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9 Best Features Why You Need A Windows 10 Operating System


Key Takeaways
  • Windows 10 offers a variety of features that enhance the overall performance of your network and store data efficiently
  • Metro Apps feature is improved in Windows 10, providing easier accessibility to desktop window compared to Windows 8
  • Features like Continuum, Action Center Notifications, Cortana, Xbox App, and Solidified Settings make Windows 10 a practical and user-friendly operating system

The operating system of one’s laptop or computer is important because it’s responsible for the overall performance of your network. At the same time, they are helpful when it comes to storing your data, programs, and other files you need to keep. So, it is important that you need to update them to cope up with whatever changes and updates your network will face.

That said, Microsoft offers the biggest array of Windows options for everyone to use. Windows 10 is the latest operating system they have innovated. In that case, if you are using Windows 7 or 8 for your PC’s, then you should upgrade it to Windows 10. Besides, there are many ways you can use to make sure that your existing operating system will be upgraded to Windows 10.

Hence, in line with your decision of upgrading your computer operating system to Windows 10, you must also understand that there are several features you need to acknowledge before finally installing it. So, in this article, we’d like to show you the best features that Windows 10 can offer and why you need to upgrade your operating system as soon as possible.

Metro Apps

This feature already exists in Windows 8 but it’s not totally innovated. When you get to upgrade to Windows 10, the Metro Apps feature is a little bit tweaked so it can fit your PC’s sensibilities.  It’s available in the desktop window compared to Windows 8 where you are head on to a full-screen app. It’s also included in the toolbar options which you can instantly access by only navigating your mouse.


The Windows 10 is formatted by Microsoft intricately so it can fit all touchscreen devices. This feature allows you to provide more information on how each user can switch a Windows 8 style built or desktop mode to your PC or mobile devices.

Moreover, hybrid devices have the ability to alternate modes depending on what the user wants as he touches the keyboard. Besides, if you like to have a tablet mode for your PC, clicking the Start Menu will help you expand so it can fit the whole screen.

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Action Center Notifications

This is a feature where you can find relevant information about your daily tasks, reminders, and all archives. It is very important especially if you are a working individual because this feature will let you remind of the things you need to do on a daily basis. It’s a useful feature especially if you possess a busy schedule so you’ll not miss urgent tasks that you need to accomplish.


This is a search function feature that was initially used for Windows Phone 8.1. This feature has the ability to look for the things you are researching using a Bing-powered tool so it can automatically show you the answers to your questions.

Moreover, the Cortana feature also comes with set alarms, calendar, contacts, reminders, stocks exchange, and other pertinent information. It can be operated using a voice command.

Xbox App

This feature in the Windows 10 lets you display various activity feeds which also features everything that happens with your Xbox Live Friends. On the right side of this app, you’ll see your friend’s list and by the time you click one friend, you have to opportunity to view what they are doing or you can also send Instant Messages to them.

Solidified Settings

Compared to other Windows edition and operating system, the Windows 10 offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use \ Settings menu. Everything you need is available as soon as you click the Start Menu button. Everything is incorporated in once click compared to what you see in Windows 8 where it’s a bit scattered.

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File Explorer Home Folder

Aside from the fact that Windows 10 provides a prettier look when it comes to the icons you see in your PC, it also automatically arranges every folder and file you recently accessed. At the same time, the locations you used to access are also arranged using this feature.

Boot To Desktop

Sometimes, the operating system faces different bugs and technical problems due to updates that are coming in from time to time. With the Boot to Desktop feature, it automatically launches the desktop mode when the Start Menu is gone.

Virtual Desktops

This is considered to be the most exciting feature that Windows 10 can offer. It has the ability to switch your “Desktop” apps or specifically the apps you have installed so you can arrange them the way you wanted it to look. In that sense, it helps you track every task you need to do. It’s convenient especially if you are on a tight and managed schedule so you can specifically manage them and accomplish everything without a hitch.

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