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Top 20 Best Selfie Apps for Android, iOS (2024)


Key Takeaways
  • Selfies have replaced traditional photo-taking methods, and smartphone cameras with front-facing features have made the trend popular.
  • Top selfie apps like Facetune, Retrica, and B612 offer features like filters, makeup effects, and beautifying tools for enhancing selfies.
  • Selfie apps like Perfect365, Cymera, and Candy Camera provide various features for editing and improving selfie quality, making them a must-have for selfie enthusiasts.

Best Selfie Apps: Selfies have surely taken over the traditional ways of clicking photos. There were times when a camera was required to click photos and then the photos needed to be developed from the camera’s film. But, after selfies became a trend, clicking photos turned out to be old-fashioned. Try these 20+ Best Selfie apps for taking great selfies and edit them by these apps.

This trend was possible only because of the better camera qualities on the smartphones and also due to the front face camera available in these smartphones which lets you click selfies. People now check the quality of the camera in a smartphone before buying it! Selfies are the longest trend ever to happen. It’s been quite a time since this trend has driven people crazy.

Top 20 Best Selfie Apps for Android & iOS 2017

Wherever you go, you will find one or another person clicking a selfie. Even you yourself will surely pull out your smartphone to click a selfie with anything amusing you spot or if you meet some important person! Many well-known smartphone manufacturing companies have launched smartphones dedicated to click selfies with much more clarity, better flash, etc.

After you have selected a good smartphone with good camera quality, you will now have to select a good selfie app that will enhance the quality of your photos and even provide you with hundreds of features such as filters, add smileys 🙂 , etc for the customization of your selfies. So here is a list of the best selfie apps which you can get on both, Android and iOS.

Best Selfie-Taking Apps For Android 2024

#1 Facetune

This is a paid app for both Android and iOS users. But, it provides every reason for it to be a paid app! You can quickly give a touch-up to your selfies by whitening your teeth, refining your jawline, removing red-eye, and much more. You can also make use of the in-app makeup to apply lipstick, eyeshadow, etc to beautify your appearance in your photo. You can also focus on yourself by blurring out the background. best selfie apps

#2 Retrica | Best Selfie App

This app is one of the most famous and cool selfie apps for Android and iOS users. It has more than 100 filters which include real-time filters, retro etc. It has its unique stamp which you can use to decorate your photo. You can also create a collage using its collage feature. Also, its built-in time grant allows users to click photos in different poses.

#3 B612 | Take, Play, Share

Even this is the favorite app of people who love to take selfies. It has a unique set of features which include over 100 beauty filters and over 200 animated stickers ready to be used. Also, you can create short video clips of 3 – 6 seconds with sound.

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#4 PIP Camera

The fascinating feature of this app is that you can depict your face inside a number if objects such as a bubble, a glass bottle, etc. The full Droste effect is another feature that enhances your photo.

#5 Selfie Cam

This app is inspired by Snapchat. You can decorate your photos with animations, stickers, etc. You can click photos in this app only by smiling at the camera if your device has a face detection feature. The built-in timer allows you to click pictures in a good posture.

#6 YouCam Perfect

This is the best app as you can customize your photo with the help of its features such as collages, stickers, cut-outs etc. Some of the features include skin tone, slim face, smooth wrinkles, etc. This app delivers a high performance!

#7 Candy Camera

Once again, it is among the most used apps by people. Even here, real-time effects, along with more than 100 filters is available. You can enhance your beauty by the app’s makeup kit, blemish removal, etc. You are also provided with stickers on every occasion.

#8 Cymera

This is an all-in-one editor app. It has over 130 filters. It provides with 7 different camera lens real beautifying system which includes face recognition, natural and real makeup feature, skin correction and many more stunning features.

#9 Perfect365

The key feature of this app is not the different effects it provides but, the slider that allows you to adjust the intensity of the effect. It is also armed with a various mixture of celebrity-inspired templates and over 20 different tools which help in beautifying your selfie. If you wish to try a new set if eyelashes, the slider will prevent you from looking too much hairy.

Best Selfie Editing Apps (Free) 

#10 Frontback Social photos

This app lets you take two photos at the same time- one of what you are seeing and another of yourself. Both the images are merged into a single photo. The latest update has added some filter tools and an NSFW (Not Safe For Work) mark which lets you mark a photo as ‘not safe for work‘ if you think what you are posting is not for everyone.

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#11 Beauty Plus Magic Selfie Camera

Among all selfie apps, This is one of the best selfie apps that we recommend to take a selfie on your android as well as the iOS device. This app will enhance the beauty instantly while taking the selfie by giving the natural effect to the pictures that you capture through it. This app is basically built for Android Devices.

#12 Bright Camera | Best Selfie Camera App for Facebook

This app is one of the Most popular selfie apps. The Bright Camera app lets you take awesome selfies and make it even better. The app also has features to let you share your pictures instantly on all social networks.

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#13 oSnap

This app is not good for photo editing. and it’s also not packed with a lot of features but it’s great for one thing, that’s taking selfies. As we know that Cameras in iOS Devices are just Awesome. So this app is the best fit for your iPhone devices to take selfies.oSnap app lets you swipe from top to bottom to switch between the rear and front-facing cameras. The app also lets you take pictures by tapping anywhere on the display.

#14 FotoRus

This is one of the Best Android Selfie App. This app lets you help in taking the best selfies without any issues like low light, moonlight, etc. This app is just fantastic packed with lots of features like Great filter effects, Add Text to photos, and Social shares. Must use this app for taking Best Selfie by Android

#15 BestMe Selfie Camera

This Selfie app is specially designed for editing selfie images. With 4.5 Rating on Google Plays Store. They offer exactly 130+ Real-time filters. You can also create a real-time collage too with the help of this app. Must try app if you love to click selfies on your phone. BestMeselfie Camera is among best top selfie apps on play store with great features like Blur effect, HDR effects and Much more.

#16 Picr

This app is Available Free on iOS Store (iTunes). Picr is a great picture-taking app, which can surprise you in the right way. The app asks you to take a picture every day and creates a unique personal movie for you based on your photos

#17 Camera ZOOM FX Premium

Camera Zoom FX is one of the great apps for Android having a 4 Stars Rating of over 85K+ Active Users of this app. This app provides great features like stable shoot, beauty enhance, excellent filters, and lots more that you will come to know after installing this app on your Android device.

#18 CamMe

CamMe is unarguably the most popular iOS selfie-taking app so far . The app brings a lot of features, which should let you take that perfect selfie you are looking for.

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#19 Afterlight | Best Selfie Editing Apps for Android, iOS

Afterlight is also the best Selfie app. Afterlight is all-time popular for iOS. Ans Now is available on Android as well. You can edit your selfies using brilliant filters, textures, and frames. Must try this selfie app on. But this is a Paid App but worth paying for this.

#20 Snapseed

The Last Selfie app on this segment of “Best Selfie Editing Apps” is ‘Snapseed‘. And this one is one of the most popular apps for Selfie and photo editing. Snapseed will make your looks stunning with filters and the effects it has. You can edit your selfies like a pro with Snapseed.

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Wrap Up:

So these were some of the Top 20 best selfie apps that can help you to tweak your photos and make them beautiful. These apps are available for both Android and iOS users. Go check out these apps and know which one suits you the best!

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