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How to Check GPU Temperature in Windows 11


There are tools available to check the GPU Temperature in Windows 11. I monitor the Windows 11 PC temperature from time to time and you can identify the overheating internal components. Many average users don’t know that overheating components degrade faster and don’t perform at maximum capacity. We hear the laptop users complaining about the slowing Windows machine and lack of performance over time. Yes, it’s the result of degrading hardware and you have to find a way to dissipate the heat.

Why Do You Check GPU Temperature in Windows 11?

I had several computers in the past and I started with Pentium 4 (2001) processor then I moved to Pentium Dual-Core E2180. I started with Windows XP that was released on 25 October 2001 and I’m on Windows 11 edition. The world of software has come a long way and many ignore the hardware limitations.

The technology has evolved but it didn’t solve the overheating components problem. Of course, we have laptops and desktops in smaller cases, but the manufacturers have launched a liquid cooling system and not a processor that doesn’t require a cooling solution.

You can name any multi-billion-dollar manufacturer in the segment and they don’t have a solution. There are many micro semiconductor companies in the world and none of them have a processor that doesn’t need a cooling system.

  1. The computer hardware degrades faster.
  2. The system slows down in a few minutes.
  3. The internal components fail faster.
  4. The software begins to crash multiple times when the internal components are not cooled off.

Check GPU Temperature in Windows 11/10

I recommend every Windows user monitor the desktop/laptop temps once a month. I will show you how you can check the GPU temperature in Windows 11 machine. I own a gaming machine with a dedicated graphics card and a laptop running on the integrated graphics card, so make sure to read the entire tutorial because the results are slightly different on two different hardware.

Check GPU Temperature from Task Manager

The last edition of Windows 10 brought an interesting feature that allows the users to monitor the temps in the Task Manager. You don’t have to rely on the third-party programs and find out the current temp in the system itself.

  • Press Windows Key and X altogether.
  • Select “Task Manager” from the menu.

Check GPU Temperature in Windows 11/10

  • Click on “Performance” located in the main menu.

Check GPU Temperature in Windows 11/10

Desktop with dedicated RX 570 Graphics Card:

  • Select “GPU 0” located at the bottom and it has the temperature written on it.

Check GPU Temperature in Windows 11/10

The dedicated RX 570 graphics card temp is 38° in the machine.

Laptop with integrated Intel UHD Graphics:

  • I have shared a screenshot of the integrated Intel UHD graphics temp but it’s not visible.

Check GPU Temperature in Windows 11/10

The theory doesn’t change in the task manager because the integrated GPU is located in the processor itself. You can follow this tutorial if you have a dedicated graphics card in the machine.

Check GPU Temperature from HWMonitor

Allow me to introduce you to the primary solution that I use to check the temp of GPU, GPU, storage, and motherboard.

Note: We are not sponsored or affiliated with HWMonitor and I’m a legit user for many years.

  • Download and install HWMonitor.
  • Open the HWMonitor from the search bar.

Check GPU Temperature in Windows 11/10

Desktop with dedicated RX 570 Graphics Card:

  • The RX 570 dedicated GPU temperature is 39° on the desktop.

Check GPU Temperature in Windows 11/10 - itechhacks

Laptop with integrated Intel UHD Graphics:

  • I have shown you the snapshot of the integrated GPU below.

Check GPU Temperature in Windows 11/10

The integrated GPU temps are not shown separately because it is located within the processor. The processor temperature is the GPU temp and it applies to macOS and Linux OS as well. I told you to read the entire tutorial, and that’s why I asked you to read the entire tutorial.

Check GPU Temperature from UEFI BIOS

All Windows 11 machines support UEFI BIOS and that’s what we are going to use to find out system temperature. It’s going to be a lengthy process, but you can reach the end goal if you follow my lead. BIOS is an important part of a computer and you shouldn’t mess around if you don’t know what you are doing. I suggest novice users stay away from it because one wrong setting can stop the machine from working.

Most Common BIOS Key: DEL, ESC, F1 F2, F12, etc.

You should search for the BIOS key online and I will show you an example below.

For assembled desktop users: “MSI motherboard BIOS key”.

Check GPU Temperature in Windows 11/10

For laptop users: “MSI laptop BIOS key”.

That’s how I found out about my assembled desktop boot menu key and BIOS key.

  1. Restart Windows PC.
  2. Press the boot menu key before the system boots up.
  3. The BIOS shows up on the screen.

Follow the next tutorial, if you couldn’t find the BIOS key and I will show you how to use Windows recovery mode to access UEFI BIOS.

Step 1: Restart Windows while holding the “Shift” key.

Step 2: Windows will shut down and it will boot up with “Please Wait” or it could say anything else.

Step 3: Click on the “Troubleshoot” option.


Step 4: Select “Advanced options” to continue.


Step 5: Choose “UEFI Firmware Settings” to redirect into the motherboard BIOS section.


Step 6: Click on the “Restart” button or press the “Enter” key.

UEFI Firmware

Step 7: Select “Advanced” from the top menu.

Check GPU Temperature in Windows 11/10

Note: This is MSI motherboard BIOS and the interface may look different in your case.

Step 8: Click on the “Hardware Monitor” option.

Check GPU Temperature in Windows 11/10

Note: You should look for words like “Monitor” or “Temperature” in the BIOS menu.

Step 9: Now, you can view the internal components temps.

Check GPU Temperature in Windows 11/10

You have to scroll down and find out the accurate temps in the BIOS menu.



I have shown you three ways to check GPU temperature in Windows 11. I have shown you the difference between dedicated GPU & integrated GPU stats, so there is no confusion here. HWMonitor is my go-to program to monitor the machine temps and it is available for free of cost. Let us know what is your GPU temp in the comment section below.

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