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How To Install Ubuntu Linux on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


Quick Overview
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 can run Ubuntu OS alongside Android
  • Tab named "Tabuntu" allows Ubuntu to run in the background
  • Installation process includes rooting the device, downloading necessary files, installing Busybox, copying Ubuntu folder, running ADB shell, installing Ubuntu packages, and accessing Ubuntu desktop via VNC Viewer.

This article is dedicated to all Ubuntu lovers if we picked up a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, did you know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 can run on Ubuntu OS as well as on Android tablet?How To Install Ubuntu Linux on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Well, This could have been done many times on other Android devices before. the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a perfect android to put Ubuntu, lWe named this device  “Tabuntu.” In this tablet, all Android is not completely changed, but Ubuntu runs in the background called “chrooted” or like on a virtual machine on PC. So the question arise that why would we want to run Ubuntu on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1? Answer is simple because in Ubuntu we can easily get more freedom as compare to android

How To Install Ubuntu Linux on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Here we have listed seven easy steps to install Ubuntu on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.Here’s the guide on how to install Ubuntu on your Galaxy Tab 10.1 either you can do this steps on any rooted Android device. Follow How To Root Android Easily

Step 1: First, You need to root Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Step 2: You need to Download Few files to proceed this process.

  • First Download ubuntu.zip and unzip it, you should get a folder called “Ubuntu”.
  • Second Download Busybox file

Step 3: Steps to Install Busybox on Galaxy Tab 10.1 | How To

If you’ve already installed Busybox, you may skip this step 3

Otherwise, all you need to install Busybox on your Galaxy Tab 10.1. Copy over the su-busybox-misc-sam-tab-10.1-061611.zip to the root folder of your Tab 10.1, run Clockwork Recovery, then flash the zip file.

Step 4: Copy Ubuntu folder into Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

You need to copy over the ubuntu folder you unzipped earlier over to root folder of your Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Step 5: Install ADB shell and Run some scripts

Open up a command prompt/shell by typing “cmd” under Start > Search for Windows. For Linux/Mac, open a shell.

Go into the ADB directory (or your SDK directory) by typing:

cd \adb

Then you need to type:

adb shell

Now You should be in shell of your Tab 10.1, if you don’t, you didn’t install the Tab 10.1 drivers correctly.

Next You need to type:

cd /sdcard/ubuntu

Then type:

sh ubuntu.sh

if you face any issues or errors and type:


If you get a Ubuntu Linux shell at this point, congratulations, your Ubuntu is now running in the background of your Android!

Step 6: Install some Ubuntu packages and VNC Server for GUI!


Step 7: Logon to your Ubuntu on your Galaxy Tab 10.1!

  • To login from your own Tab 10.1, download the free app “Android VNC Viewer” off-market.
  • Set the IP address to “″, enter the password you set earlier, then set port to 5901.
  • You should be now seeing the Ubuntu desktop. If so, congratulations!
  • Now, you can hook up Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to make it a fully-functional Ubuntu desktop.

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Wrap Up: So above is all about How To Install Ubuntu Linux on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Latest. So These are few seven easy steps then would help you to install Ubuntu on any rooted Android device. All you need to do it carefully. Please Don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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