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Shall I Sell Samsung s10 to buy a New Samsung s20?


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  • Bottom line Whenever a new Samsung handset gets launched in the market, it is common for their fans to buy them by getting rid of their older ones.

When Galaxy S20 got launched, it came with features like 108-MP primary camera (ultra version), which caught everyone’s fancy. The Galaxy Z Flip, too, was much appreciated. These smartphones took the spotlight away from the other models of the brand. During the launch of the S20 series, Samsung has also announced a price cut of around £150 for the S10 models. The prices for these handsets have dropped further.

Shall I Sell Samsung s10 to buy a new Samsung s20?

Falling prices are usual when new flagships get released. The same is the case with Samsung. However, it happens without much noise. They no longer announce the price cuts publicly as they have adopted a new strategy when it comes to selling their latest models. It raises the question of whether you should sell Samsung Galaxy S10 and buy the S20? In this article, we explore the question of whether you should be selling old Samsung phones like S10 and buying S20.

Is S20 rightly priced?

The new S20 series comes with several impressive features, but the price tag is huge as well. It is thus not surprising why Samsung would want to direct the budget-conscious buyers towards discounted Galaxy S10 handsets. The starting price of the S20 is the same as what the cost when S10 Plus got launched. The advanced versions of S20 are further costly at about £200.

The price can be too much, even for consumers who regularly purchase high-end phones. The same is the case with Apple as the iPhone 11 is more popular than the Pro version, which is about £300 costlier. The S20 series is indeed for a specific target group that doesn’t care much about the pricing. However, for it to make an impact, the handset also needs to cover consumers that emphasize the value they get by spending their hard-earned money.

The S10 is indeed a smart handset that offers a good value. It is one of the reasons why the device continues to be among the best Android phones in recent times. The batter, camera, and processor are all excellent that deliver unmatched performance.

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What is the worth of S10

Here are some features of S10 that differentiate it from S20. If you decide to get rid of it, here is what you stand to lose or gain.

  • Camera

The S20 series boasts a powerful 108-MP main camera and a 48-MP telephoto lens. It offers 100x digital zoom and 10x lossless zoom capability. The additional features include a 12-MP ultra-wide-angle camera, 12-MP main lens, and 48-MP telephoto shooter. There is additional support for 3x optical zoom. So, if the camera is something you like to click the best pictures, S20 is the better option for S10. The features of S10 are nowhere close to S20.

  • 5G

The Galaxy S20 series comes with a standard 5G compatibility that will be helpful in the next year or so when the network becomes popular. The S10 series has Galaxy S10 5G, which can cost you almost what the S20 series costs. If 6G is not a concern, you can continue with your S10.

  • Refresh rate

The S20 series comes with OLED screens that offer 2x refresh rates as compared to the S10 series. A faster refresh rate is beneficial for better gaming and scrolling experience. However, you will have to scale down to full HD in S20 if you want to opt for the 120-Hz refresh rate.

  • Processor

The S20 comes with Snapdragon 865 as compared to the Snapdragon 855 chipset of S10. Advanced processors ensure you get a seamless experience of using your smartphone. However, the 655 is not bad as you can multitask and run multiple apps at ease.

  • Battery

The S10 comes with a 4,100 mAh battery. The S20, on the other hand, has a 4,000 mAh battery. The S20 Ultra has a 5,000 mAh battery. The differences here are not much, barring the Ultra version, which costs a lot more.

Bottom line

Whenever a new Samsung handset gets launched in the market, it is common for their fans to buy them by getting rid of their older ones. The same is the case with S10 and S20, which have a difference of a year in their release dates. Enjoying good popularity, S10 has been a winner as it offers excellent features in its price range. If you are not very budget-conscious, buying S20 will be a good choice. S10 will continue to remain a good option if you are happy with its features and performance.

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