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5 Amazing HTML 5 Elearning Authoring Tools You Need to Own


Key Takeaways
  • HTML 5 eLearning authoring tools are essential for creating and delivering courses on mobile devices
  • Elucidat offers customization, analytics features, and a vast image library for eLearning design
  • Gomo Learning, Easy Generator, Articulate Storyline 360, and ITyStudio are top authoring tools with unique features for interactive, responsive, and engaging eLearning content creation.

There is no doubt that the eLearning industry is evolving and authoring tools are one of the pivotal driving factors. There’s also a shift in the way information is consumed by the audience today as it is the mobile devices or rather handheld devices that have gained momentum. Consequently, the way eLearning courses today are created and delivered has rapidly changed. 5 Amazing HTML 5 Elearning Authoring Tools You Need to Own

Historically, it was with Adobe Flash that eLearning courses were being generated but now HTML 5 is the industry standard, thanks to its versatility and variety of features. Given the number of  HTML 5 eLearning authoring tools available in the market, it must be very confusing for you to choose the most appropriate one for yourself. Hence, we’ve got you covered! Have a look below at the 5 most amazing HTML5 authoring tools in the eLearning industry. 

  • Elucidat

Elucidat is one of the most popular eLearning authoring tools with HTML 5 deployment. Being used for the design of eLearning courses across industries such as sales, customer service, compliance, soft skills, leadership and scenario training, Elucidat ensures that your content can be accessed from all devices, whether portable or not. The tool possesses great analytics features that enable eLearning course designers to keep a tab on their learners’ progress in regard to their online training. Furthermore, Elucidat boasts of a massive 25000 free eLearning image library which offers the chance for information localization. Moreover, various course design customizations are available on almost all aspects to suit the requirements of learners.

  • Gomo Learning

Creating, organizing, and deploying an eLearning course with the new learning suite by Gomo Learning is much smoother than before. Gomo Learning’s HTML5 eLearning authoring tool makes sure to provide their course providers with an interactive and great learning experience. Boasting of a great variety in media assets and its responsive design, the authoring tool ensures proper playback on any device and allows web content from various well-known sources like Youtube, Google Maps or even Twitter feeds to be imported. The most interesting part of this tool is that no programming skills for developing eLearning content are required and its simple drag-and-drop interface is a convenient way to author eLearning content. Moreover,  with Gomo’s preconfigured screen templates, you may completely forget about the layout as it is already taken care of while all you need to do is provide content. 

  • Easy Generator

Easy Generator is one of the most innovative HTML5 eLearning authoring tools whose functionality goes beyond just course creation. With it, users are also given the chance to apply their own instructional designs in the course. It’s easy to use interface allows course designers to experiment freely and jump right into the process of course creation. As it is, no prerequisite programming knowledge is essential to be able to work with it. Moreover, its next-gen authoring features eliminate the need for users to focus on issues like optimization or result tracking. So, get your hands today on this SCORM and Tin can compliant cloud-based authoring tool. 

  • Articulate Storyline 360

This HTML 5 authoring tool comes packed with numerous features like mobile responsiveness and optimization for playback on all devices, ease of use, fast simulation building tools, and the like. The tool boasts of its extensive repository of 100,000 combinations of photographic and illustrated characters as well as 1,500,000 unique photos, videos, and icons. Moreover, it also promotes language localization and content importing from a wide variety of media. 

  • ITyStudio

ITyStudio, one of the most impressive authoring tools enables the creation of games with interactive maps and behavior simulations. Offering a number of settings to choose from like retail, medicine, public works, and building, ITyStudio showcases various characters you can choose to include in your games. One of the most interesting parts of using this tool is that you do not feel restricted as to what type of eLearning content you will use. While the tool is offered at both monthly and annual subscription, there is also a 15-day free trial version available.

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