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Dell Alienware M15 R7 Review: Ultimate Gaming Laptop for 2024


Alienware is a subsidiary of Dell that mainly develops gaming laptops and computers. M15 R7 is the company’s newest release, with some amazing features and an upgraded version of its predecessor R6.

So, is the laptop worth it and capable of delivering everything a gamer needs? We’ll find out that in this article.

Here, I’ll provide you with a Dell Alienware M15 R7 review so you can get a crystal clear idea about it and analyze whether you should buy it.

Dell Alienware M15 R7 Review: Ultimate Gaming Laptop for 2023

Dell Alienware M15 R7: Quick Specifications

Before moving on to the detailed analysis of this laptop, it’ll be better to get an idea about all of its features quickly. So, here you go:

Display Size 15.6-Inches
Max Screen Resolution 2560×1440
Processor  3.5 GHz core i7
Hard Drive 1000GB SSD
Battery 86Wh
Weight 2.6KG
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.2 & WiFi 6E
Operating System  Windows 11 Home

Dell Alienware M15 R7 Review: Detailed Guide

Dell Alienware M15 R7 Review: Ultimate Gaming Laptop for 2023

There are a few different factors that you should know about the Dell Alienware M15 laptop. We have discussed all the essential details below to help you get detailed information about the product.

Build Quality & Design

It’s an important thing you should always check for before buying a laptop as that should be made of better quality products for long-lasting and also has an attractive design.

Dell Alienware M15 R7 has a sleek design considering the 2.6kg weight in mind. Although the weight is quite natural in gaming laptops, M15 gives you a stylish look.

The chassis of this laptop is similar to its previous versions, which are made from aluminum, magnesium alloy, and plastic. But there’s no doubt that they together provide a strong build. The lid is pretty flexible, and you can easily lift it with one finger.

Gaming laptops come with RGB lightning, and Dell Alienware m15 is no exception. You get the lightning on the keyboard, the signature Alienware logo on the backside, and the power button. And the best part of this lightning is that you can customize them according to your needs using Alienware’s command central app.


Another important thing you need to be the best at is the display where you see your content, which greatly enhances your gameplay, and Dell Alienware M15 gives you a flawless display.

This laptop has a 15.6-inch LCD screen that supports QHD(2560×1440) resolution to enjoy high-quality gaming.

The colors are a bit sharp, and the saturation is too high. But that won’t be a concern if you keep the brightness at the lower possible level.

You should also know that M15’s display doesn’t come with HDR, but you won’t notice any color issues due to that.

The 240Hz refresh rate with 2560×1440 resolution gives you a smooth experience and helps you have great gaming sessions. It also has another model with 1920×1080 with 165Hz (RTX 3060 GPU variant), which can provide a seamless and lag-free experience.

Ports & Connectivity

It’s also important to consider as they help you establish a connection with your other devices.

On the left side of this laptop, you get access to a 3.5mm headphone jack and ethernet port. Its right side includes two USB 3.2 Type-A ports. You also have other options on the back side, such as a thunderbolt 4 port, HDMI port, and charging port. Altogether, you have a wide range of ports and can easily connect to other devices.

Dell Alienware M15 supports WiFi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 and can provide a stable connection.

Keyboard & Trackpad

The keyboard is of the same quality as R6 but gives you a great feel. You’ll love using the keyboard while gaming and for your daily task. If you have a typing job, it’ll surely make your task effortless.

The trackpad is smaller than other models, and you’ll not face any problems with it. Moreover, it’ll be easier for you to use it once you get used to it.


The battery is another important factor you should consider before buying any laptop.

Dell Alienware M15 has a 6-cell 86Wh battery that powers all your tasks. While performing basic tasks like video streaming, typing, etc., you’ll get a battery life of 4 hours. So, you can imagine how much battery life you’ll get while gaming. Although this data isn’t impressive, few windows gaming laptops provide a good battery backup.

With this laptop, you’ll get a 240W charger that can charge fully in about 1 and a half hours. So, it’ll be better for you to always carry the adapter with you.


Now, the most important thing about a gaming laptop is performance. M15 is designed as a gaming laptop to touch high temperatures.

But it has a few fans pre-installed that try to regulate the temperature. If you game for a longer period, the fan sound will become noisy. However, they can keep the temperature below the limit and prevent it from overheating.

You also have the option to navigate to the Dell Command Centre and turn on the fans in quiet mode.

Should You Buy Dell Alienware M15 R7?

If we talk about its overall features, it’ll be a good choice as a gaming laptop with a unique design and RGB lightning.

But the battery backup issue can be a concern for you as it won’t last long if you play games or even do basic tasks. You’ll need to carry the 240W adapter always with you.

You can smoothly run all the games like Valorant, Fortnite, etc., and also with great FPS to help you in competitive gaming.

The fans can be too noisy sometimes, but they do their job perfectly and prevent overheating your laptop.

The price can be a concern as it’s pretty much higher than its competitor and keeping the features in mind.

So, the choice is subjective and depends on what you expect from a gaming laptop and your needs.


So, this was a detailed analysis of Dell Alienware M15 R7. Hopefully, you find this post helpful and decide whether to purchase it. If you still have questions regarding this laptop, feel free to drop your queries in the comments below.


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