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How is technology changing day to day moments of our generation?


Everyday technology is changing our world and the way we interact with one another—especially if you’re a millennial. Even though the growing use of technology in our everyday lives is the norm, still noticing the drastic impact it has on our lives one day to the next can be hard to pinpoint. To take an outside look into these changes, we will discuss how technology is impacting our healthcare, work lives, cooking and farming capabilities, access to once commercial-only indulgences, and security.

How is technology changing day to day moments of our generation?
How is technology changing day to day moments of our generation?

Digital Healthcare

Scheduling a doctor’s appointment and the actual process of going in for your consultation used to be such a hassle. Now, tons of medical facilities and healthcare providers are offering digital health services that are more convenient for patients. For example, there are a ton of contact lens companies that will send your prescribed contacts straight to your home instead of going in to get them from the optometrist and you can even take an eye exam online! Not only is this super convenient, but you might also save a lot of money using digital health services.

Let’s Get Mobile

Who says you have to work a 9 to 5 in a boring cubicle? In today’s society, you can now use mobile technology like laptops, tablets, and other devices to do you work all over the globe. As long as you have an internet connection and have your devices charged up, you can pretty much work anywhere at any time. Lots of people are taking advantage of technology to swap out their strict office jobs for more relaxing, computer-based work on the road like blogging or other similar careers.

Bringing Innovation To The Kitchen & The Farm

Technology is shaking up the kitchen and making work for farmers less grueling with innovative tools. Instead of going through a bunch of cooking processes with standard kitchenware and waiting hours on a meal, you can now use convenient devices like air fryers and pressure cookers to make gourmet meals. On the flip side, the evolving use of new technology has allowed farmers to make their farming processes more efficient, better for the environment, and susceptible to growing interesting creations like yellow watermelons or pink lemons.

The New Everyday Indulgences

You used to not be able to enjoy certain luxuries from the comfort of your home; one being a custom-crafted latte. Sure, we have standard coffee makers but nothing beats the taste of espresso made just the way you like it. Now instead of shelling out tons of money each week at your local coffee shop, you can easily make your own drinks at home using technology as a personal espresso machine. If you’re hands-on and an experienced espresso brewer, you can get a manual machine that will let you make a ton of customizations to your drink or you can get a more automated machine that will make you the perfect cappuccino at the press of a button! To figure out the best machine to get or learn about the top ranking machines, you can read this article from Home Grounds.

Modern Security

Doorbells that doubled as video cameras and hand scanners used to be something you just saw on tv but now, people are installing similar technology in their homes for security and delivery purposes. If a delivery driver comes to deliver a package and no one is home, the homeowner can see them on a camera located next to or on the door and unlock it to let them in. Neat, right? This also works for security reasons if a burglary takes place, cameras in the home can pick up movement, alert the homeowner through a connected app, and also notify the police. Technology – 1, bad guys, 0.

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The Verdict

Technology seems to be impacting our day to day moments for the better while making processes more efficient and granting us convenient access to small luxuries. Whether it be a fancy latte or the comfort of feeling safe in your home, evolving technology is a valuable component of living our lives.

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