Nowadays, many people are receiving “This Person is Unavailable on Messenger” error on Facebook Messenger. This message appears when a user isn’t able to send a message to someone using Messenger. Are you also facing this issue? If yes, keep reading this post to troubleshoot it.

According to Facebook, this error message usually occurs when users delete a conversation or deactivate their account. However, there are various other reasons one might face this error. So let’s know how to fix the “This Person is Unavailable on Messenger” message.

Fix This Person is Unavailable on Messenger 2023

Fixing this issue is not easy as the Facebook support team doesn’t offer pinpoint solutions. Below are some troubleshooting methods that may solve this issue:

Update Messenger App

Firstly, check if you are using the latest update of Messenger. Updating with the newest version automatically resolves minor bugs and issues. Open App Store or the Google Play Store and check if you’re using the latest update. If not, update Messenger and check if you can send messages or not.

Clear App Cache and Data

“This Person is Unavailable on Messenger” error message can also occur due to temporary files accumulated by Messenger. If this is the case with your device, clear Messenger’s storage and cache data to solve this issue. Here is how you can do it:

  1. First, navigate to Settings on your Android device.
  2. Search for App Management.
  3. Scroll down and click on Messenger.
  4. Click on Storage.
  5. Click on Clear Data and Clear Cache one by one.This Person is Unavailable on Messenger

Check if the Reciever has Blocked you on Facebook.

You may be receiving this message because the receiver has blocked you for some reason. If that’s the case, it cannot be fixed unless the user unblocks you. Facebook allows users to block people in two ways, via Facebook or Messenger.

You’ll still be friends with them on Facebook by blocking someone on Messenger. However, they won’t be able to text you on Messenger. Whereas, by blocking someone on Facebook, you won’t see the user’s profile or message them. Instead, if someone blocks you, this message will appear when you open their profile.

Check if the Recipient’s Account is Deactivated Deleted

“This Person is Unavailable on Messenger” message on Messenger can also mean that the user has deactivated or deleted their account for some reason. There is a fair chance Facebook might have deactivated the account due to a violation of Facebook rules. If a couple of people declare the account spam, it will also be deactivated.

To find out if the account is deactivated, search for the person on your friend’s list. If their account appears, it is active; else, it is deactivated.

Check if you have Blocked the Person.

In some cases, this message also appears if you block the person. However, it’s an unusual issue that can still occur sometimes. Here is how you can check if you have blocked the person or not.

  1. Open Facebook > Settings.
  2. Scroll down and click on Blocking.
  3. A list of all the people you have blocked will appear.
  4. See if the person you want to message is on the list. If they are, click on Unblock.This Person is Unavailable on Messenger

Check your Internet Connection

A bad internet connection could also cause a “This Person is Unavailable on Messenger” error message. Sometimes, a slow internet connection can malfunction due to data prevention. Perform a speed test to check your internet connection. If you are using Wi-Fi, try switching to mobile data and check if the message still appears.

Try Sending Messages from Facebook Web

This issue can also occur due to some bugs on Messenger. Try sending messages through the Facebook web if you still face the error. Just open Facebook on any web browser, log into your account and try sending messages.


1. What does it mean when it says “this person is unavailable on messenger” on Facebook?

According to Facebook, this error message usually occurs when a user deletes a conversation or deactivates their account. However, there are various other reasons one might face this error.

2. How can I tell if I’ve been blocked by Messenger?

Search for the profile name you want to know that has blocked you. The user has blocked you if the profile doesn’t appear in the search results.

3. Is there a way to message someone who has blocked me on Facebook?

No, you cannot text a person who has blocked you on Facebook by using any alternative methods. Facebook won’t allow you to text that person unless they unblock you.

4. What does it mean if someone blocked me on Facebook, but their profile picture is still visible?

The user hasn’t blocked you if you can see their profile picture. They might have unfriended you or set their profile to private. When a person blocks someone, they won’t see their profile, profile picture, or any information about them.

Wrapping Up

That’s all about how to fix the “This Person is Unavailable on Messenger” Message on Messenger. We hope the troubleshooting methods mentioned above were able to solve this issue. Still, if you have any problems, feel free to drop a comment below.

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