The concept of buying and selling shares has been around since the Dutch East India Company first sold shares to the public at the start of the 17th century. A lot has changed in the world since those days, but is share trading still something that is worthwhile?Have Online Tools Made Share Trading a Good Option?

Economic problems and share price crashes have periodically dented confidence in this form of investing. Yet, if you look at it in detail you can see that this is still definitely a viable approach when trying to make your money grow. With online tools and apps available to simplify the whole process, now is a great time to look into share trading.

More accessibility than ever

In 2018 and beyond, buying and selling shares is easier to do than ever before. This is due to the fact that it’s possible to do it online and even on the go via mobile apps. As well as being more convenient, this could also be good news for the market in general as it opens it up for brand new investors who want to get involved.

Naturally, this method of investing is most popular with people who are technologically savvy and have access to the internet throughout the day. However, the emergence of trading platforms that anyone can use with confidence has allowed more people to invest online.

Platforms such as Saxo allow investors to buy stocks in over 19,000 companies in dozens of exchanges around the world. By using a platform that is easy to use, first-time share purchasers can get started off gently when they make their very first moves.

There’s always money to be made

Of course, the volatility of the stock market is a factor that has always been present. Investors have traditionally looked for the perfect moments to both buy and sell shares. This is something that will never change as it is key to making money in this way.
It should be remembered that there is money to be made during any type of market activity. Even when prices are falling, a tactic such as short-selling, as featured in the movie The Big Short, can lead to huge profits.

Basically, there’s always money to be made by people who are smart and move at the right time. Anyone who has good knowledge of the market or the patience to do some research can choose exactly when they think that prices are going to move in their favor. With the current level of online accessibility, it’s now easier than ever to track market activity.

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A variety of trading options

Perhaps it is the diversity of investment types around these days that causes people to think twice before buying shares. Is it simply the case that there are far more options than there used to be? Could it be that share trading is no longer the best choice?

It is true that options such as forex trading, cryptocurrency investing, initial coin offerings (ICOs) and peer-to-peer lending all offer alternatives. However, there is every reason to believe that trading shares will remain popular with investors for the foreseeable future.
There will continue to be new and innovative ways of investing available in the future, yet the timeless appeal of stock market investing will ensure that it remains a hugely popular way of trying to make money. Increasing levels of accessibility through online tools and apps have innovated this method of investment, so now may indeed be the best time to look into investing in stocks.