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5 Benefits of Using a Smartphone as a Barcode Scanner


Do you operate a business in which barcode scanning is part of the daily operations? The majority of businesses out there probably fit into this category, and as such, they can likely benefit from today’s technology and advancements. If you’re still using the old-style handheld barcode scanners that are bulky and cumbersome, it’s time to embrace the future. Using a smartphone as a barcode scanner has become an excellent option for many businesses for a variety of reasons.

Here are five benefits of using a smartphone as a barcode scanner, which may be enough to convince you to embrace this technology.

Scan Multiple Codes at Once

Have you ever looked at the inventory process and thought about how time-consuming it is to scan each barcode? It can be a huge draw on people power and resources. When you use a mobile device as a barcode scanner you can scan multiple codes at once. Think about how many barcodes could potentially fit on the screen at one time – this can be a massive time saver.

Speed Is a Huge Advantage

Barcode scanning on a smartphone often ends up being much faster than the traditional handheld scanner, which can be seen as another advantage. This is especially true if you’ve got a lot of items to be scanned.

You Always Have Your Smartphone Handy

What’s the one thing that people tend to have on them at all times? Just about everyone has a smartphone nowadays and no matter what they are doing or where they are, chances are the phone is within reach. Businesses can use this to their advantage.

There’s No Need to Worry About a Lack of Scanners

This ties into the next point which is that you’ll no longer have to worry about a lack of scanners. When you have a limited number of scanners available to employees to use, it can slow down the process and cause a lot of frustration. Giving people the option to use a smartphone as a barcode scanner means no one has to wait around for a device to become available.

If your business already provides company smartphones to employees, then it makes even more sense to use them instead. You’re already paying for the devices, so why not harness every bit of productivity the smartphone has to offer?

Make Use of Barcode Scanner Software

Using a smartphone as a barcode scanner means you can also take advantage of the very impressive and multi-functional barcode scanner software now available. The software is capable of all kinds of tasks and is compatible with your IT environment, meaning it will have no problem integrating with the software already in use by the business. This software is also compatible with all mobile devices, so you don’t have to feel limited.


However, rather than just read about all the benefits, why not check out some of the cutting-edge technology and give barcode scanning a shot with your smartphone?

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