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How to Delete Lock Screen Wallpaper on iPhone


Quick Overview
  • iOS 17 introduces customizable lock screens, enhanced Messages, and AI capabilities, with bug-free performance.
  • Users can now disable the lock screen wallpaper on iOS 17 and learn how to delete wallpapers with easy steps.
  • To customize the lock screen on iOS 17, users can add new wallpapers, change fonts/colors, add widgets, and declutter screen designs.

The iOS 17 beta has finally been released after several months of beta testing in anticipation of the iPhone 14 line. After testing the final version of the software, I’ve noticed a variety of improvements, including customizable lock screens, enhanced Messages, and AI capabilities.

Moreover, it’s bug-free. However, talking about the most prominent feature, the new lock screen wallpaper of iOS 17, is something that looks promising. You can change the lock screen wallpaper as per your liking, including the clock font change. But, as we know about the iPhone’s battery life, it may not be liked by users.

Therefore, there are a number of users who want to disable the lock wallpaper on iOS 17. But don’t know how to do it. That’s why we are here. This post will teach you how to delete Wallpaper on iOS 17. But, before we start with our steps, let’s first talk about the new personalized lock screen of iOS 17.

How To Delete Lock Screen Wallpaper on iOS 16

Personalized Lock Screen Wallpapers of iOS 17

There was not much else on the lock screen other than a clock. The clock is different now, but let’s begin with what’s still the same. There is now a space for widgets and thicker font, and you can even choose the color of the text.

Several font styles and colors are available to customize the new default font, so you might not like how it looks. A lock screen can be configured with photos, filter styles, and shuffled image selections, which is nothing new.

It is also possible to create a multilayered photo effect with the photograph’s subject appearing ahead of time if it was taken in Portrait mode. Despite its new look, the lock screen still retains some classic features.

Both the flashlight and camera shortcuts are still available to tap, and signal strength and battery indicators (now with percentages) remain visible. Interestingly, the battery indicator only displays the degree of charge in the battery when it is under 20 percent, which makes no sense if the battery is 50 percent full.

How To Delete Lock Screen Wallpaper on iOS 17

In iOS 17, one of the most impressive features is the ability to create multiple lock screens and use widgets on them. The iOS 17 developer beta has been tested since it was released, and many users have created dozens of lock screens for the iPhone. It’s time to delete most of these lock screens. This is because keeping too many lock screens is a hassle. So, let’s check out the steps to know how to delete Wallpaper on iOS 17:

  1. To begin with, deleting the lock screen in iOS 17, you must unlock your iPhone and press and hold the lock screen to go to the edit mode. 
  2. Afterward, swipe up while you are on the lock screen, similar to what you do while clearing apps in the app switcher. How To Delete Lock Screen Wallpaper on iOS 16
  3. Then, hit the Trash icon and select the Delete This Wallpaper option to delete the lock screen. How To Delete Lock Screen Wallpaper on iOS 16

How to Customize Your iPhone’s Lock Screen in iPhone

So, we have already mentioned how to delete Wallpaper on iOS 17; therefore, now let’s check out how to customize your iPhone’s lock screen in iOS 17. So, if you still don’t know, check out the steps:

  1. Initially, open the Settings and tap on Wallpaper
  2. After that, hit Add New Wallpaper. How to Customize Your iPhone's Lock Screen in iOS 16
  3. Then, select a wallpaper to set as the background of your lock screen. A selection of featured designs will appear on iOS, and photos from your library will be suggested. Additionally, you can choose a Photo Shuffle wallpaper that changes dynamically as the day progresses. 
  4. You can then change the color and font of the date and time by tapping the clock. There are eight different font options and a rainbow of colors available. How to Customize Your iPhone's Lock Screen in iOS 16
  5. If you wish to add more widgets, tap the square area just below the clock. You can only choose from Apple’s built-in apps, which include the clock, the batteries, the calendar, the news, the stocks, and the weather. Depending on how big the widgets are, there is enough room for four small widgets or two large widgets. The sizes of your home screen can also be mixed and matched. 
  6. Click Done in the upper right corner of the screen when you’re satisfied with your design. To reset everything, tap Cancel in the upper left corner. 

That’s how you can easily customize your iPhone lock screen with the new iOS 17 Update. 

From Author’s Desk

It’s easy to customize the lock screen on iOS 17. The downside to more customization options is that they create more clutter. The lock screens you create can be easily deleted so your collection doesn’t get cluttered with unnecessary styles. So, that’s how to delete Wallpaper on iOS 17. We hope that you find this guide helpful. But, if you have any doubt regarding this topic, you can comment below and let our team know.


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