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How to Activate First Phase Card 2024: Steps on firstphasecard.com


Key Takeaways
  • The First Phase card is a credit card issued by the Bank of Missouri, requiring an active bank account for application, making it ideal for individuals with no credit history.
  • To activate a new First Phase card, visit firstphasecard.com to follow specific steps, such as logging in, registering, and providing necessary details.
  • To activate the card PIN, follow instructions in the documentation received, including setting a 4-digit PIN at a Bank of Missouri ATM for immediate usage.

The First Phase card is a credit card. It is similar to other credit cards available in the market but with more features and freedom. The First Phase card is a boon for people with a bad credit history or someone who is out in the market for their first card. This is because, at the time of application, there’s no need for credit history. Nevertheless, if you have recently got your First Phase Card, here’s our guide to firstphasecard.com activate the card.

Note: However, it is important to note that the official website states that as of June 1, 2023, all First Phase accounts were closed, and they are not accepting new applications. This means that the activation of new cards is no longer possible.

What is the First Phase Card?

The First Phase Card is a credit card issued by the Bank of Missouri. Although the card is issued by the Bank of Missouri, you need an already active bank account to get it. However, when you apply for the First Phase Card, you will have to visit the bank and open an account so that the amount can be debited during the due date.

However, if you get the First Phase Card, make sure that you follow the exact steps to activate it and not anything else. There are scammers all around who are looking for people to scam.

Here is the informational table summarizing the details on how to activate a First Phase card, along with the current status of the service:

Information Category Details
Official Website  www.FirstPhaseCard.com.
Previous Activation Methods
  • Following the directions on the card activation sticker on the new First Phase credit card.
  • Calling 877-726-5055 for activation.
  • Logging in to the First Phase card activation page, inputting card login details, selecting Customer Service from the menu bar, and then selecting Self Service for activation.
Contact for Further Assistance For any account or account setup questions, contact via email through the official website. Please include your name and account number if you have one.

What is Firstphasecard.com?

Firstphasecard.com is the official URL of the First Phase Card website. If you happen to own one, you need to go to this website in order to activate it for the first time. The process is easier, but it can also be accomplished by contacting customer service.

You will need a proper internet connection before you can activate your card. You also need your registered phone number so that the code sent to your number can be typed into the website. When you are ready, you can begin with the activation process in the next section.

How Do I Activate My Old First Phase Card?

If you wish to activate your First Phase card at firstphasecard.com, you would be happy to know that it is an easy process. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Turn on your PC and connect to a stable internet connection. You can also use your hotspot. But don’t use a phone, as it will only complicate the process.
  2. Now, open your browser and go firstphasecard.com.
  3. Now, click on Log In from the top-right corner.
  4. As soon as you click on Log In, you will be redirected to myccpay.com.
  5. Click on Register Now.
  6. Now, open your Documentation Booklet.
  7. Enter the details as asked on the screen.
  8. Click on Register, and that’s it.

Once all the processes are complete, you will receive a call from the First Phase Card customer service team. They will verify the details provided by you to check everything. After around 3 hours, your card will be ready to use.

How to Activate PIN on First Phase Card?

Now that your card is activated, you can go and activate your PIN for usage. In the case of the First Phase Card, the PIN is sent from the main head office of the Bank of Missouri. So, the PIN is contained in the documentation you received. This means you have to activate the card by hand and not online. For this purpose, follow these steps:

  1. Open the documentation booklet.
  2. You will find a document named PIN.
  3. Scratch that document and memorise the 4-digit PIN.
  4. Go to a nearby Bank of Missouri ATM and scan your card.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions and set your new PIN.

That’s it. Now, your PIN is activated, and your First Phase Card is also activated at the same time. With both of these are combined, your Firstphasecard.com credit card is activated for use at any Visa-authorized store.

What If the First Phase Card is Not Activating?

If you are having problems activating your first phase card, the first thing you need to do is contact customer care right away. Remember, don’t trust the numbers you find on Google because many scammers are waiting for Credit Card users to steal their information and later steal their money. Always be careful.

The official customer care number of the First Phase Card is 1-877-726-5055. If you are having trouble calling this number or don’t get any resolution, your next attempt should be to contact them via email. Their official email is customerservice@firstphasecard.com

Since email is documented proof, they will have no option but to help you activate and set up your First Phase Card. The last option you have is to visit the bank branch’s service desk. They will always be there to help you.

The Bottom Line | First Phase Card Activation

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can activate the First Phase Card at firstphasecard.com. We hope this guide has helped you. If you still have any doubts or queries, make sure to comment below so that we can help you.



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