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Wentworth Season 10 Release, Download, How to Stream


Each “Wentworth” fan expects another season of this fantastic TV series. A total of eight seasons with twenty episodes has been released. However, people are still waiting for season 10. The series was released in two parts, where the first part was released on 24th August 2020, and the second part was released on 26th October in the current year. Let us first talk about the main plot and cast of the series.

The series “Wentworth” by Lara Radulovich is a series that is based on prisoners’ life and is inspired by Reg Watson’s original. The series stars Bea Smith’s life in confinement. The outstanding performance of all the characters made the audience very excited for another season to come. With each season, the story got more exciting. The series got addictive, which made the audience urge for another season. 

Wentworth Season 10 Plot

The series has eight seasons, but in Netflix US, you will find there are nine seasons in total. The first ten episodes are included in eight seasons, and the latter ten are included in the ninth season. In this way, it’s divided into two parts. The division of the series is indeed very confusing. Still, the series is the only thing you should focus on as it’s a very emotional and heart-touching one. The creator and the series cast confirmed that there would be no season 10 for “Wentworth.” Yeah, most fans were disappointed by this news, but it’s already established.

Wentworth Season 10 Release, Download, How to Stream

Wentworth Season 10 Release Date

The first part of the series was released on August 24, 2020, setting a record and receiving widespread acclaim. The first part of the series received positive reviews from critics. The second part of the prison drama series premiered on October 27th. It was the grand finale, and everyone in the audience was in tears.

Release Date: 2023

With emotional elements and heart-touching dialogues, the series urges for another season to come. Though the directors confirmed that there is still no plan for season 10 of “Wentworth,” if it comes, it may probably come in 2023. It is not announced officially, but only a prediction has been given to the audience.

Wentworth Season 10 Renewal

There is always an ending to a story, and that’s always unexpected. So is the case with the drama series “Wentworth.” With nine seasons, it is the longest-running series in Foxtel history. Though the ending was very satisfactory for all the audiences, they still expected another series season. Unfortunately, there will be no renewal of the series. The ninth season was the last one and the ending of the series. 

Wentworth Season 10 Release, Download, How to Stream

Download Wentworth Season 10

Wentworth” first premiered on Netflix US. Till now, it has not been streamed on Netflix India. The craze of the show outside the country made the people more excited to watch the series as soon as it is streamed on Netflix India. However, many of the audience couldn’t wait for that and watched it from VPN. You can also binge-watch the series on Foxtel Now or BINGE. 

All “Wentworth” fans are still hoping that they will get to see another season of the series. The series ended with a massive explosion inside the prison, and the closing episode was named ‘Legacy.’ If the series comes up with another season, then the directors have to think of some more deep stories that can be included in the season. If the show returns with season 10, it will focus on the pre-explosion stories.

From different websites, it has been found that there is a high probability of returning with a new season. Let us just hope for another one as that’s all that can be done by the audience now.


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