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How to Fix Hulu Error Code 301

This guide helps you fixing your all errors related to Hulu.


Many of the itechhacks readers were unable to watch any video on the Hulu app, and whenever they try to stream any video, the screen shows the “Error Code 301” error, Are you the one who is getting this error while watching any video? If yes, then do you know the solution to this error? Do not worry as we are here with a solution to fix Hulu Error Code 301. Go through the full article and check out the solution to fix the error.

Hulu is an American-based video streaming paid service. The users need to pay money to activate their account, which can be used on any device to watch their favorite TV shows and Movies. Here, you can stream a number of Shows, Movies, TV series, etc.

What Causes Error Code 301?

How To Fix Hulu Error Code 301 (6-Methods to Fix!)

First, see the reasons due to which this error is caused. So, here we have gathered the most common reasons because of which the error occurs.

  • Cache/ Cookies.
  • Slow Internet Connection.
  • DNS Issue.
  • Date and Time.
  • Many devices connected to Hulu simultaneously.

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How To Fix Hulu Error Code 301

How To Fix Hulu Error Code 301

Check out the methods and solve the Hulu Error Code 301.

Method 1: Fix Hulu Error Code 301 by Clearing Cache

This method is available for those who use Hulu on PC or MAC. You need to clear the browser’s cache/cookies if you are getting this error. Follow the steps and clear the cache from your browser.

For Google Chrome:

  • First, open Chrome and open the new tab.
  • At the top right corner of the screen, click on the three dots.
  • Click on the More Tools option and choose “Clear Browsing Data.”
  • Then tap on “Time Range” and choose “All Time.”
  • Check the options and then tap on “Clear Data.
  • All the cookies and cache will be cleared from the Chrome Browser.
  • Now, try to open the Hulu app and check whether you are getting the error or not.

Method 2: Fix Hulu Error Code 301 by Changing DNS Settings

You must reconfigure some of the DNS settings to enter it correctly. The method to change DNS settings is different for all the devices. Check out the following steps for different devices.

Steps for PC:

  • Press Windows + R keys together and then type “ncpa.cpl”
  • Now, do right-click and choose Properties.
  • And Double click on the option Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/ IPV4)
  • Now, check the use of the Following DNS Server Addresses.
  • For the Preferred DNS server, write in, and for the Alternative DNS Server write “”
  • Click on OK and save your settings.
  • Now, check the app to see whether the error is still occurring or not.

Steps for PlayStation:

  • On your play station, go to Settings and select “Network.”
  • Now, click on the “Set up Internet Connection.”
  • Tap on the Wifi or LAN option
  • Click on the Custom option for setup.
  • For IP Address and DHCP settings choose automatic, if there is no preference.
  • For “DNS Settings”, click on the Manual option
  • Now, click on Primary DNS and enter “”
  • Then click on Secondary DNS and enter “”

How to watch Hulu outside the US

Method 3: Disconnect Other Devices

If at the same time, many devices are connected to the same time to stream videos, then you must disconnect other devices.

As it is disturbing their services and it might be blocked for your account. So, it is better to disconnect all the other devices which are connected to the account. Make sure no one else is using the account and then try again to get connected.

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Method 4: Reconfiguring Date and Time Settings

Make sure, the Date and Time settings are correctly configured. If the service sees that the date and time are not proper, then this error might occur.

Method 5: Reinstalling the Hulu App

Even after trying out all these methods, if you are still getting an error, and then the last try is to reinstall the Hulu app on your device. Uninstall the app from your device and download it again. Even after doing this, the error is still the same, then contact customer support and try to solve it.

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Method 6: Check out your Internet Connection Speed

Everyone knows how it feels like when the internet connection is not good. If the internet is not good, then nothing works better. So, this can be one of the reasons your Hulu app might not be working properly.

If the internet speed is not good, then Hulu might decrease the speed of the video as the Hulu video needs 3.0 Mbps and 8.0 Mbps while you watch Live TV. So, check out your Internet Speed test in case you are having trouble watching the Hulu app.

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So, these are a few of the methods by which you can solve Hulu Error 301. If you are getting this error while streaming your favorite movies or shows, then try out the given methods to solve the error. We hope this article was helpful to you. If we have missed out on any such useful method to Fix Hulu Error Code 301, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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