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Sallie Mae login Guide: How To Login Sallie Mae Account?


Key Takeaways
  • Sallie Mae is a financial services provider known for student loans, established in 1973 and later turning its loan servicing to Navient Corporation in 2014.
  • To create a Sallie Mae account, visit the official website, click on "Log in", and then on "Create your loan account" to enter necessary information.
  • For logging into your Sallie Mae account, access the login page, enter your username and password, and click "Log in to loans" to access your account.

Have you ever found yourself puzzled about how to access your Sallie Mae account online? Worry not! This comprehensive guide is designed to walk you through the process of logging into your Sallie Mae account with ease. Whether you’re a student, a parent, or a borrower, understanding how to manage your account online is crucial in today’s digital world.

Sallie Mae login | How To Login Sallie Mae Account?
Sallie Mae login

Sallie Mae is originally known as the Student Loan Marketing Association, which provides with financial services. Since its establishment in the year 1973, it has been providing its consumers with student loans and once it had a deal to provide federal loans. However, in the year 2014, Sallie Mae turned its loan servicing operation to a separate entity which is known as Navient Corporation. Most of the college students must be knowing about this Sallie Mae.

Most of the information about Sallie Mae can be found out from its official website itself!

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How to Create a Sallie Mae Account?

Step 1- Go to Sallie Mae’s official website from HERE. You can make use of any web-browser on your device.

Step 2- Click on the ‘Log in‘ option located on the top-right corner of the page.

Step 3- From the drop-down box, click on ‘Create your loan account‘ which you will find under the field for entering the username and password for existing users.

Step 4- You will now be asked to enter a username and password for your convenience. Then, you need to provide with some profile information followed by some security hints in case you forget your username or password.

That’s it! Your Sallie Mae account will soon be created and you can log in to avail the services provided by it.

How to Login Sallie Mae Student Page?

Step 1- Click HERE to access Sallie Mae’s Login page.

Step 2- Now, click on the ‘Log in‘ option located on the top-right corner of the page.

Step 3- Enter your username and password correctly in the fields allocated in the drop-down box.

Step 4- Once entered, click on ‘Log in to loans‘ option just below the password field to access your Sallie Mae account.

Once your username and password are verified, you will be successfully logged into your Sallie Mae account. If you have forgotten your username/password, you can make use of ‘Forgot username?’ or ‘Forgot password?‘ option respectively.

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Quick Solutions and Answers:

Question 1: Can I pay my Sallie Mae Bank bill online from Android and iOS?

Answer: Yes, you can easily pay your Sallie Mae Bank bill using online payment portal on your Android as well as iOS Platform. All you need to do is Visit Sallie Mae Bank website and login into your account.

Question 2: Where do is pay Sallie Mae Bank bills?

Answer: Here’s the link to official website: www.salliemae.com.

Question 3: Where can I find help?

Answer: Customer support for Sallie Mae Bank, available at www.salliemae.com. Once you enter into your account, you can access contact forum from there, Or you can contact them at Sallie Mae Bank via phone 317-570-7397.

Question 4: Can I pay Sallie Mae Bank with a debit card?

Answer: Yes, you can.

Question 5: Do I want to take any action if Sallie Mae was not my federal loan service provider?

Answer: No

Question 6: Can I want to use a different phone number to reach Navient?

Answer: No

Question 7: Can I want to use a different mailing address for Navient?

Answer: No

Video Tutorial: Step-by-Step guide to login Sallie Mae


This is all you need to know about Sallie Mae login and how to create an account on it. We have also listed the method to log in to the Sallie Mae account. If you have any queries regarding Sallie Mae login or any other doubts related to this article, then feel free and please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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