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Top 5 Best PC Repair Tools For Windows Free Download in 2024


Absolutely no one loves a slow PC and in 2024, the norms are getting more and more stringent towards slower PC. When Windows 11 came out, it completely eradicated the market for slow PCs with the introduction of a minimum of 8 GB of RAM. Supposedly, when Windows 12 comes out, this requirement might be hiked to 16 GB of RAM. While we are not sure about that, we are pretty sure that if you are running a slow PC, you might want to speed it up with the help of the best PC repair software in 2024.

Top 5 Best PC Repair Tools For Windows Free Download in 2024

5 Best PC Repair Tools for Windows 7, 10, 11

With the best PC repair software in 2024, you are sure to stay protected and keep your PC healthy during those long work hours. If you are a gamer, gone will be those days you will be trying to fix unnecessary DirectX or other Runtime files. This is because, the best PC repair software will take care of everything. With that being said, here we present the best 5 PC repair software in 2024:

1. OutByte – The Overall Best PC Repair Software in 2024

Best PC Repair Software

OutByte is the best PC repair software in 2024, period. As of now, OutByte is available in avatars, and all of them offer services they are made for. For users experiencing a slow PC, they have to use OutByte PC Repair. This will simply fix all the ongoing problems on their PCs and make your PC fast.

The next is OutByte AVarmour. This serves as the basis of the security and privacy of your computer. If you are on the internet 24/7 consider getting the OutByte AVarmour as well to stay safe against frauds, scams, and ransomware attacks. Best of all, OutByte AVarmour is better than Windows Defender or MalwareBytes.

The last and the most demanded one is the OutByte Driver Updater. As PC owners, you will be facing the most problems with Device Drivers. And you won’t know the problem is because of the Drivers because Windows won’t tell you. As a result, you will keep searching on Google for your problem and land up anywhere. So, if you don’t want that to happen, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and almost 80% of your problems will be fixed.

With all three installed on your device, 100% of your issues will vanish and you will enjoy a happy PC life and great productivity for all the time you spend in front of your PC.

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2. CCleaner Free – Keeps PC Memory Uncluttered

Best PC Repair Software

CCleaner is another great software if you don’t wish to spend money. However, the levels of customization, protections, or features are far too less than OutByte. You will only be able to Optimize your PC for all the Junk Files. Unfortunately, if the Junk Files are located in the C Drive, CCleaner won’t be able to handle or remove that. In that case, you will have to locate the folder and delete them yourself.

All in all, CCleaner is a worthy option if you are not so of a power user and use your PC only for Office needs such as editing documents are making presentations. This is because, it can neither protect your PC or it can speed it up. For all that purpose, you will have to settle with OutByte.

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3. Avira – Good Antivirus and Occasional PC Repair

Best PC Repair Software

Avira provides an advanced diagnostics tool that offers detailed insights into your computer’s performance. During the test, we liked the ability to track improvements in various areas after Avira’s cleanup process. The cleanup tools efficiently identified and remove diverse types of junk files and redundant data.

The user interface of Avira is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easier for users of all levels. The software’s design ensures easy access to key functionalities without overwhelming technical jargon. We particularly liked the option to customize the frequency of scans. Although OutByte may be slightly easier to navigate, Avira’s interface remains user-friendly.

What caught my attention our Avira’s offering of a free plan, which includes real-time malware protection and basic optimization tools. However, we are not sure why, but if you really don’t want to consider OutByte and go with Avira, the prime plan costs around $30, which is expensive considering the features it offers in comparison to OutByte.

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4. AVG – Average Tool to Keep PC in Good Condition

Best PC Repair Software

If you regularly use Google to find solutions to your ongoing PC problems, you might have surely come across this name. AVG is extremely popular among the people mainly living in Europe because it is a European company. While the origin of the company doesn’t matter, it certainly matters how it is priced.

At the time of writing, AVG costs $28, a one-time fee for a lifetime. However, this will simply not work if you purchase a new PC and attempt to put the license key there. In this regard, the customer support of AVG is not that great, with a very slow response time. We found that OutByte is better even with customer support.

Talking of the features, you get almost every feature you would ever need from a PC Repair Toolkit. If you mess up something with the registry editor, you also have the option to repair registry settings. This is because the name itself says AVG. Moreover, just like CCleaner, you also get an option to optimize your storage, and that promises to make your PC faster.


5. KasperSky – Better But Complicated than All

Best PC Repair Software

A lot of people might also be familiar with KasperSky because it used to be one of the top antivirus programs but 10 years back. However, with so many advanced players entering the market, KasperSky lost its fair share. Nevertheless, Kaspersky is back again with more power, and this time, they have a comprehensive suite of PC repair tools.

Whether it be simple PC repair Tools to speed up your PC or advanced registry editor tools that can fix ongoing BSODs, KasperSky has all. We would have said Kaspersky is better than OutByte, but for only two things, it missed the mark.

First is the pricing. KasperSky is priced high when compared to Outbyte. In this competitive market, pricing is the key, and if some service is available at a lower price, people will genuinely shift towards that.

The next is the ability to uninstall. Some people who are concerned about Privacy and Security might feel that you are not the owner of your PC, but Kaspersky is. You even lose the ability to uninstall Kaspersky once it is on your PC. However, with certain difficulties, you can do that, but this is certainly not acceptable.

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