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The Leading Android Games of 2016 That You Must Download


Key Takeaways
  • Android smartphones offer a platform for entertainment with free games, unlike iOS devices.
  • Five top Android games of 2016 are recommended for download, including racing, action, strategy, and puzzle games.
  • Games like Asphalt 8, Clash of Clans, and Modern Combat 5 provide engaging gameplay experiences without costing anything to download.

The Leading Android Games of 2016 That You Must Download, Here is the guest post by LatestOne.com. They write all about deals but this one is a good article over Best Leading Android Games of 2016 that you must download easily from google play store.

The Leading Android Games of 2016 That You Must Download
The Leading Android Games of 2016 That You Must Download

The smartphones of this age are very useful devices. People use their high-tech phones mainly for communication, but these devices can also turn into a great platform for entertainment. You can listen music, watch videos and movies online and play some amazing games for free. Though, playing games on an iOS device would not be possible because Apple charges for everything. Android is different and it offers everything for free.

Best Leading Android Games of 2016 

The Leading Android Games of 2016 That You Must DownloadThe Leading Android Games of 2016 That You Must Download
The Leading Android Games of 2016 That You Must Download

You are really a lucky guy, if you are using an Android Smartphone. You can download the best Android Games of 2016 and play them now. We have shortlisted 5 most entertaining Android games of 2016. Check out the list and download the best one for your entertainment.

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#1. Asphalt 8: Airborne:-

Asphalt 8 is developed by Gameloft and it costs zero bucks, if you want to play it. It is a car racing game that has high-class graphics and full-fledged racing features. There are multiple tracks and many impressive racing cars, which you can unlock one-by-one with each stage of the game. Other gaming companies charge price for such high-quality games, but Gameloft is providing it for free. You may need to do some in-game purchases, but you can avoid it and play this wonderful game.

#2. Call of Champions:-

It should be your first choice, if you are hunting for an action packed game. In Call of Champions, you form a team with two other players and fight with another team of 3 players. This game offers 5 minute’s time to destroy the base of another team. Consequently, the game goes quite faster. It is available for free on play store, but you may need to pay for some powerful character of the game.

#3. Clash of Clans:-

Certainly, Clash of Clans has maintained its spot in the leading Android games for a long time. It is an amazing game with its own currency. You don’t pay any penny for buying in game assets. All you need to do is collecting the currency of the game and then using it for buying the assets. You don’t play it alone; millions of people across the world play this game. You may find some clans to enjoy the epic war of the game and that’s how you can connect with new players through this game.

#4. Cut the Rope: Magic:-

This game should be in your Smartphone, if you love solving the puzzles. This game can sharpen your mind and make you a smarter individual because every puzzle brings some new things. You help a cute monster Om Nom in eating candies by solving the puzzles and that’s how the game proceeds ahead. It is free and you can get it on the Google Play Store.

#5. Modern Combat 5: Blackout:-

It was not a free game, but soon the developers have made some great changes and now it is available for free. It is the best first-person shooters game of 2016, which you must download to experience a thrilling fight. It will be an enjoyable journey in the Blackout, but there are in-app purchases that may reduce the enjoyment.

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So, these are the best Android games of 2016, which you can download for free. If you have more interesting topic which you want to share with our readers then you too can easily write guest post here. and get a chance to being featured at itechhacks blog. This article over Best Leading Android Games of 2016 is officially written by Zakkam William.

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