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Top 10 Awesome Interesting Websites When Bored 2024


Ah! Welcome. Feeling Bored? Don’t have anything creative to do? Relax! No need to go anywhere. Seriously I am not going to make you bore right here. So Let’s have a quick look at this astonishing article that is purely based on “Best Cool Interesting Websites to Kill your Time while learning new things as well”.

cool and interesting websites of 2017
cool and interesting websites

This is the era of the virtual world. The Internet is all over the world, and access to the internet has become the basic right of humans. The Internet can help you do everything ranging from learning nuclear science to helping you in killing your leisure time.

What comes to our your mind when you hear word ‘Internet’? Thousands of things, Like Movies, Games, Social Networking, YouTube, etc. But, Many of us start hating to do all such stuff that is just useless and does not even help us to kill our boredom? Right. In That case, Cool and Interesting Websites come to play. These websites not even kill your time but also help you to teach many amazing things.

There are a lot many useful sites which you can refer to expand your knowledge and also, there are sites using which you can spend your time effectively. (Not only to Waste your time but helps you to learn many new things)

However, the time spending websites are not known much to the people. Hence we are here with the list of best sites on which you can spend your time. You might even enjoy some best cool websites a lot since they are very interesting.

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Cool and Interesting Websites 2024

So let’s know which are these cool and interesting websites of 2024 and what they have to provide you with.

#1 Bored Panda 

Just as the name suggests, if you feel like a bored panda then this is one of the best time killing websites for you. This website is basically a blog which gets updated on a regular basis and provides you with travel, photography, illustration, animals, DIY, technology, design and many other categories. You must check this website to know more about it.

#2 TED

TED is an organization that brings together the world’s most captivating thinkers and practitioners, who are asked to give the talk of their lives in about 18 minutes and it is recorded. You can watch these talks on this website easily while lying in your bed, doing nothing, just listening.

#3 Unplug The TV

Videos on UnplugtheTV can either be very informational or totally useless. However, if you are looking forward to spending a lot of time without you knowing about it then YouTube is your destination. Here, you can watch stand-up comedy, vines, spoofs, etc.

#4 College Humor

This is another website totally dedicated to humor. Here, you will find all the humorous articles, videos, and photos which will be somehow related to your life events. You can go on and on while reading and watching the content available here.

#5 Giphy

GIFs are those images without sound that move only for a few seconds and then start all over again. If you love watching those GIFs then, you must use Giphy. Giphy is the Internet’s search engine for GIFs of your choice.

#6 BuzzFeed

This is one such website which has viral, newsworthy and even pointless stories. You can choose a particular category and start going through the stories which seem to be as interesting as to keep you busy for quite a long time. BuzzFeed’s website has large content to read.

#7 Engrish

This unique website brings you photos from all over the world of signs or product packaging that get confusing with spelling and grammatical mistakes. They might even just convey an entirely different message due to translation errors and extreme unfamiliarity with the English language.

#8 OMG Facts

Just as the name suggests, you will find all the interesting and never heard facts. You will get to know about stories behind the happenings in the world. These stories will keep your mind occupied for a good amount of time. interesting websites for adults 2017

#9 Mental Floss

This website is much similar to the previous website. Even here, you will be introduced to stories which are not known to many people in the world. Using this website is something like knowing what not many other periods know.

#10 Oddee

This is a kind of website where you will find odd, bizarre and strange things in the world. The content of this website is unique, but the format is much similar to that of BuzzFeed.

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Wrap Up: These were some of the best cool and interesting websites of 2023 that we could find for you on which you can spend your time. If there are other such ensures which should have been added up to the list then please let us know about them in the comments section below.

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