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Leaf Buds Truly Wireless Earphones REVIEW


Leaf Buds Truly Wireless Earphones: A while back Apple launched their first every truly wireless airpods. Once it was launched it got much positive attention and as usual, many other manufacturers come with their own model of truly wireless airpods. Although Apple’s airpod will work with Android devices, the experience isn’t good. The connectivity and the controls while using in Android is pathetic. That’s where the Samsung buds come into the play.

Leaf Buds Truly Wireless Earphones REVIEW (2019)
Leaf Buds Truly Wireless Earphones REVIEW

Samsung buds are fluid to use but the fit and comfort is not that much good when compared to Apple airpods. Also, both of them are quite expensive and we don’t blame them too.

After some months, there are many true wireless earphones available in the market. Most of them are just a rip off of Apple’s airpods and doesn’t function well.

There is some sort of vacuum in this truly wireless headphones spot. But there are some quite a few options available from which you can get the best true wireless experience on your Android Mobile without spending a lot of money.

In this article, we are going to look at the newly launched Leaf Buds truly wireless earphones which cost around ₹3000. Yes! true wireless headphones at this price. Here we are going deep into this wireless headphones and tell you guys what is good and what is not.

Leaf Buds Truly Wireless Earphones Review

First of all, let us look at what we got in the box. Opening the box we get some regular reading materials, extra ear tips, warranty card and the headphones with the charging case itself. The packing of the headphones looks decent.


Although it cost you only ₹2799, it won’t look like a cheap headphone like other airpods clones. It was a plastic build but the quality of the plastic used seems to be very premium. Also, the headphones come with IPX5 water resistant which is very impressive when compared its price. So there is no objection to using these earphones in your intense workout sessions.

The package itself contains some additions ear tips which you need to change according to your ear size. Ear wing also presents inside the box which is a good thing. After you select the correct ear tip for your ear, the fit of the headphone is perfect. It doesn’t feel like falling down when we are moving.

The earphones are also lightweight which helps to use it for longer sessions with comfort. It is one of the true wireless earphones which feels comfort while using for more hours.

Let us look at the peripherals of these earphones which is charging case. We will discuss the charging time and the standby time of the earphones later. Here look at how the charging case was made. Again the charging case is made out of plastic but looks quite steady. It can charge the earphones for more than 5 times. But it will be better if it comes with USB C instead of Micro USB. Also, if it comes with wireless charging it will be a no brainer. But you cannot expect these features at a budget truly wireless earphones. In the design side, this earphones did a great job, especially at this price point.


As I mentioned earlier, this leaf buds truly wireless earphones come with IPX5 water splash resistant. In the connectivity side, it comes with Bluetooth 5.0 which provide some reliable connectivity with very minimum latency. Seriously you can play any FPS game like Pubg using these headphones. Pairing process of these headphones is also very simple, you need to first pair the left side of the headphones and then the right headphones paired up automatically. Once you are connected with a device, from the next time the earphones will automatically be paired up. Seriously it has no connectivity issues like other Chinese clones.

Another great feature of this headphone is its, battery life. The company states that you can get 24 hours of playback time with the charging case. In our usage, it lasts around 3 hours easily. Do note our usage is only listening to music at 75% volume which is enough for this earphones. We will talk about the audio quality in a bit. In the battery department, they have done a decent job. The only thing we wish them to add is some sort of fast charging for the case. It takes almost 2 hours to fully charge.

Let us discuss the elephant in the room which is an audio quality of this earphones. If you are a bass lover, then this earphones will be a decent pick for you. At maximum volume, the vocals are distorted which is not a good thing. The audio quality is not balanced in many areas. We get some high peaks but not the vocals in many songs. Don’t get me wrong, unless and until you are a music nerd, you won’t going to notice these things. It is a great earphones for normal people for their day to day tasks.

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VERDICT: Leaf Buds Truly Wireless Earphones (Amazon)

There are not many options available for truly wireless earphones at this price. For this price, the features that leaf truly wireless earphones brings the table is excellent. It has a great build, good battery life and a decent audio output with dust and splash resistant all at a price for ₹2799. It was already a no brainer for all the features.

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If you are going to buy these earphones, the link is mentioned below, use this link it will help our site. Have any questions? Let us know in the comment section. Thanks a lot for reading. Cheers! 🙂

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