Card?

Venmo debit cards are physical cards associated with Venmo accounts. As with a traditional debit card, Venmo lets you spend the money in your balance in the real world. Unlike physical cards, Venmo debit cards can be used anywhere cash is accepted, including ATMs and online retailers. So, now, if you want to know how to activate the Venmo debit card, let’s walk through the guide until the end. 

Steps to Activate Venmo Debit Card Online?

It is necessary to activate the Venmo debit card before it can be used. In order to activate the debit card, the necessary information needs to be accessible on the debit card. With the Venmo app, users can activate their Venmo debit cards online in a few easy steps: 

  1. Initially, install the Venmo app on your mobile device.
  2. In the upper-right corner, tap the menu icon. 
  3. Select Venmo as your payment method.
  4. Click “Activate.”
  5. Your debit card’s expiration date must be entered.
  6. Make sure the debit card number is entered correctly.
  7. Thereafter, you will need to enter the CVV code of your debit card.
  8. Ensure that you enter the PIN correctly and confirm it again. You should receive a message confirming that your card has been activated.

Is it possible to order more than one Venmo Debit Card?  

Is it possible to order more than one Venmo Debit Card? 

With the Venmo Debit Card, you can link your Venmo account to your debit card. In order for your Venmo account to be active, you need only have one Venmo Debit Card, and it has to be in the same name as the Venmo account.  

If I want to get a Venmo debit card, how can I do that? 

To get started, open the Venmo app and go to the Cards tab. The Venmo Debit Card will be listed there. You’ll need to confirm some of your personal details when you apply for a Venmo Debit Card.

Can I apply for a Venmo Debit Card for a fee? 

Unfortunately, no! Well, activating a Venmo Debit Card does not cost any money. There may, however, be other fees associated with the card.

For more information about Venmo’s fees or the Venmo Debit Card specifically, please visit here. Venmo’s app is the best place to apply for the card. To get started, look under Venmo Debit Card under the Cards tab.  

Is it possible to Activate my Venmo Credit Card Without Installing the App?  

Is it possible to activate my Venmo Credit Card Without Installing the App?  

Utilizing your phone’s camera, take a photo of the QR code on the back of your Venmo Credit Card to activate it. With the Venmo app, you can scan QR codes as well. To activate by phone, call 855-890-6779 or go online to Synchrony Bank.

Using Your Venmo Debit Card

You can now start using your Venmo debit card once it’s been activate the Venmo debit card and customized. Using your card might be useful in the following scenarios:

  1. In-Store Purchases: Use your Venmo debit card at any store accepting Mastercard by simply swiping it or inserting it. It is the same process as using a credit card to use a debit card.
  2. Online Shopping: Just like any other payment method, you can use your Venmo debit card at checkout to pay for your online purchases.
  3. ATM Withdrawals: Venmo debit cards can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs if you need it. If an ATM fee applies, be aware of it.
  4. Splitting Bills: Splitting bills with friends is easy with Venmo debit cards. Just pay with your Venmo debit card and ask your friends for money.
  5. Mobile Wallets: Use your Venmo debit card with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay to pay securely using your mobile phone.

Expiring Venmo Debit Cards

You will be notified via the Venmo app that your current Venmo Mastercard Debit Card is about to expire, so you can request a new card within 60 days. Upon expiration on December 21st, you will be required to order another card at the beginning of November (11/21). It is important to note that cards become void at the end of the month in which they are issued.

Once the notification is received, simply tap it or go to the “Venmo Debit Card” section of the app to request a new card.

In the case of a Venmo Debit Card that has never been used, a new card may not be issued until you complete a transaction. It is possible for you to update your shipping address if you have moved since receiving your most recent card.

If you receive a new card, make sure it’s activated as soon as possible. Activation of replacement cards after 90 days will result in permanent closure. It is recommended that you destroy the expired card once your new card is activated.

When can I expect to receive my Venmo Debit Card? 

You are expected to receive and activate your Venmo Debit Card within 15 business days after you have been approved. Right now, the card is only available for delivery to a home address. The card has not been delivered after more than 15 business days. Please contact them if that has not been the case. 

Can I use my Venmo Debit Card anywhere? 

Can I use my Venmo Debit Card anywhere? 

Mastercard is accepted everywhere in the U.S. and in territories under the U.S. government. Venmo Debit Card and Venmo Credit Card are not compatible with international merchants, even when making an online purchase from the United States. 

Is the Venmo debit card available for business accounts? 

Venmo debit cards are primarily for personal use as of September 2021, when I last updated my knowledge. If you need more information about business accounts, please contact Venmo.

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